• Question about VCOFRQ setting in S12ZVL

    Hello all,   I am currently at the configuration of the fvco of the S12ZVL128. However, I find some difference in the datasheet for VCOFRQ setting. Just want to confirm which is correct.    In pa...
    Junxi Cai
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  • NXP S12G128 Debugger problem

    Hello, I am Dinesh. Currently, I am working on the NXP S12G128 board. I have installed the Free code warrior latest version and I have installed all necessarily required drivers and I am trying to switch on the LED l...
    Dinesh kovi
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  • Where could find demo code based on single-shunt for S12ZVM-EFP?

    There are three current sampling methods whichusesshunts in inverter legs as current sensors,tri-shunt,dual-shuntandsingle-shunt. S12ZVM-EFP supportsdual-shunt and single-shunt. There are two demo projects, one is for...
    Peter Shi
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  • Regarding LGx signal behaviour

    Hi All,   This is regarding observing LGx signal behaviour during power up scenario. Taking Hall sensor sample code(MC9S12ZVML128_BLDC_Hall) as reference, I am trying to observe LGx signals. The MCU (MagniV S12 ...
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  • Reason for masking 6 gate signals at startup|Hall sensor sample code

    Hi All, This is regarding the hall sensor sample code (MC9S12ZVML128_BLDC_Hall). I will be attaching the code.   I have couple of questions about it.   Q1. From initPMF(), my understanding is that high a...
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  • PPAGEBase and NumPages of  mc9s12g64?

        I have some problem  about mc9s12g64 and SRecCvt .  There is no mc9s12g64 in SRecCvt-GUI.exe.  Now I know  the SRecCvt-GUI.exe has an option to add the device  suc...
    李 德胜
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  • Whe is there no mc9s12g64 in SRecCvt-GUI.exe.   mc9s12g64 BOOTLOADER for help.

        I have spent many hours trying to add a bootloader to my product. I am using the mc9s12g64 .But there is little information about this chip.I have read some official information such as AN4258....
    李 德胜
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  • How to configure a Event trigger frame in .ldf file

    Hello' I am wondering whether you have some experience about "Event Trigger Frame" configuration. When I try to add a Event Trigger Frame in .ldf file. the associated frames are not available to map to new added&...
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  • can anyone explain me the marking of this G48?

    can anyone explain me the marking of this G48?
    Steven Zhang
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  • EVB9S12XF512E RTI not generated

    Development board:          EVB9S12XF512E  Target Processor:           MC9S12XF512MLM Operating system:           N.A....
    Rohit Ramakrishnan
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  • Lin stack issue:incorrect sync delimiter length

    I developed a software using Lin stack as the master role to send 2 lin messages to control 2 slaves to light the led respectively. If I only connected  any one of the  slave to LIN bus together with Master...
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  • calibration error

    Hi,      I'm using the board MTRCKTSPNZVM128 with 3-phase Sensorless Dual-Shunt PMSM application -FOC driving.      It works normally with the motor NXP provided.      B...
    王 全贵
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  • Is there any example about S12ZVML31_BLDC with Sensor?

    Hi,   I'm studying on the S12ZVM32EVB, and the motor can work using the attachment of AN5176 which is sensorless. I want to use sensor to get the location, so I try to use the attachment of AN4718 with hal...
    sarah wang
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  • Jenkin plugin for CodeWarrior

    Hi All, I am using CodeWarrior for MCU "version : 10.7". Q1 : Is there any jenkin plugin available for CodeWarrior such that i can use the same to build and update a CodeWarrior project ?   Q2 : How to...
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  • Interrupt Issues in MC9S12XEG128MAL Models

    Hello MC9S12XEG128MAL MCU is used to measure frequency. A problem was found here. There is a problem that if you dial the interrupt to 4 channels at the same time, the channel does not operate normally. I'm looking f...
    Seok Kim
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  • Regarding GDU high side low side gate on and off status

    Hello Team,   I am using S12ZVML64 MCU.   I want to know, is there an register or GPIO pin available to check the on(1-High) and off (0-Low)status of gate driver. I have referred the MC9S12ZVMRM Rev 2.13,...
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  • S12ZVML128 programming issue

    when add the LIN communication in demo code, elf file could be generated succesfully.     Codewarrior couldn't download code in MCU. Attached is detail information, Please help to check it. 
    Peter Shi
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  • S12Z SW example of COP Watchdog Reset

    The example demonstrates the COP watchdog reset on MC9S12ZVL32 microcontroller. The code can be used on any MagniV device based on S12Z core. The example project is created in CodeWarrior v10.6 (Eclipse IDE). The SW...
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  • Does the S912ZVC64F0VLF have CAN PHY built in?

    Does the S912ZVC64F0VLF have CAN PHY built in?   My customer has inform that  s12zvc 256Kb has just CAN PHY     Let me know it ...  
    Ahn Joseph
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    Hi, Iam using S12zvml31 controller for sensorless commutation for bldc motor control. I configured TIM0 channel 0 and channel 3 as output compare mode for sensorless algorithm. Now I want to measure external pwm puls...
    kaarthi Chandrasekaran
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