I have a DEVKIT-S12G128, 8Mhz crystal. CodeWarrior 5.9.0. The issue I have is with the PWM. I have setup a 24Mhz bus clock and a 24kHz PWM (16bit) channel (10%duty) . Everything looks ok if you look at a few cycles of...
    Robert Wynn
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  • IC and Pwm problems

    I use IC to capture an input square wave, and then generate my output square wave by PWM model . The frequency of my output is several times of the imput wave, such as 2 times, 5 times, so much as 60 times. I use IC t...
    Meng Alice
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  • LCD Driver Libary for HD44780

    I have spent some time trying to get a HD44780 LCD working with the S12XE. I now have working code that I want to share with others.   It is based on a driver libary by Armandas Jarusauskas. I have modified the ...
    Ray Hall
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  • problem with sleep mode

    Dear sir , We are working with s12zvl32 controller ,in this we are required sleep mode (power saving mode or stop command )from LIN frame and wake up from LIN as well as With API (periodical interrupt ). As I have ...
    deepak chandra
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  • Changing Start-up address for S12zvca

    Hi I am using MC9S12ZVC evaluation board and Code warrior 10.6 for development of boot loader. Currently i am facing issue in startup address change. By default the statrup adddress is VECTOR 0 _Startup /* reset ve...
    kiran bhat
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  • S12G - FLASH partitioning

    Hi,   I've come up with another yet funny problems. Currently I'm trying to figure out how the Codewarrior linker works since it causes random crashed in the software if I try different features.   Attache...
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  • SPI example code for DEVKIT-S12ZVC

    Hi,   The DEVKIT-S12ZVC_LAB5SPI.zip(in DEVKIT-S12ZVC-LAB.zip and DEVKIT-S12ZVC-QSP.zip) can not work. The code create at 2016-07-18 10:05     I modify "Version: Driver 01.14" to "Rev.A" Modify Proces...
    Aaron Lee
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  • setting up a struct of absolute addressed pointers (to pointers)

    I am working on the S12G processor (9s12g128 specificaly) and am going to be doing 2D and 3D table interpolations.   I have my table interpolation function working by using structs: typedef struct{   float...
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  • FW: LIN  assign frame ID range problem

    Dear sir , In this my NAD is 06 I have change in my LDF.i have also attached LDF Today I have trying to change the PID by using Assign frame ID range by sending the frame  as shown below from master ,but it is ...
    deepak chandra
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  • Function runs within RAM with parameters

    Sometimes, OEMs asked suppliers to run bootloader within RAM only. This needs some functions should be called with parameters. This method will help you to achieve it.   General steps are as the follows 1. Defi...
    Oliver Tian
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  • How many times of D-Flash can be  program/erase ?

    when i refer to the datasheet of MC9S12XEP100  Page1232 :<Table A-20.  NVM Reliability Characteristics>, some problems Popped out: 1- What's the meaning of 500K^3 , 500*1000 or 500*1000000000 ?  ...
    kang kevin
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  • Cannot download AN2485SW

    Hi, I want to download the AN2485SW (HCS12 Stationery Files For Use With AN2485) because I need to start a project with MC9S12P128 and SCI communication. The nxp website give me the link below   https://www.nxp...
    Andrea Cavazzoni
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  • MC9S12G128 bootloader

    请教个问题: 在设计bootloader 之前,我在 改9S12G128 app 代码: 按照AN4258 如下步骤改动:   ROM_4000     = READ_ONLY     0x4000 TO   0x7F7F;  (文档是7F0F,对应的参考代码是7F7F)   ROM_C000 ...
    yong ban
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  • Stall Error occurred

    Hello,   Using MC9S12ZVML128_BLDC_Sensorless S/W, I tested BLDC motor by own board. Stall error was occurred when there is load on BLDC motor. Please refer to the attached. stall check function is a...
    Jeongtae Park
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  • ESD

    Hi, everybody I am using the mc9s12dg256b controller. I have some problems with electrostatic discharge; sometimes the controller resets. I am applying 8KV air discharge (PCB distance from metal surface 10cm) ...
    Eric_t d
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  • Power consumption prediction of MCU

    Hi all, I am using 9S12G128 series MCU in my project and need you fellows' recommendation how to define the maximum power consumption. As shown in user manual page 1193, the maximum run mode consumes 21mA, and n...
    Samuel Wang
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  • The problem of brushless motor control in MC9S12ZVMC256MKK

    Hello everyone,       Our company intends to use MC9S12ZVMC256MKK chip as a permanent magnet synchronous motor project!We are a loyal user of Freescale, and we are accustomed to configuring the fu...
    jixiang li
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  • Some questions about S12Z Assembler

    I I have used S12 MCU,and there are some Assembly code。Now i am using S12ZV(S12Z),and I want to transplant the  assembly code(S12) to S12Z project to achieve the same function,but the Ass...
    展辉 刘
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  • S12Z 32bit struct with bitfields

    Hello,    I'm using S12Z microcontroller on CW 10.6 with these code generation options: Memory Model: Small Bit-field gap limit: 255 Bit-filed byte allocation from LSB to MSB: enabled Bit-filed type siz...
    Emanuele Corini
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    Hello.   My problem is with regard to the MC9S12NE64.   I need to receive/read from another device and transmit it other the ethernet to other NE64. The data has a width of 8-bits. Its PCM data from a SL...
    Renjith Philip
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