• ESD testing failure for MC9S12XET256MAG

    we are using the controller MC9S12XET256MAG for our transmission ECU. While doing ESD test(Air discharge) near controller area, the controller is getting halt during the exposure.It's recovering only after the ha...
    Kumar A
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  • 68HC16 assembler and USB BDM interface!

    Hi there,   My name is Padelis and i am from Greece! I have some 68HC16 boards and i want to write some programs for that CPU. I know that the world has moved on but this is what i have got now! I am looking ...
    Padelis Floudas
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  • I have a problem with S12Z_AUTOSAR_OS_4_0_80_RTM_1_0_1P2

    Hello Guys,   I have installed Tresos V23.0.0 in order to use it to generate OS code sources for S12Z, I used sample project as example "Os_Sample_Sc1" provided with S12Z_AUTOSAR_OS_4_0_80_RTM_1_0_1P2 I al...
    Mohammed TAOUG
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  • Codewarrior Expert SPI Events

    Hi! I've a problem with the expert code generator and SPI, I've setted SM1 SyncroMaster in this way: Board: DEVKIT-S12ZVC   My problem is that I don't see any event triggerd or any output on the pins (S...
    Luca Ferrario
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  • Devkit S12ZVC : CANH stucked High

    Hello, I've got a problem with the CAN bus, I've configured the MSCAN0 with code warrior expert (bit rate: 250 kbit). The system works fine in loop back mode: I can send data and the event CAN1_OnFullRxBuffer() ...
    Luca Ferrario
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  • MM9Z1J638 eval board and SCI demo - sleep/wake not working

    I'm using the KT9Z1J638 eval board with the KT9Z1_638_SCI_demo firmware project and unable to achieve reliable sleep with wake on PTB4.    I'm not using CAN or LIN, but instead plan to transfer measurement ...
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  • Looking for Feedback on S12ZVL-MINIKIT Review

    Hello,    I was requested to do a review of the S12ZVML-MINIKIT / S12ZVML-MINIBRD and was looking for feedback on my review as well as the product in general from those within the NXP community and more spe...
    Kas Lewis
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  • S12VR - Fill Free Memory Space

    Hello everybody,   I'm using the tomar microcontroller S12VR for my application. I need to fill the flash memory not used with NOP and JMP at start up address instructions. I have modified the .prm file with the ...
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  • help :some questions about the AN3275(S12 All-Access Bootloader)

    hi ,   1. the code below is from AN3275,the author want to erase Paged Memory of the block 0(except the page 0x3F): ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
    Xu Jicai
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  • CodeWarrior startup routine and S12Z ECC RAM initialization

    Hi,   After migration from Freescale to NXP it became unclear were to report bugs or concerns. Is Community really right place for this?   ECCSTAT RDY bit explanation from S12ZVC RM:   ECC Ready...
    Edward Karpicz
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  • quadrature decoder within microcontroller

    Hi, i was wondering if you could help me out with the software required to decode a quadrature encoded signal coming from an IR detector. I want to create a 'rotary switch' and need to make sense of the signal coming ...
    Trevor Switkowski
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  • SGTL5000 MIC in HP out. error

    使用2.048M晶振,3V供电.VDDD1.5V内部供电 使用CHIP_ANA_TEST1寄存器 对SGTL5000进行测试 MIC接口加信号源: 2V ,1KHz CHIP_ANA_TEST1.TM_SELECT_MIC 置1 (Enable the mic-adc-dac-HP path) 即CHIP_ANA_TEST1.TM_SELECT_MIC=0x0001; 示波器波形为(黄色为信号源 蓝色为HPout) &...
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  • Error while re-transmitting data via CAN between two MC9S12XEP100

    I am working on establishing communication between two MC9S12XEP100 controllers using CAN MAX3050ASA+ interface. Case 1: The data is transmitted on key press event from First board and received using interrupt at seco...
    Harshal Pawar
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  • Re: Serial Bootloader on S12ZVH

    I am very new to this MCU .Please let me know what to change in this code for implementing uart bootloader for s12ZVH.
    Rajni Rajpoot
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  • Current Sense Amplifier application of MC9S12ZVMC25F1WKK

    Application background: We are using MC9S12ZVMC25F1WKK intending to drive a motor (SRM) by its on-chip GDU module. The figure as shown is Current Sense Amplifier circuits configured with the datasheet. Description: ...
    震 王
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  • About sleep current on 9S12ZVL32F0MLC

    The circuit diagrams in my project in the attachment as picture 1, if set pin9 and pin12 as pull-up output, the sleep current of mcu is 20uA higher than which is set as pull-up input. Could you help to explain it. Tha...
    Huang Bin
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  • Identify interrupt source from Input Capture XORed pins

    Hi, I'm using the MC9S12ZVM256 MCU. I'm trying to use the input capture with ports PT1, PT2 and PT3 XORed (as explained in chapter of the Datasheet MC9S12ZVM-Family Reference Manual and Datasheet). The differ...
    Denis Martins Dantas
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  • looking for header files

     There is no following header file for the sensorless motor evaluation board (ZVM target), and an error will be generated at the time of build. Where can I get the header file below?   〇header file that i w...
    三木 理人
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  • Stack problem when calling function

    Hello,     Here are two pictures that show the change of stack after step into sub function.   Because of the stack change, it won't return normally back to the place where it called it, instead, ...
    Kim Chan
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  • microcontroller problem

    Hi every body. There is a MC9S12XHZ256 microcontroller in truck dashboard. a battery cable disconnect from alternator and the circuit was burned. now when i ohm test the micro, there is a short circuit betwe...
    Hossein Gs
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