• SRecCvt add device mc9s12g128

    I want to convert banked S19 records to linear,but the device do not have MC9SG128, I need add it myself. I try it ,but it can not work, Any help would be greatly appreciated .
    chunlei song
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  • How to initialize the ADC into continuous conversion mode?

    I have met some problem when using ADC12B_LBA_V1 module on the MC9S12ZVC192(64 pin). The hardware I use is the NXP official DEVKIT-S12ZVC board. I want to use the ADC module in continuous conversion mode l...
    卢 正弘
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  • Sleep Mode for S12ZVL

    Sleep function: When an event occurs when the time, 25 ± 0.1 seconds, the system shut down all the load, the system into the sleep mode;Sleep Mode for S12ZVL. Can S12ZVL achieve this function? Can S12 resume sl...
    shen jun
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  • Is 0x7FFFF8 the reset vector's address?

    MCU is MC9S12XEQ512,it's about the offical bootloader. While upgrading,if S Record's load address is 0x7FFFE0,it will write *(u16 *)(&data[24]) into 0x7FEFF8. This means the content of  0x7FFFE0+2...
    everk image
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  • No Reset Vector Value in glo file?

    MCU is MC9S12XEQ512,compile the offical bootloader project and get one glo and one s19 file in the directory 'bin'.   In the project's prm file,I get source codes like: VECTOR 0 _BootStart VECTOR 1 _BootStart ...
    everk image
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  • Enabling floating point

    I need to use the log() function so I've included float.h.  Written the code.  It compiles but I get a linker error.that the _DSFLOAT and so on are not found.  I've checked off float=IEEE32 in the Code ...
    John Dammeyer
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  • Using SRecCvt-GUI,No output??

    I just want to use the SRecCvt-GUI to convert the Project.abs.s19 file for CAN-BootLoader(xep100) using.But when I do like the follow : then click convert,but no output file. I just donot why.Hope your an...
    穿 正
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  • AN4258 bootloader on S12XET256

    Hi,   I'm using the example code provided with AN4258 to learn how to implement a serial bootloader on an MC9S12XET256.  The question I have is about a discrepancy in the memory layout between the datasheet...
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  • How to measure and reduce Wake Up time in full stop mode

    Hi All,   I am using MC9S12ZVLA128 controller for my application, and I am using the full stop mode feature of the MCU, and I am getting current consumption of around 30uA, but my wake time is too large ar...
    Vyshakh J
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  • S12z 16 bit timer

    Hello all, Currently I am exploring VLG-S12zvca evaluation board. Working on 16bit timer. I have written a small code where I am toggling GPIO pin PP6 and varying its on and off timing by using 16 bit timer, I have ...
    Shubhangi Mahajan
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  • startup sequence of S12

       Hi,everyone:      I am a new hand for S12 serial MCU,there are a lot of meterials i need to read.    But right now,i really want to know the startup sequence of S...
    everk image
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  • __far and s12 global address

    Dear NXPers, I create a project on MC9S12G** with BANKED model. There is a structual type variable  EMS_infoMapS, its address in page is 0x8000, global address is 0x04000, logic address is ox18000(page=1)....
    ZF Fu
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  • Discussion on the Effectiveness of S12ZVM Charge Pump Circuit

    Hello everyone!       Recently, the S12ZVML31 chip has been debugged. Charge Pump circuit is used in order to achieve high duty cycle (upper arm chopper, lower arm shutdown) in independent PWM mode. Ac...
    max xu
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  • memory copy failed?

    hi i have put all flash related funcs into ram,as show in map below: then i found the fun IFsh1_SetByteFlash didn't copy completely correct:   How could it be?i need you help!
    MiKiJT Jiang
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  • PI parameter of MC9S12ZVML128_PMSM_Sensorlessuse

    Hello,I download MC9S12ZVML128_PMSM_Sensorlessuse and user my own motor, and modify the parameters in the software.but the speed  is wrong in open loop mode,I think it is the reason for the PI parameter, but...
    周茂 康
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  • S12z Flash Enter an abort

    Hi  i have got the flash problem while debuging the internel flash with PE, project is in the attachment(CW10.7 the chip is 9s12zvc). i made some effort: 1.move all flash related func into ram ,as well as...
    MiKiJT Jiang
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  • What's the difference between this two "flash setup" in PE?

    what's the difference between this two "flash setup" in PE , What are they applied to? as show below:
    MiKiJT Jiang
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  • ILLEGAL_BP in CAN Bootloader MC9S12P64

    Hello,   I am currently working on bootloader developpement with MSCAN module using target mc9s12p64. When I try to program the flash, ILLEGAL_BP occurs    Here's the PFlash_Program () function I use...
    Nada Amani
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  • How to write and read data at flash with USBDM Memory Dump?

    Hi all, My chip is S12ZVL16F0MLC. Tools is USBDM how to wrire some data and read it back with USBDM Memory Dum? Thanks Boone   I can read now, as follow:
    Boone Lu
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  • High speed SCI

    Hi, We are using a S12ZVCA with the 12MHz external crystal. I need to have a 250 kbps baud rate on SCI. I have try to receive 4 bytes, but only receive the 1st bytes. Processor Expert setting as follow: ...
    Aaron Lee
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