• I need a RTI example project

    My MCU is MC9S12X. Can anybody give me a example project in which only RTI function works and it's interrupt handled by XGATE?
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  • Bootloader CAN for S12Z

    Hi, I'm writing a bootloader for a S12ZVC microcontroller for flashing the firmware throught CAN bus. I see that in AN4723 - S12Z MagniV Bootloader Application Note, there is an example of bootloader with S...
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  • Is it ok , if the value of resistance between extal and xtal change to 5.1K

    I have a question about s12zvc,need your help,really thank you. Recently, when we have EMC test,at EMI,the s12zvc will be reset by internal singnal.When we change the value of resistance between extal and xtal to...
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  • I Get Wrong Function Address

    My mcu is MC9S12X.   In the map file,my two functions address are: function_1 : 0x616E function_2 : 0x527C   But when i use codes below to get the function address,the result always shift left 8bit:...
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  • merge Bootloader and application

    Hi guys, I have a Bootloader and application files in project with part of S912G128MLL, and I want to merge and write them in the flash, Please tell me where to start.   TNX
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  • s12zvl LIN Pin used as SCI

    Dear Team,   I want to use dedicated LIN Pin of s12zVL micro-controller as a SCI. Is It possible to use LIN pin of s12zVL as a SCI? I want to configure LIN pin as a SCI.   If it is possible May I know Ho...
    Charudatta Ingale
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  • The issue with SPI function of MC9S12ZVMBA48.

    Hello, I have a question about the SPI feature of the MC9S12ZVMBA48. I think I set SPI correctly, but it doesn't do anything at all.   The basis for this is that no signal comes out of the SCK. I set the MCU ...
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  • bootloader tutorial

    Hello to all; i have a project with s912g128mll and i want to add bootloader codes to update my firmware By the customer. Please tell me where to start.
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    Hello EveryOne!       I want to know how can i start motor in the tail wind or dead wind .relate to S12ZVML PMSM and BLDC program     Can you help me     ...
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  • Is there any methods to reset the MCU besides WDG?

    My mcu is MC9S12. Can i execute some codes to reset the mcu,other than a dead loop to wait the WDG to reset it?
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  • Memory mapping of XGATE

    My MCU is S12XEQ. In the official project "Simple SCI" from AN3144,i get functions address in the map file: main : 0xFE8016 SCI_Thread : 0xFB12C4   Accordding to the datasheet,Flash paged window range from 0x...
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  • Accessing Global Address in S12G128

    Hi, In S12G128, Global addresses are not accessed while reading PFLASH. Why?   Where it is mentioned in the datasheet of S12G128 microcontroller?   Kindly answer my question.   Regards, Arthi Venka...
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  • Do i need to add a hardware watchdog to prevent software watchdog reset fail?

    Colleague tell me our board need add a hardware watchdog,cause software watchdog in the MCU would be failed to reset the MCU sometimes. for example,when board meet hard electromagnetic interference. Do i need to add...
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  • Not able to perform Multiplication and Division operation of float variable variables

    I am working with MagniV MTRCKTSBNZVM128 BLDC sensorless kit, (MCU part no S912ZVML12 MKH).  I want to perform Multiplication and Division operation on floating type variables, but getting below error.   ...
    Rajkumar Wadhwani
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  • S12XEP100 PORTA7 problem

    S12XEP100  GPIO output is not follow the software control.         I use PORTA7 as output. After my ECU power on, I  set the GPIO is high and the pin voltage is high. When the ECU run fe...
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  • CAN can't be used on development board DEVKIT-S12XE

    Hello, I have bought two DEVKIT-S12XE development boards. Quick start package also download from web side. Connect two boards as document 'DEVKIT-S12XE Lab Examples and Board Overview', page 6. Download the software...
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  • Run in ram

    Our customer has a request on our bootloader, that is, the flash diver must not stored into the flash, it should download from CAN cummunication and then excute it to do flash download operation,when reset ,the d...
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  • SCI0 & MSCAN0 routing problem

    Hello, I am now using the S12ZVC12F0VKH. I tried to route the TXCAN0/RXCAN0 to pin PS3/2 while at the same time route TXD0/RXD0 to pin PS1/0. I set the MODRR0_M0C0RR = 0b110 and MODRR0_SCI0RR = 1. When I te...
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  • help :some questions about the AN3275(S12 All-Access Bootloader)

    hi ,   1. the code below is from AN3275,the author want to erase Paged Memory of the block 0(except the page 0x3F): ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
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  • Where can I get the latest safety manual for MC9S12ZVx ?

    Hello, we have used the Version Rev.02 07/2015 for an older project - now we ware doing an product update. The PCNs suggest there should be a Rev.05 - but I cannot find it anywhere. Thx for any hint.
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