• CAN bus issue for 200 meters cable

    Hi, We use 10 boards(S12ZVCA) to send CAN message every 10 seconds. And 1 board(S12ZVCA) to collect those CAN message.   It can work fine in 10 meters cable. But it is unstable in 200 meters cable. How to solve...
    Aaron Lee
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  • How to soft restart the S12ZVC?

    Hi,   How to soft restart the S12ZVC? Not watch dog.   Best Regard, Aaron
    Aaron Lee
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  • S12g96 cop(Watch dog )issue

    boot's cop is disable,app's wd is enable. Question1.when flash the bootwithapp to mcu ,but debug found that the cop counld not wrok,Why? Question2. when the cop's clock was ACLK,how to disable the cop ?
    玉敏111 田
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  • S12ZVL32 LIN stack tool is conflict with PE tool

    Hi All, 1,Devolopment tool: IDE:Codewarrior CW11; LIN stack version: FSL_LIN_2.x_STACK_Package_4.5.9 MCU:S12ZVL32;   2,Problem 1:     I using ProcessorExpert to generate the lower level drive...
    dashuang shengds
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  • freemaster出现当前页面脚本发生错误

    xinquan zuo
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  • FlexRay Code Example for MC9S12XF512

    Hello,   I'm using the MC9S12XF512 microcontroller in order to develop a FlexRay application. I already donwload the Node 1 and 2, FS and LS and StandAlone  code example. It is hard for me to understand ho...
    Pierre Lebas
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  • RAM/FLASH ECC Error handling

    Hi, I am using S12ZVL32 controller. I am enabling ECC for Flash (that includes EeProm and Flash memory) and RAM ECC.   RAM ECC single bit fault: As I understand RAM itself is automatically corrected by the ECC...
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  • How to add S12G48 to CodeWarrior

    Hi there   With the TWR-S12G240-KIT we get: CW_HC12_51_EVAL.exe CW12_V5_1_HCS12_G240_SP.exe CW12_V5_1_PE_V3_03_SP.exe   But our board will be using S12G48. With all the 3 packages above installed, CodeW...
    Paul Ung
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  • S912ZVLA and ACLK output.

    Hi guys,   i would like to ask you if anybodey could help me with issue about ACLK output Pin. Ive been searching thru reference manual/datasheet (BTW NXP, its not the same....) and i could not find any mention ...
    Nepoviem Eifell
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  • How to use const or enum in struct?

    Hi, How to use const in struct? struct SDCardState {    const uint16_t initTimeout=2000;      enum uint8_t CardType {       CardTypeSD1,  &#...
    Aaron Lee
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  • Bootloader CAN for S12Z

    Hi, I'm writing a bootloader for a S12ZVC microcontroller for flashing the firmware throught CAN bus. I see that in AN4723 - S12Z MagniV Bootloader Application Note, there is an example of bootloader with S...
    Giacomantonio Napoletano
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  • 提问

    How to do  MC68HC912B32  flash  Secured?  I do not find any  flash  configure  in datasheet.
    Allen Zhang
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  • mcu is secured after upgrade.

    My mcu is MC9S12X. I have a bootloader and a app.First i write bootloader to board using TBDML and run it,then i upgrade the app through CAN by bootloader using a pc software.   If i delete the VECTOR 0 xx...
    everk image
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  • I Get Wrong Function Address

    My mcu is MC9S12X.   In the map file,my two functions address are: function_1 : 0x616E function_2 : 0x527C   But when i use codes below to get the function address,the result always shift left 8bit:...
    everk image
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  • memcpy() don't work in S12X

    My mcu is MC9S12X. In my CAN driver executed by xgate,i use memcpy() to copy data to buffer.And in application layer,i use memcpy() to copy data from buffer. At first,everything is ok.But after a while,in appli...
    everk image
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  • Is it ok , if the value of resistance between extal and xtal change to 5.1K

    I have a question about s12zvc,need your help,really thank you. Recently, when we have EMC test,at EMI,the s12zvc will be reset by internal singnal.When we change the value of resistance between extal and xtal to...
    飞 钟
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  • merge Bootloader and application

    Hi guys, I have a Bootloader and application files in project with part of S912G128MLL, and I want to merge and write them in the flash, Please tell me where to start.   TNX
    mojtaba bargozide
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  • s12zvl LIN Pin used as SCI

    Dear Team,   I want to use dedicated LIN Pin of s12zVL micro-controller as a SCI. Is It possible to use LIN pin of s12zVL as a SCI? I want to configure LIN pin as a SCI.   If it is possible May I know Ho...
    Charudatta Ingale
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  • The issue with SPI function of MC9S12ZVMBA48.

    Hello, I have a question about the SPI feature of the MC9S12ZVMBA48. I think I set SPI correctly, but it doesn't do anything at all.   The basis for this is that no signal comes out of the SCK. I set the MCU ...
    Kyungwoo Min
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  • bootloader tutorial

    Hello to all; i have a project with s912g128mll and i want to add bootloader codes to update my firmware By the customer. Please tell me where to start.
    mojtaba bargozide
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