• DPS in Azure SDK

    Hello,   I need to provision the kinetis k64 based device with the Azure portal. so I have downloaded an SDK for Kinetis K64. I have seen the example to connect the device with the Azure cloud. But I did not fi...
    Pritesh shah
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  • BLE Border router with FRDM-KW41Z as radio

    Hi Team, Currently i'm working on Openthread Border router(Rasberrypi) with FRDMKW41Z as a radio. I have gone through IOT SDK(Nrf5) for enabling the 6lowpan BLE Border router using raspbeery pi. But they are connect...
    Ramya Venkatesha
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  • Zigbee IOT gateway with FRDMKW41Z

    Hi Team,   I am working on Openthread Border Router (on linux Host) with FRDMKW41Z as radio. Now I want to implement Zigbee IOT gateway on the same Border Router Host(lets say RPI3B) with FRDMKW41Z as radio. I...
    Sudhamani Bijivemula
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  • Does NXP offer any Reference Designs that support Windows 10 Iot Core that are production ready?

    I am looking for a SoC that supports Windows 10 IoT core, but I do not have the resources to design a custom SoC. I came across this article from Microsoft.   https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/iot-core/lea...
    Wesley Honeycutt
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  • MPL3115a2 readings are not accurate

    Hi,         I am working on a project where I have to sense the pressure readings on various floors of a building. The hardware I am using is Rapid IoT with MPL3115a2. I am reading the value for e...
    Niranjan ravi
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  • Azure IoT Middleware support in k8x series

    Hi,   We are developing an application using kinetis controller which required features of an azure IoT. while selecting an azure IoT middleware component in "MCUxpresso software development kit", it is not sho...
    Pritesh shah
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  • version ad57538

    Hi Community,   I am trying to determine which SDK release's I have for K64F and KW41Z on my Rapid IOT proto kit. My version at boot indicates ad57538. How can I determine this?
    Jim Picariello
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  • Problems with demo projects in NXP studio (Rapid IoT Prototyping Tool)

    Hi,   I try to use some demo projects in nxp-rapid-iot-studio. For example; Weather station demo, out of the box demo, control LED over BLE demo etc. If i compile those examples and download the file and drop i...
    Hans Volbeda
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  • Rapid IoT 8700 project

    Hi! I am trying to run a simple code to display accelerometer value on Z-axis. However, I have been unsuccessful in displaying the value on the Rapid IoT screen. I repeated the same with MP3115 which is the pressure s...
    Yestina Ravouri
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  • Rapid IoT Kit - Wireless Uart Demo

    Hi Everyone, Here we going to see the demo of "Wireless Uart" Demo on Rapid IoT kit. we know that Rapid IoT has build with two MCU , KW41z & K64F. For this demo you should have SDK for KW41z,I have used  SDK...
    Ashok Ra
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  • How to observe output to shell in Rapid-IoT

    Hello, I was debugging Rapid-IoT in MCUExpresso and was trying to use shell_write/shell_printf to output some messages. However I didn't see the shell output in the console of MCUExpresso. How can I observe the...
    Wen Chen
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  • rapid-iot: port kv11z to rapid-iot

    Can someone point me to an example of porting one of the examples from say KV11Z to Rapid-IOT ?   Specifically, I want to see how to port an Flextimer-based example to rapid-iot
    Jeff Freeman
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  • No available probes when debugging Rapid-IOT in MCUExpresso

    I had the Rapid-IOT kit connected to the laptop via the USB cable. And I was trying to launch the debug session of a Rapid-IOT program in MCUExpresso. However, I was getting the following message saying that no compat...
    Wen Chen
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  • Getting Start with Rapid IoT Kit on MCUXpressoIDE

    Hi Everyone,   Here we going to see the basic "Hello World" sorry  "Ashok World" demo with MCUXpressoIDE Tools Required: MCUXpressoIDE -> Download it from here SDK for Rapid-IoT-Kit -> Download it ...
    Ashok Ra
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  • Cannot Connect Rapid IoT to NXP Modular Gateway via Thread

    Hello, I have Rapid IoT programmed with Rapid IoT Kit Out-of-Box Demo which I built through Rapid IoT Studio and then downloaded to Rapid IoT via USB. Also have NXP Modular Gateway with 1.8.7 firmware and the ga...
    Greg Toth
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  • Handshake failed in the MQTT TLS_Connect function

    I ran the lpc54018iotmodule_aws_led_wifi_qspi_xip Debug operation using the MCUXpresso IDE and obtained the following console messages:   0 112 [Tmr Svc] Write certificate... 1 228 [Tmr Svc] Write device private...
    Stanley Lui
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  • NXP Rapid IoT Example "display_sensors"

    Hello,   When I import "display_sensor" example into MCUXpresso for NXP Rapid IoT I get the following errors:   I have followed the import instructions as best as possible. I am trying to understand...
    Alejandro Abraham
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    Hello, I have downloaded the examples. But when compiling I get the error that many of the libraries are missing. The libraries seem to be in the kit original SDK, but somehow they are not imported by MCUXpresso whe...
    Alejandro Abraham
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  • Compiler error: 'BOARD_INITPINS_KW41_RST_GPIO_PIN' undeclared (first use in this function); did you mean 'BOARD_INITPINS_KW41_RST_GPIO'?

    Hi,    I have installed the newest SDKs in MCUXpresso but I cannot get rid of the error:     What could I do to solve this ?   Thank you.   Best,   Alejandro
    Alejandro Abraham
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    Rapid-IoT Users, Please find enclosed example projects. See below the different projects included. Here is the procedure to import those project into MCUXpresso. This is not an SDK package, you do not want to instal...
    Theophile Leroy
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