• I cannot find the NXP Rapid IoT Kit app on Google play, has it been replaced by Atomsphere IoT app?

    I scanned the QR code on the device and it says item not found on Google Play. Even though I downloaded the Atmosphere IoT App on my Samsung Andriod phone, the App does not show the Rapid IoT kit in the Bluetooth devi...
    Mariya Kirmani
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  • Rapid IoT is not recognized as USB device

    Rapid IoT is not recognized as a USB device. Before that there was a programming incident. Cannot restore factory default with hardware key an SW2.  The left led stays blue. 
    Corneliu Caileanu
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  • NXP rapid iot app

    Hi,   My NXP rapid iot app no longer works. Reinstalling doesn't help either. Was this app deliberately taken out of the running? Thanks for answering,   Hans
    Hans Volbeda
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  • Problems with demo projects in NXP studio (Rapid IoT Prototyping Tool)

    Hi,   I try to use some demo projects in nxp-rapid-iot-studio. For example; Weather station demo, out of the box demo, control LED over BLE demo etc. If i compile those examples and download the file and drop i...
    Hans Volbeda
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  • I already have a NXP K-64 board installed. What would be needed to get to compatibility with Rapid IoT Studio ? Video is obvious. What kind of video connection is the Rapid IoT Prototyping kit using ?

    I already have a NXP K-64 board installed. What would be needed to get to compatibility with Rapid IoT Studio ? Video is obvious. What kind of video connection is the Rapid IoT Prototyping kit using ?
    Randy Seedle
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  • Rapid IoT cannot be started.

    We would appreciate if you could read the following and give us some advice. ① Operating environment IDE: MCUXpresso IDE v11.1.0 SDK: SDK_2.x_MK64FN1Moxxx12          SDK_2...
    山﨑 圭太
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  • FRWY-LS1012A Cannot source parts

    I'm using FRWY-LS1012A as a starting board and I am adding more parts for my custom design. I am trying to source the parts to build this board. But some of parts I can not find the vendor/manufacturer to buy the...
    Hung Tran
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  • Are there any low-power-consumption MCU which support MIPI camera?

    Hi,   We need to find a platform that support MIPI camera(DVP camera is also ok). And It's powered with 3V supply. We hope the consumption is as low as possible.    Thanks~   Br, Jumping Mark
    振国 熊
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  • basic thread connection is not getting established

    i am not able to connect my iot toolbox application to the rapid iot kit do i need some other kind of hardware to connect because i have 3 rapid iot kit from none of them i m able to connect 
    Prachi Dhavalkumar
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  • BLE connection error

    i am using rapid iot kit for my project, i m not able to make BLE connection with nxp rapid iot android application it gives me a notification that you exceed your limit
    Prachi Dhavalkumar
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  • DPS in Azure SDK

    Hello,   I need to provision the kinetis k64 based device with the Azure portal. so I have downloaded an SDK for Kinetis K64. I have seen the example to connect the device with the Azure cloud. But I did not fi...
    Pritesh shah
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  • BLE Border router with FRDM-KW41Z as radio

    Hi Team, Currently i'm working on Openthread Border router(Rasberrypi) with FRDMKW41Z as a radio. I have gone through IOT SDK(Nrf5) for enabling the 6lowpan BLE Border router using raspbeery pi. But they are connect...
    Ramya Venkatesha
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  • Does NXP offer any Reference Designs that support Windows 10 Iot Core that are production ready?

    I am looking for a SoC that supports Windows 10 IoT core, but I do not have the resources to design a custom SoC. I came across this article from Microsoft.   https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/iot-core/lea...
    Wesley Honeycutt
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  • MPL3115a2 readings are not accurate

    Hi,         I am working on a project where I have to sense the pressure readings on various floors of a building. The hardware I am using is Rapid IoT with MPL3115a2. I am reading the value for e...
    Niranjan ravi
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  • Azure IoT Middleware support in k8x series

    Hi,   We are developing an application using kinetis controller which required features of an azure IoT. while selecting an azure IoT middleware component in "MCUxpresso software development kit", it is not sho...
    Pritesh shah
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  • version ad57538

    Hi Community,   I am trying to determine which SDK release's I have for K64F and KW41Z on my Rapid IOT proto kit. My version at boot indicates ad57538. How can I determine this?
    Jim Picariello
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  • Rapid IoT 8700 project

    Hi! I am trying to run a simple code to display accelerometer value on Z-axis. However, I have been unsuccessful in displaying the value on the Rapid IoT screen. I repeated the same with MP3115 which is the pressure s...
    Yestina Ravouri
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  • How to observe output to shell in Rapid-IoT

    Hello, I was debugging Rapid-IoT in MCUExpresso and was trying to use shell_write/shell_printf to output some messages. However I didn't see the shell output in the console of MCUExpresso. How can I observe the...
    Wen Chen
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  • rapid-iot: port kv11z to rapid-iot

    Can someone point me to an example of porting one of the examples from say KV11Z to Rapid-IOT ?   Specifically, I want to see how to port an Flextimer-based example to rapid-iot
    Jeff Freeman
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  • No available probes when debugging Rapid-IOT in MCUExpresso

    I had the Rapid-IOT kit connected to the laptop via the USB cable. And I was trying to launch the debug session of a Rapid-IOT program in MCUExpresso. However, I was getting the following message saying that no compat...
    Wen Chen
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