• Codewarrior flash programming problem

    Hy,   We have a custom board with ls1046a qoriq processor on it. I would like to bring up the board by burning u-boot to the emmc with the CW flash programmer, but while running the target initialization script ...
    Kristóf Tunner
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  • how to get cpu temperature in t1042d4rdb

    Hi, I have QorIQ-sdk-V2.0-20160527-yocto and I can build Image for t1042d4rdb machine I want to get cpu temperature and monitor it in my application, but I cant find the temperature in its linux!   I have QorI...
    Mohsen SadeghiMoghaddam
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  • T1042 HRESET_B Negation Problem in Power On Reset Sequence

    Hi,   I am trying to bring up a custom T1042 CPU. During power-on reset sequence via driving hard-coded cfg_rcw_src pins (driven by the FPGA), a proper HRESET timing has been observed as shown in RM Figure 4-1. ...
    Oguzhan Ardic
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  • u-boot on custom T1024 board

    Hi,   We have developed a custom board base on the T1024. The CPU boots from an SPI memory, the SPI is programmed with the following binaries : u-boot 2016.09 binary @ offset 0x000000 of the SPI flash fsl_fman...
    Renaud De Koninck
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  • Is git://git.freescale.com down ?

    Hi,   I'm working on QorIQ T1024 (SDK-V2.0). Since this morning around 11h00 CEST time the url git://git.freescale.com/ppc/sdk/u-boot.git seems dead.    Is it normal and if so can anybody give me...
    Renaud De Koninck
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  • T2081 CPU frequency configuration

    We are facing an issue of wrong configuration of T2081 Processor and this issue is intermittent.   Whenever our custom board is powered ON the Processor configures itself with the RCW in the NOR flash....
    Abhijit Pethkar
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  • T1024RDB boot from sd card

    Hi,   I have accidently brick my T1024RDB NOR flash and so I'm trying to recover it since it is not able to boot anymore. My question is how to correctly create a SD card and set the switches on the board in or...
    Renaud De Koninck
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  • How to use the SFP+ ports at 1G?

    As per question, I am using the T4240RDB and, for compatibility, I would like to use the SFP+ ports at 1G instead of 10G. Following the fman specs, I added the property fsl,fman-best-effort-port in the dtb, but ...
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  • Question about T2080 Clock Speeds

    As advertised on the T2080RDB brochure, it can run from 1200MHz up to 1800 MHz.    Out of the box the T2080RDB is running at around 1800MHz, as displayed through the generic uboot when connected via UART. &...
    Louis Lo
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  • How PBL identifies u-boot location in NOR flash from PBI commands for T1042?

    Hello, I am trying to understand how the PBL is transitioning from PBI instruction into BOOT startup location which reside in NOR FLASH? Here is the RCW + PBI from the T1042RDB (T1042 Reference Design Board) e800000...
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  • T2080RDB cpu core hang problem

    Hello everyone,   We have hang problem in a scenario based on ipsec esp null with a custom board based on T2080 SoC with SDK 1.6. We are using a packet generator (IXIA) and generate internet mix packets for tes...
    ömer faruk er
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  • T1042 NOR flash boot options

    We have a T1042 design and plan to boot from NOR flash (16 bit wide).  The size of the NOR flash is 32MB.  If the NOR device is connected to CS0 and mapped to the top of memory space (0xFE00_0000 - 0xFFFF_FF...
    Kurt Ehrhardt
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  • DDR3 Address Command Routing

    Sir I am designing a custom board using T1042 and I am using on board DDR3 SDRAMs. While routing DDR3 signals, I am following this document "AN3940-Hardware and Layout Consideration For DDR3".. I am a little bit confu...
    Ather Shehzad
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  • T4240RDB Memory recommendation

    Hi ,  I am looking for a memory recommendation for T4240RDB. I need 16GBX3.     Thank you.    Regards, Atheeth
    atheeth jain
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  • T2080 VCORE controller alternative?

    The 2-phase buck controller (IR36021) recommended for the T2080 core voltage supply (and implemented in the RDB) is obsolete.   Does NXP have a recommendation for a replacement controller that supports a manual ...
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    Hi, Is there any requirement of power sequencing in T2080 ,datasheet provides only the list of power rails?
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  • T1022 SerDes Recommended Input Voltage

    Hi, We are looking to drive a SFP directly from a SerDes output on the T1022. But there is some confusion on what the recommended signals levels for this interface is. The T1022 has a max VRX-DIFFp-p of 1.6V in 1...
    Bob Russell
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  • How to configure uboot on 2080RDB to boot a PCIe Video Card?

    We need to install debian linux for desktop on 2080RDB devkit so we need to change uboot config to boot a PCIe Video Card ( ATI) . How we can confiugure uboot?
    Roberto Innocenti
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  • [ERROR] PCI memory allocation (BAR Registers) on T1042D4RDB-64B

    Hello, My problem is briefly, PCI is not allocating memory on t1042d4-64b demo board. Below is the 'dmesg' messages and U-boot messages. I will be grateful for your helps. 'dmesg' messages from...
    Yusuf Altıparmak
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  • T1042 Support

    I am planning to use T1042 QorIQ Processor for Control System applications.life of the part availability and the RTOS support.Whether Code warrior tool can be used for development without RTOS. Plese provide the Progr...
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