• T1024 Single Clock mode

    Hi, Actually we are using the CPU with the following clock fed but we have problems with SerDes locking at startup: - 100MHz 1.8V DC-LVDS clock to DIFF_SYSCLK_P/N inputs; - 100MHz 2.5V AC-LVPECL clock to SD1_REF_CLK1...
    giacomo gasparini
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  • Work around for t1042 DMA issues in 64 bit with ath10k WiFi

    Here is a link to the original mailing list that I posted this information to DMA issues on PowerPC64    Some background information first. I transitioned a build from 32 bit to 64 bit and discovered m...
    Jared Bents
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  • /dev/ttyUSB0 not created

    Hi,   I have to connect 4G LTE module L506 to  T1024 based board as a USB device. Kernel is configured with following configuration: CONFIG_USB_SERIAL=y CONFIG_USB_SERIAL_CONSOLE=y CONFIG_USB_SERIAL_GENERI...
    Suja S
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  • T1040RDB Boot Issues

    Hello all,   I was recently given a T1040RDB which was not booting properly from NOR flash (bank 0).  I connected the serial port to a terminal and saw that U-Boot was reporting an error.  I tried swit...
    Bryce Ferguson
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  • T2080QDS is broken by a software iamge

    We have two T2080QDS targets which are broken suddenly when booting a VxWorks image. The two boards are brought with same batch number.   At first, the image is couldn’t be boot up on the board, ...
    yintai shao
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  • T2080RDB-PC Development Kit Not Booting

    Dear All,     We got 2 T2080RDB-PC development board four days back, suddenly one of the board stopped booting.   We opened the cover and saw 12v, 100uF capacitor came out and LED D1 is glowing contin...
    Vidya Sagar
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  • Cross compile application with sdk2.0 QorIQ-SDK-V2.0-20160527-yocto toolchain

    Hi,   I have generated a toolchain using bitbake fsl-toolchain for the T1042rdb   When cross-compiling app/kernel module, I get the following error.   powerpc-fsl-linux-ld -EB -m elf32ppc -Wl,-O1 -Wl...
    Tiju Jacob
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  • How to configure T4240 rev. 2.0 processor to 10GBASE-KR interface instead of XFI?

    Hello!     We are using the T4240 processor and our board has the 10GBASE-KR interface between SoC and PLD. Previously used T4240RDB uses XFI interface which by default has incompatible settings with 10GBA...
    Dmitry Slezkin
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