• Configure the Linux Address for T4240RDB-64B

       Hi All,         I am working on T4240RDB. As per document (QORIQ-SDK-2.0-IC-REV0.pdf) I flash the Linux image 0xE8020000. I needs to flash the Linux image to 0XE8000000.  &#...
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  • NAND is not working in u-boot

    I am working on T4240RDB-64B. I faced NAND is not detecting in u-boot (flash id itself wrong) but in Linux, NAND is detecting.   NAND chip is Micron MT29F8G08ABABAWP   Configuration according Hardware,...
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  • SM750 graphics on a Custom QorIQ T4240 SBC

    We have developed a custom SBC based on NXP Qoriq T4160 Processor and SM750 device connected on PCIe. I have compiled the SM750 driver  through Yocto for Linux Kernel 4.1.35 and Linux booting was successful. Af...
    Ranjithkumar v
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  • USDPAA order restoration does not work

    Hi, I have a TCP/UDP performance problem while using T4240RDB and SDK 2.0 linux kernel. I am using the RDB board as a router, basicly the board is routing the traffic  received from eth0 to eth1. There is one i...
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  • T2080 VCORE controller alternative?

    The 2-phase buck controller (IR36021) recommended for the T2080 core voltage supply (and implemented in the RDB) is obsolete.   Does NXP have a recommendation for a replacement controller that supports a manual ...
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  • Change NOR Flash 16 bit to 32 bit to T4 Series

    Hi All,      We have a custom board built with T4 Series processor. I changed the NOR flash address from 0xE8000000 - 0xEFFFFFFF to 0xE0000000 - 0xEFFFFFFF and we connected 2 NOR Fla...
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  • How can I build usdpaa-aps ?

    Hello,   I've cloned usdpaa-aps project from git address: git://git.freescale.com/ppc/sdk/usdpaa/usdpaa-apps.git. I run "make" but there were some errors. When I look at the standalone-env file I see some enviro...
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  • Building USDPAA applications with yocto 2.7

    My question is about how to build USDPAA applications with yocto 2.7 for t4240rdb-64b board.   I am able to build images by using latest yocto 2.7 by using the instructions from   qoriq-components/yoc...
    Sedat Altun
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  • e6500 core:How run Little Endian with Altivec?

    I had once thought that e6500 would be set to big or little endian mode. Perhaps on a core by core basis, or perhaps everything the same. The e6500rm manual talks about memory pages being big or little endian, not the...
    Roberto Innocenti
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  • DPAA QMAN Order Restoration

    "DPAA QMAN Order restoration implementation in SDK".   We are using DPAA drivers on t4240 SoC with sdk 2.0 for a network device like a router. Our problem is the difference between ingress and egress packet or...
    Sedat Altun
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  • fmc policy with ipv4.ttl value

    I am trying to steer the packets received from eth3(fm2-mac10) interface with same ipv4 ttl (time to live) value to a single core by using FMC policies. My board is T4240RDB with SDK 1.6 components.   If I add ...
    Sedat Altun
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  • Out of Buffers Discard Counter

    Hi, I have a problem about out of buffers while using T4240rdb as a router, any idea will be appreciated. Below I will try to explain the case.   I am using T4240rdb  with SDK 2.0 and using IXIA as a pack...
    Sedat Altun
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  • T4240 10GBase-KR configuration

    Hello everyone! We have 10G link between FPGA and T4240 through backplane. Now we are trying to configure 10GBASE-KR. In Reference Manual XFI/10FBase-KR said modified, Transmit Equalization Control Register...
    Mikle Samarkin
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  • SATA on T1040RDB

    After writing the command header/descriptor for the SATA controller it seems I have to wait a long period (in the order of ms) before I can execute the command by updating the SATA_CQR register.  If I do not wait...
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  • How to configure uboot on 2080RDB to boot a PCIe Video Card?

    We need to install debian linux for desktop on 2080RDB devkit so we need to change uboot config to boot a PCIe Video Card ( ATI) . How we can confiugure uboot?
    Roberto Innocenti
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  • T4240 memory reading bandwidth and memory copy bandwidth are very low, Why?

    Dear, We developed a board based on NXP’s QorIQ T4240 CPU and running VxWorks7.0 operating system that booted from U-boot. We tested the memory reading and writing performance of the card and found that the pe...
    Qinglin Ye
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  • T2080RDB aurora connection

    Hello, We are trying to use Aurora interface on our T2080RDB. I am wondering to how can we do physical connection of Aurora interface. T2080RDB board does not have its Aurora connector on it. I read that,SerDes pins c...
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  • T4241 IFC Timing parameters for Normal GPCM with ext acknowledge based access does the programmable timing values in IFC_FTIMx_CSn_GPCM apply?

    When Using Normal GPCM mode in the Acknowledgment mode (WGETA and RGETA = 1) are the control signal timing values still based on the programmed values in the IFC_FTIMn_CSn_GPCM except for Twp and Trad?  The Refer...
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  • the size of ramdisk root filesystem is too large

    Hi guys, I am working with the board T2080RDB. I am using the operative system which is provided by NXP using Yocto Project and the sdk 2.0-1703. The size of fsl-image-core-t2080rdb-64b.rootfs.ext2.gz.u-boot is 3...
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  • We are seeing an issue when connecting our device to a server running VMWare ESXi 6.7.0 VMKernel. If the passthrough is not enabled for the USB port, our device generates the following RCU and I cannot longer type anything at the console. If passthrough i

    I am reposting this here since it looks like I posted it to the wrong group initially... Any help is greatly appreciated.   We are seeing an issue when connecting our device to a server running VMWare ESXi 6...
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