• CPLD update using JTAG in P1022 processor

    We are trying to update (lattice) CPLD in our P1022 board using JTAG . In this mode Processor GPIO's are configured as TMS, TCK, TDi, TDO respectively and Cpld is updated using vme file. The toggling of TCK pin(GPIO)...
    Hemwant Rawat
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  • eMMC file system corruption and data loss issues

    Hello, The processor we use is P2020,file system and data stored in eMMC. Now we have encountered a serious problem:File system and data stored on eMMC are often corrupted. The specific performance is as follows: we...
    Chen Kun
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  • How do you implement the Random Number Generator on the P5040 Security chip?

    I have followed the P5040 SEC manual to instantiate a state handle in order to generate a random number, but I seem to run into various errors depending on the combinations of commands I write out. Currently, I am usi...
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  • jbd2_log_wait_commit hangs

    powerpc linux 4.1.8-rt8 32bit p4080ds After erasing and creating 15GB EXT4 fs (for nand flash), sync command occasionally hangs. found out it hangs inside: jbd2_log_wait_commit(). I saw that many peopl...
    yoav rubin
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  • Occasionally long boot after ext4 mount

    Linux 32bit 4.1.8 kernel , PowerPC , embedded , real time patch , systemV init. I had an ext4 file system mounted at /run/media/mmcblk0p1. I unmounted and erased it and then recreated it: 1) ``` fdisk /dev/mmcblk0 ...
    yoav rubin
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  • Adding agetty program to p4080ds

    Hi , My goal is to perform system auto login without any username/password prompt.   Currently we only have the busybox getty program which not support this feature. We using the yocto env with linux 4.1.8 and...
    yoav rubin
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  • Changing user/kernel virtual memory split to 2GB/2GB

    I'm using the P4080DS SoC with 32bit 4.18 Linux kernel + RT Patch.   While using the Real Time Patch I can't work with HIGHMEM regions (CONFIG_HIGHMEM is disabled by default) so I've changed the virtual me...
    yoav rubin
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  • P3041DS CPU changed (remove / insert)

    Can the P3041DS Development System CPU be changed (removed and reinserted w/o desoldering) (e.g. change P3041 to P5020)?
    James KUWIK
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  • Remapping u-boot in NOR-FLASH P3041

    Hello all,   I am starting to use P3041 in a custom hardware (very similar with the P3041DS) and would like working with u-boot, but I'm having a problem with NOR FLASH memory addressing. I'm using the Freescal...
    Rafael Coelho
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  • Using sync command upon startup

    I'm using linux 4.1.8 32bit (yocto env) on p4080ds SoC. On each startup the init process (systemV init) performs mount to a 15GB ext4 fs (nand flash). Later (still by the init process and before getty invocation) th...
    yoav rubin
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  • Design files for p1020rdb-pa

    Where might we locate design files (layout, schematic, BOM, BSP, etc.) for the P1020RDB-PA?   Please note, that this is REV. A of this board. All of the design files I can seem to locate are for more recent revs...
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  • P2040: DMA for interfaces

    Hi All, I was reading about DMA , P2040RM chapter-21. While reading, came across several points those are not clear, 1) Does DMA support to all interface like I2C/SPI/eLBC/ PCIe  etc??  2) How to enable D...
    gourav jain
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  • P1022 BSDL

    Is there a BSDL file for the P1022 QorIQ Processor?  I am reviewing Boundary Scan testability on a board and need a BSDL file for the BScan tool.
    Dennis Sauer
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  • last 256MB of the linux 32bit addresses space on p4080ds arch

    I'm using 32bit linux 4.1.8 with Yocto environment on the P4080DS SoC and noticed that the last 256MB of the 32bit addresses space are reserved for some purpose.   from arch/powerpc/mm/init_32.c: /*The amo...
    yoav rubin
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  • The remote emulator cannot touch P2020 processor

    Hi,     I have designed a board using P2020 processor,at first the board worked well,but then i changed the hardware design in the 2th edition,i have updated the board using a diffierent CPLD,which provides...
    rainbow yang
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  • Difference between IRQ0:9 and gpio as an interrupt

    Hi All, While using GPIO as an interrupt on P2040 chipset i Got a basic doubt regarding interrupts. 1) How IRQ0:9 are different from GPIO as an interrupt ?? In terms of priority, masking etc. 2) How can we decide w...
    gourav jain
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  • is possible to use MT29F8G08ABACAWP-IT with P1020/P1011?

    Hello, I'd like to know if is possible to use MT29F8G08ABACAWP-IT with P1020/P1011? If yes, how can I add support for that in u-boot and Linux kernel based on SDK 2.0.   Thanks Leandro Schmitz
    Leandro Schmitz
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  • P2020's CLK in fly-by mode

    Hello:    I have some question about the chip of P2020.    When I design ddr3 in fly-by mode,Which MCKp/n is best to support the DDR3‘s CLK between MCKp/n[0:5] .   Kind...
    Lu Yingyu
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  • how can i use 4K-page nand (MT29F8G08ABACAWP) in P1020/P1011

    hello experts CPU is P1020/P1011  and a borad was  used a few years without problems kernel and u-boot are from SDK 1.8 this time  i have to install 1GB nand  so i  plan to&#...
    hyoungki kim
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  • How to change the NOR flash memory map in p2041rdb

    We are using P2040 in our board. We are using QorIQ SDK V2.0 along with update SDK-v2.0-1703 .   In QorIQ SDK v2.0-1703 Documentation in Table 59. NOR Flash Memory Map is Given . How to customise this memory ...
    k aravind vijaya kumar
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