• can p4080 support dpdk?

    hello,we want to use dpdk on p4080,but SDK2.0 can't support dpdk for p4080,is there any way to make p4080 support dpdk? thanks a lot.
    lixing gao
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  • Run Uboot on the P2020

    I want to run Uboot on the P2020, but I don't know how to get started.Is there a tutorial?
    nnsspp ni
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  • P2041 Serdes PLL could not work correct

    I use P2041 with LANE H as SGMII and Lane E/F as PCIE-2. but when cpu bootup,I found SDRDS Register is as Follows: |---B0RSTCTL = 0x26474507. |---B1PLLCR0 = 0x0000000c. |---B1PLLCR1 = 0x08000100. it means that Serd...
    zhaoping yang
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  • Can PA Flash Programmer write to MT25QL01GB with P1010?

    Hi, everyone. I'm designing a board that implements the P1010. It will implement MT25QL01GB as SPI Flash memory. However, the PA Flash Programmer included in CodeWarrior There is no MT25QL01GB in the Add Devic...
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  • Sector Protection Error when program flash on t4240qds

    Hi,    I tried to program nor flash on a t4240qds bareboard via CodeWarrior TAP, but got following error.    I added an unprotect , an erase  and a program action. I'm sure the qds board is ...
    Weiqiang He
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  • Does P2020 conforms to the IEEE 754?

    In one of my applications, I verify that the double-precision value is not a NAN value.  According to the IEEE 754, NAN == NAN is false. But the code that GCC generates for this condition:    ...
    Evgeniy Vidrevich
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  • Build Problem using QorIQ-SDK v1.8

    I am trying to build a u-boot from the QorIQ-SDK package. I strictly followed the procedure described in the document coming with the SDK. The setup of the build environment seem to be good. However, when build, I ...
    Xiaoming Luo
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  • eTSEC1 reset configuration

    i want to set the eTSEC1 at POR to act at MII mode ,  according to Table 3-2 at the P2020RM the cfg_tsec1_prtcl[0,1] are TSEC1_TXD[0,7] signals respectively.   according to Table 4-19 in order to work as M...
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  • P2020 Processor PWR Dissipation

    Does anyone know how to calculate estimated power dissipation of a P2020NXE2MHC processor running at an internal core speed of 400MHZ? The DDR3 interface runs internally at 800MZ and externally at 400MHZ. 
    Nicholas Harvey
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  • P2020 how much FLOPS

    I am ready to use P2020.My application want strong float point processing capacity  bigger than 13GPLOPS.Is the chip P2020 OK for my app?
    smile tan
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  • p4080ds rapidIO message unit application work failed

    hello: i want to run  rapidIO message unit application on p4080ds,but it work failed,the follow is the log: root@p4080ds:~# rmu rmu: fsl_rmu_unit_uio_init(): /dev/rmu-uio-msg0: No such file or directory rmu: m...
    lixing gao
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  • p4080ds nor flash erase fail

    our p4080ds is new,the erase time of nor flash is under 200 times,but when i program the jffs2 file system,a lot of errors are apeared,like that:   i use uboot and codewarrior10.5 program the jffs2 file system,t...
    lixing gao
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  • Quick P3041 test

    Hi Guys,   I am about to receive the p3041ds development. And went through most of the document relating to this board and could not find anywhere as a quick start guide on how to connect the board with a host. ...
    Chris Sidiropoulos
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  • p4080ds usdpaa can't be tested

    hello,my p4080ds linux sdk source code is download from https://source.codeaurora.org/external/qoriq/qoriq-components/yocto-sdk project now i want to use usdpaa function with p4080,but i can't find p40...
    lixing gao
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  • p4080ds rcw,srio,sgmii,rgmii work together

    hello,we need use SRIO,SGMII,RGMII working at the same time,i modify the RCW,at SerDes Lane Multiplexing/Configuration segment,i choose 0x16: 0x16 sRIO2 (3.125G) bank1 a-d sRIO1 (3.125G) bank1 e-h Debug (3.125G) ban...
    lixing gao
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  • Queue Manager, Buffer Manager API Reference Manual

    hello,where can i down load Queue Manager, Buffer Manager API Reference Manual? i can't find it on NXP website,i use p4080 soc
    lixing gao
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  • P4080 rcw file unknown register address

    hello, i am reading rcw file rcw_2sgmii_1500mhz_rev3.bin for p4080ds,in the PBI command segment, 89 0B 00 64 00 00 00 02 command is write 00 00 00 02 value to register address 0B 00 64 in altnative conf...
    lixing gao
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  • P1022 processor=> mmc0: Timeout waiting for hardware interrupt.

    I am having a custom board with P1022 processor, the uboot is booted with SPI flash , there is eMMC card with 4GiB storage. The eMMC is divided into three partition p1(200 Mb), p2(200Mb) and p3 (3Gb). The p1 partition...
    Hemwant Rawat
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  • P2020,TESC3 can not ping

    Hi    Thank to answer this question。    There are some problem about the chip P2020,I using 2 ETH PHY in this project,which using in TSEC1 and TSEC3。TSEC1 is no problem and it can ping ...
    Lu Yingyu
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  • Unpredictable IRQ6 behaviour on P1022 based target

    We have a target based on P1022. IRQ6 line of Processor is connected to CPLD. Line is pulled up by default. Observation  1 : This line is being driven high permanently from CPLD. Still there are spurious interrup...
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