• How to add a binary (prctl) into yocto busybox ls1021a

    Hi,   I want to change behaviors for some processes control using prctl in my bash script but i found out that this command does not exist in the busybox command conf file.   How can i add this binary into...
    Elias Bitbaker
    created by Elias Bitbaker
  • sed: can't read busybox.links*: No such file or directory

    Hi,   I added a new script into my recipe busybox, so the new file is a C file I had to use:   do_compile() { ${CC} ${WORKDIR}/myscript.c -o ${WORKDIR}/myscript }   then  do_install_append() ...
    Elias Bitbaker
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  • TSN Qbu test on switch of nxp-ls1028

    Hi experts,   When I test the Qbu feature of swtich on ls1028ardb board, it says sending two streams from testcenter, and one of PCP 0 and another of PCP 1.   I want to query about the mean of PCP0 and 1,...
    Tang zhantao
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  • Adding support for QSPI flash on LS1043ARDB

    Hi, We are building a customized hardware based on LS1043ARDB. We replaces IFC NOR with QSPI.    I followed the code in LS1043AQDS and LS1046ARDB. And made changes to the u-boot code to add support for QSP...
    Palak Shah
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  • Coming out of the Asleep mode in LS1028ARDB

    Hello everyone,   I am using LS1028ARDB switch for some applications. The switch is working fine except sometimes when it goes to asleep mode. The D25 LED will turn ON and will be on all the time. I tried resett...
    Sameer Chouksey
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  • How to remove mount "discard" option for my mount system ls1021a

    Hi,   I use yocto to build a tiny image for my ls1021a board but I found out that there is no information in my /etc/fstab shows how my file system gets mounted but I still able too see the mount information in ...
    Elias Bitbaker
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  • ls1043ardb without optee?

    Hello,   i would like to know if it is possible to boot ls1043ardb (from sd card for now) without using optee and eufi. I managed to compile atf without optee support.   I get this far in the booting proc...
    Steven Vanden Branden
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  • LS1043ARGW SD TFA boot problem

    I have LS1043ARGW custom boards and LS1043ARDB-PD boards. I am trying to boot from an sd card. And I need OP-TEE, so I have to boot with TFA. However, there is a problem that the boot does not work. So I built it...
    hakjun oh
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  • LSDK 20.04 build tensorflow with error

    How to build tensorflow without error with LSDK 20.04? flex-builder docker source setup.env flex-builder -c tensorflow   WARNING: /root/.cache/bazel/_bazel_root/e049e4c8f6a02b9cc6ec49b509d262b1/external/grpc/BUI...
    Mason Yen
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  • flexbuild_lsdk1909  build for imx6qsabresd : Missing arch/arm/configs/imx_v7_defconfig and other errors

    Was working on lsdk 19.09 for imx6qsabresd .  When using [root@fbubuntu flexbuild_lsdk1909_update_221019]$ flex-builder -m imx6qsabresd  got an error while the build was at "Building the depende...
    Madhusudan Kumar R
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  • flexCan pins for tx and rx

    Hi exports,   When I test nxp-ls1028ardb board, the I did not get the pins of flexCan for tx, rx and ground in docs of nxp-ls1028 including user maunal, reference manual etc.   Would you please give the pi...
    Tang zhantao
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  • How to add a startup script into init.d using Yocto Busybox

    Hi,   LS1021A   I want to implement a script in the init.d since my distro has a poky-tiny version so there is no systemd, I want to add a script so that my system boots up it will run that script. Where s...
    Elias Bitbaker
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  • test log of "Seamless redundancy test case"

    Hi Yiping,   It seems that the switch tsn test logs did not include the " Seamless redundancy test case".   Would you please help to check it? And if the logs available, please help to send me the ...
    Tang zhantao
    last modified by Tang zhantao
  • How to set SCHED_IDLE threading task in Linux ls1021a

    Hi,   I want to set a daily task(fstrim) with lowest priority, I am deciding to use SCHED_IDLE thread to trigger this task.   As I am using a tiny image in my distro and i dont have cron in the linux ...
    Elias Bitbaker
    last modified by Elias Bitbaker
  • LS1088ARDB: Error Listing Network Interfaces

    When I create any number of network interfaces, and I try to list them I get the following error. It ends with "Could not allocate MC portal, open() failed : Invalid argument". What is going on?   root@OpenWrt:/...
    Reza Mohammadi
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  • Multilib build fails on zeus YP 3.0 LSDK 1909

    General: Hi, everyone. The operation is fairly simple: install the aforementioned LSDK as per the instructions, add support for multilib as in meta-imx/README file, and then bitbake fsl-image-networking-full. No ...
    last modified by leon.vak@devalore.com
  • Enabling Cryptographic Hardware Acceleration on LS1088ARDB

    What kernel modules do I need to install to get the LS1088ARDB to see the ARM crypto drivers. I am running layerscape 18.06 and using openwrt 19.07
    Reza Mohammadi
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  • Is Micron NOR MT25QU02GCBB8E12-0SIT compable with LS1088A?

    Is Micron NOR flash MT25QU02GCBB8E12-0SIT compatible with the LS1088AXN7Q1A processor?
    Samuel Stewart
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  • LS1023A_PCIE Problem

    Hi   I have some problems with the PCIE controller of ls1023a We link the fpga of a pcie interface to the  ls1023(is x1 g1) When the pcie bus runs for a period of time the problem where the AER driver repo...
    zz zw
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  • LS1043A DDR4 configuration problem

    At present, the configuration of DDR4 is 2GB on the reference design of ls1043a-rdb. What changes should be made to the hardware and software to support the 16GB DDR4? Thank you very much!  
    克祥 黄
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