• Build problem LSDK19.09 for LS-1046AFRWY.

    Hello community,   I try to build all image automatically for LS-1046AFRWY by following command.   > flex-builder -m ls1046afrwy   But, building apps/FMC will stop by link error as following ...
    Takayuki Ishii
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  • LS1021A RCW fields clarification (IFC, SYSCLK,QSPI, etc.)

    Hi,   So my boot source is eMMC which is hard wired strapped.   Now back to RCW settings datasheet says   PBI_SRC 1110 is the IFC mode   Then IFC_MODE says cfg_rcw_src[0:8] 0_0100_0000  is...
    Elias Bitbaker
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  • Are there instructions to build images from Yocto for LX2160A RDB?

    Hi, I'm trying to boot up a development kit of LX2160A RDB, and the instructions has several bad instructions using the LayerScape SDK 19.09, so I would like (and rather prefer) to use Yocto builds, having this in min...
    Johan Alexis Duque Cadena
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  • Desktop on LX2160ARDB

    Has anyone tried running a desktop on the LX2160A? If so could someone please point me at what to do.   Thanks
    Ash Law
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  • How to modify RCW and recompile into the boot image ls1021a

    Hi,   I have a standalone ls1021a and eMMC. I want to know   (1) How am I able to create a boot image which contains RCW,PBL and uboot using LSDK1906. Once this is done how am I able to change settings of...
    Elias Bitbaker
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  • How to have two images installed and if one breaks bootloader will switch to another automatically ls1021a

    Hi,   I am running on kernel 4.19.46 Ubuntu distro.  I have a LS1021a - twr eva board and it's booted from SD card but in the future will be an external eMMC. I am thinking to have two copies of image in t...
    Elias Bitbaker
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  • LX2160A RDB uboot log issue

    I have an LX2160ARDB (just started with it). The system seems to boot up fine from the default load. When I set SW1 to try and boot off the SD card (SW1 set to 1000 1000) I get no uboot log on the terminal. Any ideas ...
    Ash Law
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  • LX2160ARDB 10 GbE Coalescing

    It looks like the standard DPAA2 drivers don't support interrupt coalescing on the LX2160ARDB, or at least ethtool can't turn coalescing on. Is there some other way to turn this on, or do I need to use some other driv...
    Ash Law
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  • Is my DevBoard LX2160A with the secure boot fuse blown?

    Hi, I'm checking the User guide for LSSDK 19.09 and in the page 57 saiys:   • Check initial SNVS state md 1e90014 88000900 The second nibble indicates that the OTPMK is not blown   But if I execut...
    Johan Alexis Duque Cadena
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  • LS1043A does not support MII ?

    Hello, Am desiging with LS1043A. For other designs (older cpu) we used an external box containing an ethernet port (RJ45 + 100M-phy). With a cable we connected MII (4bit rxd + 4bit...
    Stefan Vranken
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  • LS102xA I2C Bus Recovery

    Hello,   I am developing a device using the TQMLS102xA module by TQ. My device integrates with several slave devices over a hot-swappable i2c bus, and there are circumstances where an i2c slave device will lock t...
    Mike Bend
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  • ls1046 timestamp

    Hi dear. Does the ieee1588 timestamp function work on both Serdes1 Lane1 (SFP), Serdes 1 Lane0 (10g / 2.5g rj46), EC1 to EC4 on the LS1046?
    kwangho lee
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  • LS2088 reassembly performance using AIOP

    What kind of real reassembly performance you have archieved with LS2088 SoC using AIOP? Is 10Gb/s realistic expectation when reassembling jumbo frames (9000 bytes) from 1500 byte fragments?   Br,   Wille
    Wille Kuutti
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  • LS1012A Cannot login automatically as root

    Hi!      I want to login automatically as root after the system boot and no password required! I've tried modify “/lib/systemd/system/getty@.service” content a...
    li yh
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  • where download the LSSDK 19.09 User guide?

    Hello ,   I'm interesting in LX2160A DevBoard , and wantto get one piece for evaluation. But firstly I wanto check its SDK. where can I download to fetch LSSDK 19.09 package? where can I get its User Guide , th...
    Jet L
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  • Connecting LS1020A SGMII to 1000BASE-X w/o PHY?

    Hi in our system we use 1000BASE-X (w/o electrical-to-optical converter, full duplex, fix rate, no AN) for on our backplane ethernet communication. For the design of a new module we selected the LS1020 as board contr...
    Rainer Boschung
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  • LS1021A SEC CRCA Dynamic Custom Mode

    LS1021A, I use SEC for hardware CRC calculation, I can only run the STANDARD IEEE and IETF mode correctly, when it comes to Dynamic CUSTOM mode, the hardware will generate all ZERO results. The register configuration ...
    wang XiNan
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  • LS1021a CPLD Reset

    Hi,   Can anyone explain this below:   (1)Does this mean that every time when there is a hreset_b_18 event let's say 1, then all variable relates to this signal will get reset to 1 as well? such as pcie ...
    Elias Bitbaker
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  • Is L1088Ardb WRIOP Header Examination Sequences (HXS) enabled by default?

    I am trying to enable hardware classification (HXS) on the WRIOP, is this functionality enabled by default? or do I have to do some sort of configuration through the MC? 
    v n
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  • question related IFC Pins shifting T1042

    Hi! I have question related IFC Pins shifting. According to reference manual of T1042 Section : "In this mode of muxing, the IFC supplies the most significant bit (msb) of the address bits on the AD ...
    Faiz Majeed
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