• Using GPT in SD Card (LS1028ARDB)

    Hello,   I'm studying the different kind of partition tables to be used with SD Card/eMMC on an evaluation board LS1028ARDB. I know that the most common is the MBR partition table, which uses only the first bloc...
    Igor Tedeschi Franco
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  • LSDK 18.09 for LS2088A

    Hi ,   We are using LSDK 18.09 for LS2088A processor, we are facing issue while compilation in Ubuntu 18.04 its using JDK 11 but in 11 some of functions are absolute.below is error    /home/pradi...
    pradeep TG
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  • How to check fm1-mac9 connection speed?

    Hi NXP,   I am using LS1043A LSDK18.03-k4.9 custom board. We are testing by connecting AQS-107 10G copper module to fm1-mac9. Copper modules can be connected at various speeds as shown below. The PC is 2.5G...
    gyosun shim
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  • Build LSDK 19.09 in an Docker on linux 18.04, failed with binfmt_misc: permission denied.

    When I build LSDK 19.09 in an docker on linux 18.04 LTS, flex-builder always failed. flex-builder report "mount: /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc: permission denied".   root@9c0cf378262a:/nxp_dev_1909/lsdk1909# fl...
    blue sky
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  • LS1028 LSDK

    I use flexbuild_lsdk2004_update_290520 to compile the file system, but fmlib has been unable to clone successfully, how to skip this package.
    龙华 秦
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  • How to enable RSTP

    Hi! We have developed a custom board with a LS1028. The switch ports are added to a bridge (br0), and the bridges of multiple boards are daisy chained together in a ring. STP (Spanning Tree Protocol) is enabled to su...
    Rolf Peder Klemetsen
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  • LS1043ARGW SD TFA boot problem

    I have LS1043ARGW custom boards and LS1043ARDB-PD boards. I am trying to boot from an sd card. And I need OP-TEE, so I have to boot with TFA. However, there is a problem that the boot does not work. So I built it...
    hakjun oh
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  • LS1023A_PCIE Problem

    Hi   I have some problems with the PCIE controller of ls1023a We link the fpga of a pcie interface to the  ls1023(is x1 g1) When the pcie bus runs for a period of time the problem where the AER driver repo...
    zz zw
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  • LS1012ARDB K22 Firmware

    Hello,   I'm creating a custom board based on the LS1012ARDB.  I will have the same MK22FX512, connected the same way as on the RDB.  Where can I find the binary (hex?) files for the bootloader and ap...
    Joel Clasquin
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  • LS1046A USB Controller VBUS requirements

    Hi,   I'm currently designing a PCB using an LS1046A, and wish to use the USB controllers.   I'm trying to figure out how to connect the VBUS pins on the controllers.The devices I am communicating wit...
    Joshua Tyler
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  • fail to run ./pktgen_twoqueue.sh,pgctrl does not exists on LS1028ARDB

    Hi all,       When I follow the " Qbv performance test Use" in Open Industrial Linux User Guide, Rev. 1.6, 08/2019, it failed to execute the command of "qbvset --device eno0 --entryfile...
    Yi Yu
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  • We are looking for ways to reduce power consumption.

    Hi,   LS1043A is a system used without FAN, and is looking for a way to reduce power consumption. I first answered the question by answering the link below. Is it possible to reduce power consumption by disabl...
    gyosun shim
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  • LS1028A DIFF_SYSCLK Termination and HCSL Levels

    I am in the process of identifying the clock generator ICs to drive the DIFF_SYSCLK receiver and SERDES reference clock on the LS1028A.  I have two concerns.   The first is the internal termination for...
    Jimmy Meyer
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  • Time Synchronization using GPS (LS1046/LS1088)

    Hi, I know how to synchronize time using IEEE1588 (PTP). How can I Synchronize Internal clock of LS1046/LS1088 with GPS time. As per my knowledge for synchronizing a system with GPS we need ToD information and 1PPS si...
    Muhammed Mufeed
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  • Is it possible to reduce power consumption by disabling the CPU Core?

    Hello,   I am using LSDK18.03-k4.9 for LS1043A. This is a situation where a lot of heat is generated due to the system used without the FAN, so the power consumption must be reduced.   Is it possible to r...
    gyosun shim
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  • Is Micron NOR MT25QU02GCBB8E12-0SIT compable with LS1088A?

    Is Micron NOR flash MT25QU02GCBB8E12-0SIT compatible with the LS1088AXN7Q1A processor?
    Samuel Stewart
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  • How to enable MSI-X interrupts for qoriq layerscape 1043a processor ?

    Me and my team are working on this issue: Edge tpu m.2 without MSI-X interrupts? · Issue #122 · google-coral/edgetpu · GitHub   and wanted to check if it is possible to enable MSI-X...
    FNU Kumar
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  • Why is my DPDK rx packet count different from DPAA stats?

    Hi All. I'm developing a userspace DPDK application using LSDK 19.09, running on LS1046A, and using pktgen-dpdk running on a PC to generate test traffic. I count the received packets in my code, using the value retur...
    Mark Callaghan
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  • LX2160A eMMC boot

    I am trying to understand #eMMC boot for #LX2160A. The LSDK does not give any details (that I can find) for eMMC boot, just NOR and SD-card. Does the LX2160A support loading RCW/PBI and BL2/3 from eMMC (I guess so si...
    Tor Erik Ottinsen
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  • DMA for Nor Flash interfaced with IFC on LS1021A

    When I pass a Flash region address to SEC module to calculate MD5,  it generates some error. The report says "Enter report_deco_status 40000416: DECO: desc idx 4: DMA Error". How to support DMA access to IFC? or ...
    wang XiNan
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