• Problem with DAP error code 0x35 (ls1088A)

    I'm using Trace32 (Lauterbach) with my new ls1088ARBD-PB. The first script that I tried I got the following Error  STEPs RESet SYStem.RESet SYStem.CPU LS1088A SYStem.JtagClock CTCK 10MHz Trace.DISable CORE...
    Benoit Masse
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  • How to enable error injection on LS1043A DCache

    I am trying to test error handling for DCache ECC errors in bare-metal (running at EL3) on a LS1043ARDB. If I set CPUACTLR_EL1.L1DEIEN (bit[6]) and then write a cacheable location, nothing seems to happen. The CPUME...
    Alan Ross
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  • EDAC register fail with fsl_mc_err_probe: No ECC DIMMs discovered with LSDK20.04 v4.19 kernel

    Hi experts,   When I test EDAC on nxp-ls1028ardb board with LSDK20.04 v4.19 kernel opening EDAC_DEBUG, the dmesg  shows followings:   root@localhost:~# uname -a Linux localhost 4.19.90 #4 SMP PREEMPT ...
    Tang zhantao
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  • Synchronous Abort with QSPI on LS2088A

    We have a "synchronous abort" issue when running qspi_bootcmd on LS2088A with the following dump: => run qspi_bootcmd Trying load from qspi.. crc32+  fsl-mc: Booting Management Complex ... SUCCESS fsl-mc: Mana...
    dean wang
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  • How to get CPU reset reason of ls2088a

    Hi, everyone   How can I get information of CPU reset reason (for example, Watchdog Reset) in LS2088a? I used devmem2 program to watch the Reset Request WDT status register, but I could not get the reset reason...
    JeongHwan Kim
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  • Gianfar storm protection

      On my ls1021 (ARMv7 Processor rev 5) running 4.14 kernel I can see some storm protection parameters for gianfar network driver. /sys/devices/platform/soc/soc:ethernet@2d90000/net/eth0/stormprot_count /sys/devices...
    Kjeld Flarup
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  • Is it possible to use IFC simultaneous with QSPI_A and QSPI_B ?

    Hi, In our design(ls2044). We need to - IFC Bus CS1 to connect to a cpld. (Use as a G - QSPI_A to communicate with SPI devices (not a flash) - QSPI_B to communicate with SPI devices (not a flash)   Is it fe...
    Benoit Masse
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  • ubuntu mate cannot boot on ls1028ardb

    I used the ubuntu mate file system generated by the following command of flexbuild_lsdk2004_update_290520
    龙华 秦
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  • Unable to boot openwrt

    The openwrt system of ls1043a motherboard cannot be started,  the tips are as follows: “FDT and ATAGS support not compiled in - hanging”.Please tell me what I need to do? This is my email address zha...
    zhangjian zhang
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  • The 25G port on nxp-lx2160ardb Rev2.0 board support 10G optical transceiver?

    Hi experts,   There are two 25G ports on nxp-lx2160ardb Rev2.0 board, I want to query that wether the 25G port support 10G optical transceiver? Or they only support 25G optical transceiver?   Thanks, Zh...
    Tang zhantao
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  • LSDK tutorial

    As LSDK for layerscape processor is very large body of software , NXP should include have some training on flow of code  as it is very difficult to understand the flow for beginners like me. LSDKUG is not very he...
    rashmi KJ
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  • LS1021A-TWR UDP packet loss

    Hi,   I'm evaluating the network performance on an LS1021A-TWR eval board.   I'm using openwrt v19.07.3 building an image to boot from SDCARD, with the layerscape configured to route traffic between eth1 and...
    John Beckett
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  • Modify LS1046ardb.h file n uboot

    Hi, We have custom board using LS1046a processor . The board is similar to LS1046ardb kit. I need to modify Ls1046ardb.h as per my board. I am unable to understand certain config options and address/values ...
    rashmi KJ
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  • lsdk_2004 ls1028 not have atf_bl2_emmc_sec

    龙华 秦
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  • No Xenomai in OpenIL1.8 on ls1028ardb?

    Hi,   I noticed it states "Notice: Xenomai is not enabled in OpenIL v1.8 release" in [1]. Does that mean I can not programing regard the OpenIL1.8 as a Real-Time Linux for time critical applications? Will the Re...
    Yi Yu
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  • LS1028ARDB saveenv

    => setenv bootdelay 3 => saveenv Saving Environment to MMC... Writing to MMC(0)... OK => reset resetting ... = After the operation of the above command will lead to unable to restart。 In SD card boot, and e...
    龙华 秦
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  • configuration of Duart in LSDK for ls1046A

    How to configure duart in lsdk 1046a? can someone provide readme file?
    rashmi KJ
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  • Test Tool for LS1021

    Hi,   We are planning to integrate Linux Kernel in LS1021 processor. For that, we may needs to develop Test framework for various drivers like Serial, SPI, Memory, RTC, Ethernet,etc... Is there any production te...
    Syed Ahmed
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  • rx_align_err in Testpmd

    Hello dear,   I would like to understand why I have rx_align_err counter increasing in my DPDK testpmd application. I have one LS1043 board running pktgen connected to a LS1046 board over the 10G copper port ru...
    Etienne Cordroc'h
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  • Problems with  lsdk2004 kernel 5.4 HW Timestamping

    Refer to LSDKUG_Rev20.04_290520.pdf for the following operations, but the same result cannot be obtained。 All application components have been compiled into the file system。 How to start tsn network using lsdk20...
    龙华 秦
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