• Layerscape DDR4 PCB design

    Hello. What does mean note in AN5097: "The clock signal trace from the memory controller to any given DDR4 chip should be longer than it's corresponding strobe trace lenghth"? Do I correct understood it's mean t...
    Michael Lestchew
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  • What is the meaning of DCFG_CCSR_SCRATCHRW1  = 0000000101 ?

    Hi, My processor is LS1046ARDB, i am trying to establish secure boot from QSPI Flash   1. I have created my own ESBC image to be used in place of U-Boot (with minimum necessary processor initializations and UAR...
    Rashmitha Ramesh Nair
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  • fail to run nxp_ls1028ardb-64b_ubuntu_defconfig

    Hi all,   I make the "nxp_ls1028ardb-64b_ubuntu_defconfig" and load the sdcard.img to the SD card. When starting from dev. board, it fails to run the OpenIL with Ubuntu. Some error information is displayed in co...
    Yi Yu
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  • LS1028ARDB switch port ping failed

    Hi all, I install the O/S on the board with configuration of nxp_ls1028ardb-64b_defconfig. When back-to-back connectinig the eno0 port to another PC, I can successfully ping. But if connecting the swp0 to another PC...
    Yi Yu
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  • LS1028ARDB ubuntu_defconfig make failed

    Hi all,   I tried the $ make nxp_ls1028ardb-64b_ubuntu_defconfig $ make but it failed things as below. And it says the post-build script is "xxxx-1604.sh", however I am using ubuntu18.04. Could that be the re...
    Yi Yu
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  • LS1046ARDB board experiencing spontaneous resets

    Hi,   I am having a persistent problem with LS1046ARDB board which is experiencing spontaneous resets preventing booting into Linux. I initially started with default settings on DIP switches but I could not get i...
    Pawel Wodnicki
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  • LSDK1906 build error---gzip: ramdisk_rootfs_arm64.ext4.gz: unexpected end of file

    I use flexbuild_lsdk1906_update_290719.tgz , my host machine is CentOS7, so I unpack this pkgs, and then use flex-builder docker  this create a docker image for fbubuntu18.04, and then enter it, then I...
    Xiaofan Lee
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  • USB Hub on LS1046ARDB

    I try to connect the Microsoft USB3.0 FULL HD PTZ on LS1046ARDB. It seems could not detect this Camera.   I also try to these steps: (1) USB camera connect to Ubuntu 18.02   $ lsusb     B...
    Andy Hsu
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  • usbhid: couldn't find an input interrupt endpoint on LS1046ARDB

    I try to connect a usb camera (USB2.0) on LS1046ARDB Then, a message show as follow: [ 4962.926354] usbhid 1-1:1.2: couldn't find an input interrupt endpoint I also send a command on terminal $ lsusb Bus 001 Devi...
    Andy Hsu
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  • flexbuild lsdk1906 update_290719 fails with E: Cannot install into target

    Hi,   While rebuilding LSDK 1906 and I have run into a problem. I have downloaded flexbuild_lsdk1906_update_290719.tgz and unzipped it into this folder:   /mnt/develop/MachineLinux/NXP/flexbuild_lsdk1906_upd...
    Pawel Wodnicki
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  • How To Create Secure Boot SD Card for LS1043ARDB

    Hi Community, I am working on LS1043ARDB development board and I am facing issues with secure boot. I have performed following procedure for building secure boot sd card image,   Before performing all steps, I...
    Shashikant Wakale
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  • LS1043AQDS derived custom Board - Download and u-boot from RAM

    Hi,   I have a LS1043AQDS derived and we are having issues with u-boot. The board boots off the QSPI flash. We do not have a JTAG installed on the board.   I know FSL bases P/T-series board...
    mukund jampala
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  • During prototyping, can secured boot functionality be tested without blowing fuses?

    Hi, I would like to know a temporary way of provisioning SRKH Register(without blowing the fuses) and executing secured boot. I am aware of SFP SRKH Mirror Registers being mapped to 0x01E80254 location onwards....
    Rashmitha Ramesh Nair
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  • CAAM backlog support for 4.19 kernel?

    Hi,   I'm just starting to play with the LS1046ARDB devel board.  Is there a currently working caam driver that has backlog support?  The kernel included with the NXP SDK hangs as soon as you try to do...
    Jim Brooke
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  • Errors in Quick Start section of LS1028A BSP User Guide 0.3

    I'm working through the User Guide for the LS1028A BSP on a LS1028ARDB reference board. (Document Number: LS1028ABSPUG, Rev. 0.3, 04/2019) I'm new to NXP products, but experienced with Linux and embedded processo...
    Jeremy Impson
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  • How to flash PBL into eMMC of LS1021a via JTAG

    Hi Guys,   Current I have a stand alone ls1021a chipset and external eMMC. I want to flash my image into the eMMC. The first thing I know is to program the PBL (includes PBI and RCW) into the eMMC. Can I use Cod...
    Elias Bitbaker
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  • how to make mac10 work normal in ls1046ardb

       I have a board and it has the same hardware between mac9 and mac10.mac9 is fine,but mac10's Autonegotiation has a problem which doesn't work when  network interface is connected,and it shows link up,...
    siyao qi
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  • Incorporating Layerscape SDK in Debian Linux

    We are using a Linux Debian Distro, from the literature it says we can incorporate the Layerscape SDK components into our own desired distro. Is this a correct interpretation? Can I build your kernel on a Debian host?...
    Dale Chin
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  • Problem Relocating u-boot QSPI text location from 0x100000 to 0x10000

    Hi All,   I have a ls1043 based custom board and I am able to use my custom RCW and 2018.09 u-boot to boot just fine. I am trying the u-boot text location on QSPI flash from 0x100000 to 0x10000.  ...
    mukund jampala
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  • LSDK Prebuilt Images with DHCP

    Hi Platon, just burned the lastest LSDK rootfs and boot partition to the SD card this morning with flex-installer, following the online documentation.  Since it boots, I would guess that whatever FW was burned in...
    Henry Choi
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