• reading RCW

    CAN LS1046A read rcw fron EMMC flash as it says NOT VALID as an RCW[IFC_MODE] encoding in LS1046A reference manual??
    rashmi KJ
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  • LS1021a FBSL to Uboot Transition Clarification

    Hi,   I have been having this confusion for a long time and would like to throw it to here.   I know the Boot ROM will load the FSBL into the internal RAM and then FSBL will load the Uboot from boot source...
    Elias Bitbaker
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  • LS1028ARDB saveenv

    => setenv bootdelay 3 => saveenv Saving Environment to MMC... Writing to MMC(0)... OK => reset resetting ... = After the operation of the above command will lead to unable to restart。 In SD card boot, and e...
    龙华 秦
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  • rebuilding uboot with flex-builder: my tricks

    Here's some findings on u-boot some of you may find valuable.   Couple days ago I'm doing some low-level work, trying to get a SATA drive recognized on a layerscape platform (1043ardb).    I wanted to ...
    john Reed
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  • Need final answer:  Sata on ls1043ardb

    Several shallow threads out there on the Sata ls1043ardb question.   From a previous thread:   >> it's posible run sata at LS1043ARDB. SATA serdes is multiplexing with PCIe. You only need is simple r...
    john Reed
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  • fstrim: FITRIM: Invalid argument  v1.30.1

    Hi,   I am trying to use fstrim -a in my linux distro, when comes to this a command it says  fstrim: FITRIM: Invalid argument    Then I checked the source code of the busybox fstrim.c here says...
    Elias Bitbaker
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  •   lsdk2004_update_290520 Compilation error

    Building OpenSSL ... COMPONENT: cryptodev_linux DESTARCH: arm64 CONFIGLIST: build_lsdk.cfg make[2]: Entering directory '/home/qinlh/nxp/flexbuild_lsdk2004_update_290520' make[3]: Entering directory '/home/qinlh/nxp/f...
    龙华 秦
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  • LS1020A: Hardware reset request and Рrivate opcodes in BSDL file

    Dear all,   I want to use JTAG to access the debug port and ultimately to gain access to the processor registers, in order to initiate a hardware reset request.   NXP support provided a BSDL file by my req...
    Eduard Shishkin
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  • LS1021ATWR Fuse Provisioning Firmware

    I am trying to implement Secure Boot + Chain of Trust w/Confidentiality. I am following the steps outlined in Section 6.1.4: Procedure to enable Secure Boot in the LSDK User Guide Rev 19.09_311219.    ...
    Elias Bitbaker
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  • LS1028a-rdb doesn't detect display

    Hi!   I'm trying to make the DP port work, I tried several monitors and HDMI/DP cables, LSDK 19.06, 19.09 and 20.04, two versions of firmwares (23029 and the one from 20.04 -> 32955). But no matter what ...
    Andrej Krutak
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  • LS1043A Annular NETWORK

    Whether LS1043 supports annular network? Now we have a project to use this function, and do we have relevant schemes to implement it? Thank you.
    克祥 黄
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  • LLDP support in LS1028ARDB

    Hello people,   I am trying to integrate the LS1028 board in a bigger network where I need LLDP service discovery protocol to be running the board. Does the LS1028 supports LLDP? Do we have some libraries availa...
    Sameer Chouksey
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  • LS1028A JTAG Interface Clarification

    I'm in the process of implementing the JTAG interface to our LS1028A application. Figure 36 of the LS1028A Design Checklist (AN12028) shows a SPDT switch in an unconnected state with the following note:   2. Thi...
    Jimmy Meyer
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  • Cross compiled lib for LS1028ARDB

    Hello,   I am trying to put a cross complied LLDP binary into the board. I have cross compiled it following the steps below.   $ export PATH=/home/user/gcc-linaro-4.9-2016.02-x86_64_aarch64-linux-gnu/bin:$...
    Sameer Chouksey
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  • LS1048A with RGMII PHY on EC1

    Could any provide the example dpl file for LS1048a with RGMII PHY on EC1 interface?   Our serdis configuration is :   Using SERDES1 Protocol: 21 (0x15) Using SERDES2 Protocol: 19 (0x13)   and we've a...
    Michael Chen
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  • T2080的MAC9支持MACtoMAC的模式吗

    使用T2080的MAC9 SGMII模式直接连接BCM5396 port,能否正常连接,MAC9能否设置成1000base-kx模式。
    有志 郑
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  • Issues about OpenIL for LS1028 reference board

    Hi everyone,   I am new for LS1028 reference board recently, and I have met some issues about this board.   1. I used nxp_ls1028ardb-64b_ubuntu_defconfig of OpenIL, and programmed it into SD card. An...
    Junhui Jiang
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  • Booting from SD card with an ext4 filesystem

    Hello,   I'm using the LS1028ARDB with a SD card and the LSDKUG Rev20.04 document to develop the software. I used the flex-build to compile all the firmware, as shown in the document mentioned. However, I don't ...
    Igor Tedeschi Franco
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  • Using GPT in SD Card (LS1028ARDB)

    Hello,   I'm studying the different kind of partition tables to be used with SD Card/eMMC on an evaluation board LS1028ARDB. I know that the most common is the MBR partition table, which uses only the first bloc...
    Igor Tedeschi Franco
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  • LSDK 18.09 for LS2088A

    Hi ,   We are using LSDK 18.09 for LS2088A processor, we are facing issue while compilation in Ubuntu 18.04 its using JDK 11 but in 11 some of functions are absolute.below is error    /home/pradi...
    pradeep TG
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