• How to test customized u-boot on LS1043ARDB?

    Hi, I have 1043ardb,  I built customized u-boot, can anyone tell how to test it on NOR flash and DSPI flash?   Regards, Yong
    Yong Zou
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  • LS1043a U-Boot LPUART Peripheral

    How do I Enable LPUART's 1 and 2 so I can use them to talk to some peripherals in U-Boot. I tried enabling the Freescale LPUART support in my defconfig using make menuconfig but now I get compile errors saying that I...
    Zach Ferree
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  • Connecting LS1043ARDB through UART serial connection on CodeWarrior

    I have a 1043ARDB and I want to establish a connection with it through CodeWarrior using the serial connection with the RJ45 to DB9 cable on the UART1 port and I am having some issues with it. I can connect and commun...
    Franklin Turner
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  • LS1046A-RDB w/ 10GBase-T SFP+ module

    Has any 10GBase-T SFP+ module been tested with LS1046A-RDB board?  If yes, is this module compatible for Cisco or Intel?
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  • DDR shows 1GB instead of 4GB ls1021a

    I have 1 4GB DDR3 connected instead of only 1GB as EVA board does. i think my DDR is mapping the same as the EVA mapping       The problem:   I have the access into the my board now from serial...
    Elias Bitbaker
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  • Xenomai Latency Distribution on LS1043 Result

    First, in the results in the slide below, the Duration is referred to as 00:10:00, which is supposed to be 10 minutes, right? Secondly, if you used the default latency tool provided by xenomai, the number of samples ...
    Seyoung Cheon
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  • 10G KR performance on the ls2088a

    Hello,   I am working on benchmarking 10G KR on an SBC with the ls2088a and am seeing degraded performance when running a TCP_MAERTS receive test using the netperf benchmarking utility. I am using the latest LSD...
    Joe Schultz
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  • Device tree settings for PFE node

    Hi,   We am using ls1012a and ksz9897s, see below. We are connecting the GMAC 7 to mac 1(there are mac1 and mac2) on the ls1012a soc, so it's a MAC to MAC connection.   We are using SPI to manage th...
    Kai Wu
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  • VTT termination with a single DDR4?

    Hello,   I am using the LS1046A for a new design with one DDR4 16 bits memory. In all the AN I read, there is mention of use of VTT termination resistors. Is it really mandatory even with only one DDR4 16 bits m...
    Maxime guillot
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  • Compilation Error LSDK

    Hi,   I tried compiling the LSDK in my ubuntu 18.04 PC. But am not able to compile successfully for LX2160A chipset. Below are the commands given by me.   flex-builder -m lx2160ardb   The error whi...
    Deepanraj Anbarasan
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  • Setup LS1046ARDB Board with 1588 PPS Out

    Hello,   I've been using the Open IL Kernel Configuration to try to turn on PPS (pulse per second) support for my LS1046ARDB board. Right now i have PPS Support enabled in kernel config but am still unable to ge...
    Kien Tran
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  • OPC UA PubSub on OpenIL

    Hi everyone,   I'm planning on using the LS1028ARDB Dev-board with OpenIL.   I saw that the OpenIL Rev 1.7 use the OPC UA stack open62541 (Version 0.2).   However the Open62541 version 0.2 doesn...
    Florian Fouillet
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  • LS1028: LSDK 19.09 - No Ethernet  eno0 for ubuntu userland 

    LS1028ardb It needs to unplug / plug the Ethernet cable to enable eno0.   ----------------------------------------------------------------------- root@localhost:~# ip link set dev eno0 down root@localhos...
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  • USB3.0 Device Mode LS1021a

    Hi,   I have a ls1021a stand alone chip and type C male connector connects to the CPU, I want to plug this device into PC so my board can act like a device mode. What specifications I need to follow to make it w...
    Elias Bitbaker
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  • LSDK 19.09 issues

    1. ubuntu:Lite doesn't work.  ( and the patch doesn't work with default flex-builder config)  2. yocto:tiny  has issues as well.  (see below) 3. All Ubuntu distros  have Etherne...
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  • LS1012ARDB u-boot does not see eMMC

    Hi, I try to free up both USB and SD card slots for other purpose. For the moment I use QSPI for firmware (default way) and an external USB stick for boot partition and rfs. I'd like to put now all firmware, boot p...
    Christophe SCHMID
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  • LS1043 ddr4 bit swap in nibble only ?

    Hello,   Concerning pcb-layout of LS1043 with 3 discrete ddr4 memories. LS1043-ddr-controller = 32-bit >> 4 bytelanes wired to 2 sdrams  MT40A512M16 4-bit ECC  (1 parity bit per bytelane) >&...
    Stefan Vranken
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  • How to get discrete DDR4 parameters for custom LS1046A board

    @Hi all, We designed a custom LS1046A board with 4GB DDR4,which use 4 NT5AD512M16A4-HRI(512MBx16). The data bus is 64bits. And we use layerscape SDK 19.09, so we need modify the DDR initialization code in ATF componen...
    文炳 项
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  • LS1012A SGMII MAC-to-MAC communication

    Hi Team     In the above block diagram, nic0 and nic1 are two SGMII interfaces where nic0 is externally connected to PHY and nic1 is a MAC to MAC interface without an external PHY. nic0 is working fine w...
    Anu Parvathy
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  • LS1012ARDB - Bare minimum HW resources required by LSDK

    Hello,   I've a question regarding the absolute bare minimum of HW resources LSDK19.09 supports where I can build both firmware and boot partition/RFS user land and run a (even very small) fully fledged Linux at...
    Christophe SCHMID
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