• PowerPC, fabrication process of P-series andT-series

    P-series apply 45nm SOI  fabrication process , I want to know  Whether  T-series(T408X)  also apply  SOI  fabrication  process ?
    li Danny
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  • LS1012A no UART Communcation

    Hi,   I have in some board the LS1012 UART Communication does not occur. These are just a few boards. But still wondering what could be the problem?
    Ajeya Anand
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  • LS1046A SGMII PHY connection

    We have a custom board set up with the a LS1046a processor. The serdes control section of the rcw is configured as 0x1333 and the serdes1 port B is connected to the SGMII interface of a Marwell 88E1512 Phy chip. In u-...
    Kristóf Tunner
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  • Issue on build of tsntool on LSDK20.04

    Hi experts,   I find the tsntool is updated on LSDK20.04, and my local tsntool is based on LSDK19.09, to align with this updation, I get the related patches to apply to local tsntool.   But when I bui...
    Tang zhantao
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  • L2FWD Pktgen issue

    Hello dear,   I'm using LS1043ARDB and LS1046ARDB with LS1046 as a packet generator with pktgen application and LS1043 running L2FWD application. I use LSDK 19.09. My problem is that L2FWD is only working when I...
    Etienne Cordroc'h
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  • Need more information on LS1021A

    Hi All,   We are looking for TSN based network, consisting of multiple TSN aware endpoints and bridges, and we are zeroed in on LS1021A Evaluation Kit.   I had following questions, Does QorIQ La...
    abhijit naik
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  • how can i read board serial number?

    i uses lx2160ardb, lsdk 19.09 and sd img. i want to know board serial number on linux. how can i read?
    songhee yun
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  • Is there an otp area I can use?

    i uses lx2160ardb, lsdk 19.09 and sd img. i want to write my own serial number on otp(one-time program) area. if possible, how to write information and how to read information on linux?
    songhee yun
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  • T2081 Reset Circuit

    Hi, Can anyone tell me how i can design power on reset and hard reset for T2081 processor?
    Hemant Kumar Tiwari
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  • ls1043  support 4G DDR

    Our own board uses the ls1043 chip, the lsdk version is 2004, and the sdk supports 2G by default DDR, I want to know how to support 4G DDR, how to modify ATF and uboot, and whether there is a patch.
    wu bo
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  • DDR: Failed to read SPD from address 81 [t1042]

    Hello nxp;   My custom design has a serious DDR problem, I have 16 GB total amount of Physical ram on design. Corresponding U-boot log (taken with Code Warrior -> Connect -> Debug session).   I ...
    Yusuf Altıparmak
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  • Input Capture using FTM

    Dear Sir/Madame,   We are programming a board when a MCU MK20DX256VLL10 is included and connected to a driver motor. We would like to send PWM (edge aligned PWM) in a channel to the motor and know the frequency ...
    José Manuel Valero
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  • t1042 DDR3 memory lose data

    I have t1042 custom board. i use QCVS to check initialization data, and calibarate memory. it passed all memory write-read tests. But when i start dubugger memory does not work. I see my custom DEADBEE5 initial d...
    Valeriy Urmanov
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  • Is there an OTP area on the lx2160ardb board?

    Is there an otp(one time program) area on the board?   if exist, how to read/write that area?
    songhee yun
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  • How to program mc.itb after linux booting?

    Yiping Wang Hi Thank you always...     I uses lx2160ardb.  According to 'LSDKUG_Rev19.09.pdf', mc.itb image can be update using u-boot cli.   I want to update that image after linux ker...
    songhee yun
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  • LS1043ARDB simple reflector crash

    Hello dear, I'm currently trying to develop a simple Kernel module packet reflector based on LSDK 19.09 on LS1043ARDB board. The rx side is ok since i manage to dump the received frames, however it crashes when i enq...
    Etienne Cordroc'h
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  • tsntool dscpset returns warning msg on ls1028ardb w/ OpenIL1.8

    Hi,   I am using OpenIL1.8 and configuring dscp mapping as below. It reports some warnings, but the configuration seems successful by my following tests. Please help to check how these warnings come up.   ...
    Yi Yu
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  • Shelf life expired

    We have some parts, MPN T1040NXN7PQB that we received from our customer as consigned material, we saw the parts shelf life expired. What is need to extend the shelf life, do we just need to bake and reseal in moi...
    Steve Tijerina
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  • What is the difference 'fsl_mc apply' vs 'fsl_mc lazyapply' ?

    l saw fsl_mc help command in u-boot. command output as follow:   => fsm_mc help fsl_mc - DPAA2 command to manage Management Complex (MC)   Usage: fsl_mc start mc [FW_addr] [DPC_addr] - Start Manageme...
    songhee yun
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  • T2081 SPI pin Muxing

    Hi, In my current design using t2081, I want to interface both SPI and eMMC card. While seeing the datasheet of t2081 i found that SPI_CS0 pin is muxed with sdhc_dat4 which i need for my eMMC interface.   Can a...