• enable/disable CoreNet Platform Cache in P2041

    I am seeing a discrepancy in performance on 2 P2041 boards. We think it might be because one has its CoreNet Platform Cache disabled.   How can I read the status? Alternately, how can I enable/disable the CoreNe...
    Ron Wilson
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  • LS1043A CW Tap Debugging Kernel Modules

    Hi,   I have CodeWarrior & CodeWarrior Tap and I want to debug a kernel module, and I am having some difficulty in understanding...   I have read   * targeting manual (https://www.nxp.com/docs/e...
    Thomas Morrison
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  • How to use UART to wake up system?

    I tried below command to wake up a custom LS1046a system by UART. But it didn't work. How do I wake up a LS1046a system from UART?   root@localhost:~# echo enabled > /sys/devices/platform/soc/21c0500.serial/t...
    Mason Yen
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  • How to boot T4240RDB with rootfs on NAND?

    I have T4240RDB board with 2048 MB NAND. I can boot the board with Linux rootfs (built from NXP Linux SDK/Yocto) on SDCARD (u-boot on NOR). But I don't know how to product/write Linux rootfs to NAND and configure u-B...
    Samme Ho
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  • T1022-DDR4 Clock and strobe length Issue.

    Hi, we are using DDR4 with T1022 processor. In App-note  AN5097_rev.1, it is given that "The clock signal trace length from the memory controller to any given DDR4 chip should be longer than its corres...
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  • FMAN mEMAC: in-band-status supported for 10G?

    Hi, we made a T1023 based board where MAC1 is connected to an SFP+ module via XFI. The SFP+ module is connected via I²C to the SoC. We are using SerDes Protocol 0x95. The OS is OpenWRT with a kernel 4.14.137. &#...
    Tanjeff Moos
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    Hello NXP, what is the procedure to take the kernel dump, memory dump and crash dump for any crash or segmentation fault in LSDK1906 on LS2088 .   If any kernel config has to be enabled please share the steps. ...
    Ranganatha YN
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  • P2020 external IRQ0 can't be triggered

    Hi,   I've set external IRQ0 to falling edge trigger and pulled this pin low, but it seem this interrupt doesn't be triggered, the corresponding interrupt service routine doesn't be called. The EIVPR0 and EIDR0 ...
    Jia Guo
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  • NAND ecc error in T1022

    Custom board based on T1022. Nand flash:  MT29F32G08ABAAAWP-Z:A Page size = 8192; Block size = 1024KiB; Block count = 4096, Memory size = 4096MiB, 8-bit ECC   filesystem: ubifs used as root   T...
    Debdutta Banerjee
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  • System hang when DMA xfer is started

    I'm testing DMA on P2020 board. In my test, I tried to move 32 bytes data from one memory address to another using DMA 1 channel 1 under basic direct mode. I've made sure that both the memory address are readable and ...
    Jia Guo
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  • CAN KE06 Filter MASK

    I am configuring the CAN. I added a filter only for ID 0x7EB. The value of CANIDMR0 / 1 and CANIDAR0 / 1 with 0xFD600000, but other ID's are working. I am using KDS3.2 and MKE06Z128VLH4. Can you help me?
    Christian Vieira
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  • DPAA offline port - use case

    I'm currently working on a design with ls1043a SoC that has a DPAA block. Looking in to DPAAs capabilities there is a feature in it called offline ports. I'm trying to read the current documentation but can not see th...
    Peter Bergin
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  • LS1043ARDB Complex scenario: sharing a MAC device between Linux stack and user space framework besides offloading some traffic

    I’m trying to understand how can I take advantage of the DPAA1 features on a LS1043ARDB board using LSDK 19.06 in order to share a MAC device between the Linux network stack and a user space framework that bypas...
    Florin Curelaru
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  • TA_BB_VDD power sequencing

    HelIo,   Is TA_BB_VDD can be supply whenver if the other power supplies are present or not? Can I supply TA_BB_VDD even the SoC is OFF?   Thank you
    Maxime guillot
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  • Dose the LS1043A support AVB protocol?

    Hi,sir. We need to control and forward the AVB devices' streams by the LS1043A platform. so I just wonder that how can LS1043A support AVB protocol if we don't link any switch. Cause I have know tha the IMX6 or IMX...
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  • P2020 power sequencing

    Hello,   I see in the datasheet that GVDD should be the last rail powered up.  We are using DDR3, so our GVDD is 1.5V. I see in other posts that GVDD should be powered up last so that MCKE is held low duri...
    Todd Reed
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  • LS1046ARDB: First slot cannot be empty. ERROR:   Parsing DIMM Error ERROR:   DDR init failed. NOTICE:  Incorrect DRAM0 size is defined in platfor_def.h ERROR:   mmap_add_region_check() failed. er

    求助: 我在参考LS1046ARDB设计自己的板卡,没有使用CPLD,使用了内存颗粒芯片(MT40A512M16),uboot时打印如下信息: First slot cannot be empty. ERROR:   Parsing DIMM Error ERROR:   DDR init failed. NOTICE:  Incorrect DRAM0 size is defin...
    yuan qinghua
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  • Program aborts on DDR read while erasing QSPI flash block

    Hello, Community.   I created a program to erase blocks using the block erase command of QSPI flash. After executing the block erase command, wait in the do-while loop until the WIP bit (Write In Progress Bit) o...
    kojima takashi
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  • 脱机烧录工具

    MKL16Z128VLH4         MKL03Z16VFK4哪款工具可支持脱机烧录
    lanlan tong
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  • Editing a driver in poky built version of Linux Kernel 4.1.y

    Hi,  I have extracted a poky build of Linux Kernel from SDK 2.0 for the board T1040. I have been able to successfully cross-compile it and run it on the platform. However I now want to update a driver in the pok...
    Pratik Vadher
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