• T2080 UARTs CPU Offload

    I’m looking for ways to offload CPU of getting my serial data at high baud rates.   I believe there's already a DMA taking place within the SOC to get the data to the 16 byte FIFO which I'm currently polli...
    James Horton
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  • Is there a LX2160a reference manual?

    Hi experts,   I only found LS2088A reference manual, which also supports LS2048A, LS2084A and LS2044A, but I did not find LX2160A reference manual.   I wonder if there is a reference manual named LX2160A R...
    minghu du
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  • LS1046A :  Discrete DDR4 General Questions

    Hello,     I develop a custom board with the LS1046A CPU.   We would like to use 2GB of DDR4 memory +ECC for our custom board.   I have connected 3x DDR4 MT40A512M16TB-062E:J memory (1GB,...
    Maxime guillot
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  • P2020 use Linux 4.19.68 Doorbell can send but failed when receive?

    Hello, elites!!!Yiping WangDhaval Shah Now Now we're faced with a very difficult problem,which we can send a doorbell to fpga by p2020 but can not receive a doorbell from fpga。The FPGA's send test also saw the P...
    Li guofa
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  • Routing Pulse Out to 1588 Test Header Pin LS1046ARDB

    Hello,   After installing the Layerscape Software Development Kit, I've been using this guide to enable PPS leveraging my PTP hardware clock. Now I want to know if it is possible to route this PPS signal to...
    Kien Tran
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  • LS1046A: DIFF_SYSCLK, Serdes Frequency

    Hello,   I develop a custom board with the LS1046A CPU.   I am using oscillator for DIFF_SYCLK and SerDes clocks. Your specification for the clocks frequencies is not clear for me. You specify a frequency ...
    Maxime guillot
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  • Windows 7 driver for Cable, USB Type-A to DB9F

    Hi,   I have LS1028ARDB.  The box came with a "Cable, USB Type-A to DB9F (Windows 10 support), 1 m" as documented in Getting Started with LS1028ARDB | NXP    I'm unable to get the driv...
    Bharat Chaudhary
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  • Unable to handle kernel paging request for data at address 0x00000104

    I am using a custom built T1042 based board. After I flash UBOOT, RCW, kernal,filesystem,FMAN code and dtb file, When I try to boot my board, kernal is crashing giving the following errors.    ata1: No Devi...
    Ather Shehzad
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  • ls1046 --First slot cannot be empty.

    买了一块开发板,自己从官网上下载的lsdk,并使用flex-builder -i mkfw -m ls1043ardb -b sd,命令编译除了一个firmware镜像,烧写到SD卡后,插到开发板上,设置SD卡启动后,串口只打印了以下内容,不知道要修改哪些东西,求指导 ERROR: First slot cannot be empty. ERROR: Parsing DIMM Error ERROR: DDR init fail...
    qi fei
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  • Error (Failed to Execute MI Command) for bare-metal program

    Before I start - Yes, I have googled and read many posts about this issue, but I did  not find an article that answers posed kin this post   ----------------- Hi,   I have professional version of C...
    Thomas Morrison
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  • Questions about fw_printenv

    Hello~   I use lx2160ardb board and sd card by changing the DIP switch(SW1:1111->1000). I added the env tool(fw_printenv/fw_setenv) build configuration in u-boot and ran this command after kernel boot. ...
    songhee yun
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  • Serdes Clocks sequencing

    Hello,   We are using LS1046A with SerDes and I was wondering if the clock for SerDes line can be provided after the POR when the device has accessed to its I2C bus? The datasheet is not very clear about the cl...
    Maxime guillot
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  • LX2160A: DPDMUX questions

    I'm working with a LX2160A RDB trying to use a DPDMUX. I'm using LSDK 19.09. I've tried 2 things which can't get to work with a DPDMUX: 1. Connecting 2 DPDMUXes together (an uplink of 1 DPDMUX to one of the non...
    Paul Hoffmann
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  • Adding SJA1000 to CS3 of IFC in T2080qds

    Hello,   I have a custom board, which is using t2080qds power pc processor. chip select 0 to 2 are used for various memory and FPGA. The address for those were given in system memory of SDK document. Now I have ...
    Anshul khare
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  • How to config Atheros AR8031 ethernet chip On the LS1046A RDB board?

    On the LS1046A RDB board, to change the ethernet chip from RTL8211FS chip to AR8031 chip, what parts of u-boot and kernel should be modified?
    sung hyun ko
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  • Custom LS1043A-RGW & Flex-builder and SD Card Image

    Hi,   We currently are running on a standard LS1043A-RGW and have received ASK binaries to load a SD Card :      dd if=uboot-xxxxx.bin of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=512 seek=8 && sync ...
    Thomas Morrison
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  • [LS2160ARDB] Auto Negotiation Off

    Dear NXP Folks,   I am working on LS2160ARDB board. I need to connect the board to a Dell Server. LS2160ARDB is having a 25G port. Dell server has a 10G port. When I try to connect them - the connection is ...
    Kousik Nandi
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  • Auto-run application on start up- P4080DS

    Hello,   We are working on P4080DS board using SDK 2.0 installed on Ubuntu 14.04   Any help is requested on the following points, after the board boots up:   1. Auto-login on startup (without typing ...
    appalanaidu g
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  • Please advise about EEE(Energy Efficient Ethernet) on LS1023A(/43A).

    Hi Experts,   We want to support IEEE802.3az (EEE: Energy Efficient Ethernet) on LS1023A(/43A). From "6.2 mEMAC Features Summary" of LS1043ADPAARM(Rev.0), we understand that the LS1023A can support this. However...
    Kazuya Yamauchi
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  • [LS2160ARDB] How to change speed to 10G

    Dear NXP Folks,   I am trying to bring up a  ls2160ardb  board. Which is having two 25G port. I want to connect this port to a different machine which has 10G port. But seems speed mismatch the link s...
    Kousik Nandi
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