• T2081 SPI pin Muxing

    Hi, In my current design using t2081, I want to interface both SPI and eMMC card. While seeing the datasheet of t2081 i found that SPI_CS0 pin is muxed with sdhc_dat4 which i need for my eMMC interface.   Can a...
  • P2020 input clock specifications

    What are the P2020 input clock specifications when taking oscillator tolerance into account? 1)  System clock:  Max spec is 100MHz.  If using a 100MHz oscillator with +/-100ppm drift, does that violate...
    Todd Reed
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  • LX2160a dpsw not working with 2 dprcs

    I'm trying to get several DPDK applications, each with their own DPRC (with a DPNI) to use a DPSW that is connected to DPMAC.3. In this use case, I would expect that the DPSW should be in the root DPRC (dprc...
    Paul Hoffmann
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  • What causes the error message: Failed to stop process?

    On my P2020 platform, using the emulator to download the tcl file, I get the following error: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
    river jeep
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  • How to change from rootfs to initramfs in lx2160ardb?

    @Yiping Wang     Now, I uses lx2160ardb reference board. It consist of bootpartition image and rootfs image.   I want to change these images to initramfs image included bootpartition and rootfs. How...
    songhee yun
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  • LS1043A-RGW Dev Board GigE interface speeds and Loss

    Hi,   I am running on a LS1043A-RGW Development board - using the ASK binaries that were provided. I have a Spirent Packet Generator/tester that I am working with GigE LAN directly connected to Eth2 and Eth3 ...
    Thomas Morrison
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  • Is there any recommended part for MPC7410 alternative?

    Hi NXP,   One of our customer currently use a MPC7410 for their defense application. But, unfortunately this part already EOL. So they looking for new replacable part. Is there any recommended part? I already ...
    ilsoo jung
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  • ping fail with switch ports on LSDK20.04 v5.4 kernel image and rootfs on nxp-ls1028

    Hi experts,   I am now working on testing the tsn functionality on felix switch of nxp-ls1028, and I find that the ping fail with two boards(board A and board B) connected by swp0s with the switch configs as LS...
    Tang zhantao
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  • p2020 ddr3 clock change after power up

    i want to start the board at certain clock frequency interface with my DDR ,  and change the clock (lower it) afterwards -  is it possible ? which reset should i apply after the change 
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  • ls1043 sd boot,no log output

    We customized the ls1043 board and boot from the sd card. Now plug in the sd card, but there is no output from the serial port, we have checked and the voltage and power-on sequence are normal, can there be other plac...
    wu bo
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  • T2080 Refernce Design RTC INT Pin

    In T2080 Refernce board schematic, why INT PIN OF DS1339U-33+ RTC is Pulled up by 1.8V? As the IC operating Voltage is 3.3V it should be pulled up using 3.3V and then using level translator it should connect to 1.8V ...
    Hemant Kumar Tiwari
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  • FRDM-ke02z board bootloader updation issue

    hi, i am using FRDM-ke02z board. i did try to update OpenSDA bootloader in that board. i was following steps in this link Illustrated Step-by-Step Instructions: Updating the Freescale Freedom Board Firmware | MC...
    chammandi nadhamuni
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  • eMMC card interfacing with T2081

    Hi, Actually i am planning to interface eMMC with T2081, can you tell me T2081 support which version of MMC interface? Do you have any reference design so that i can get an idea about interfacing eMMC with T2081? &#...
    Hemant Kumar Tiwari
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  • ls1020 etsec driver crash

    Hi,    we now use the LS1020 CPU on board, it works well most of the time, but sometimes, when system startup, the system can not work well, system print  driver crash. the  kworker have...
    Jason zhang
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  • What is the function of CPLD on LS1028ARDB?

    What is the function of CPLD on LS1028ARDB?
    龙华 秦
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  • P2020 JTAG connection failure

    When I try to connect P2020 JTAG in CodeWarrior 10.5.1, it cannot read register address PORBMSR, which leads to connection failure. Why the JTAG cannot read this register?
    jingyi bin
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  • CPU LS1043A USB interface

    Dear Sir,   I have a question about the USB controller of the LS1043A CPU.   There is a limit (a time out value) in time versus the activation of the USB_DRVVBUS output and the return of the USB PHY VBUS i...
    Julien Cavallo
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  • LS1046A AER random errors - Corrected Errors

    Hi, When we run LS1046A custom board for long time, we see random errors. Mostly seen during overnight run. There is no impact on the performance.  pcieport 0002:00:00.0: AER: Multiple Corrected error received: i...
    sabir syed
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  • Questions about T1042 processor and U-boot

    We have a custom board based on t1042 processor. Using codewarrior rcw override option, We successfully wrote RCW, FMan Ucode and U-boot in given flash locations in SDK V2.0 - 1703 ( Current Bank adresses ).   W...
    Yusuf Altıparmak
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  • CPU LS1043A RGMII interface

    Dear Sir,   I developp a custom board with the LS1043A CPU.   I have some questions about the RGMII interface of the CPU.   In my custom board, the RGMII interface of the CPU (EC1) is connected to a ...
    Julien Cavallo
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