• I need an assembly language manual of  MPC8313.

    Hi  I need an assembly language manual of MPC8313. can you inform to me ? 
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  • MPC8313--BDI print COP status is 0x05

    As the title,when I load U-BOOT with BDI2000 for MPC8313,the bdi print as the attached file。 what kind of conditions will cause this problem,can anyone help? thank you!
    Johnny Wang
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  • P2020 Processor GPCM with DLL Bypass Read/Write Timing

    When looking at the P2020 QorIQ Integrated Processor Reference Manual (Rev. 2, 12/2012), I notice that when the local bus is in bypass mode, eLBC drives new address, data, and control signals effectively on falling ed...
    guobin lu
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  • Interfacing MPC860 with 4x16bit SRAM devices

    I need assistance with an upgrade we are doing, going from 2 PowerQUICC II's, one as a Master and the second as a slave, to a singel PowerQuicc II Pro (MPC8360). We currently use 4 SRAM devices (IS61LV51216) for a 64b...
    Hendrik Bence
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  • Replacement for MPC880CVR133

    Hi, PowerQUICC ProcessorsQorIQ Processing PlatformsColdFire/68K Microcontrollers and ProcessorsMPC5xxxNXP FTF Tech ForumNXP Designs    I'm looking for direct replacement or any suitable alternate for&...
    Mohammed Ashif
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  • Issue for MPC8245 flash program

    Hi all, this week I met a very wild issue for MPC8245 board.  Now, I can download my program to SDRAM and it works very well, but when I use same ini.tcl to program the elf file to NOR flash, I met the below erro...
    gang liu
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  • Why does initr_env fail to initialize when uboot starts

    MPC8640 uboot boot print information is as follows: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- initcall: eff45d50 U-Boot 2017.11 (Mar 05 2020 - 22...
    river jeep
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  • MPC885 CAS latency

    Hello' I'm using MPC885 processor vxworks 6.3 operating system. I'm trying to make UPM machine in romInit.s file work in SDRAM CAS Latency 3 instead of 2. I thought maybe somebody done this job and will save me a ti...
    Eli Ochakovski
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  • MPC5744:ADC floating voltage reading

    Dear Sir, We are connecting 5 analog sensors,4 to ADC1 and one to ADC2 of microcontroller MPC5744.We provided a pull down of 20K in all lines (To avoid random voltages on floating ADC lines )to get the floating stat...
    Divya R
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  • MPC5748 BSDL file

    Hi All. Does anyone have the bsdl file for MPC5748. I cannot find this on the site.
    James Walmsley
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  • P1010 SGMII Serdes problem

    When our company uses the sgmii SerDes interface of Freescale p1010 platform, the level amplitude of the differential chip output by p1010 is relatively low, and the quality of the differential eye chart is not ideal....
    克祥 黄
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  • AP Core TLB not ready on boot (P2020)

    Hello,   I am writing a bootloader (I cannot use U-Boot in my project) that starts the Core 1 of the P2020 as follows: 1. Copy the Core 1 boot core to 0x00800000 (with branch at 0x00800FFC). 2. Set the BPTR at...
    Alexy Torres
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  • MPC8640D/MPC8641D ltib cannot be run because one or more of the host packages needed to run it

    nxp@ve:~/Desktop/ltib-mpc8641hpcn-20080117$ ./ltib defined(@array) is deprecated at /home/nxp/Desktop/ltib-mpc8641hpcn-20080117/bin/Ltibutils.pm line 395.          (Maybe you...
    river jeep
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  • where to download the MPC8640D/MPC8641D uboot

    Please provide me the link for uboot and installation documents.
    river jeep
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  • PCI Express 64 bit Access in MPC8308

    Sir   We are using MPC8308 PCI Express x1 connected to  PCI express End device. PCI express End Device having - 32 address bit Non Prefetchable & 64 address bit Prefetchable. We are using Linux - 2.6....
    chandrakasan Ramesh
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  • T2080 serdes pll is not lock occasionally!!

    Hello, I have a problem here. The SerDes PLL of T2080 is not locked occasionally, which is more obvious at low temperature. Please give me some advice,thanks!Attached is my RCW。 In addition, can T2080's SerDes p...
    zhy zhy
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  • how to write data into m58bw016fb ?

    hi folks,  I am working on mpc8358e processor. In this i used m58bw016fb flash memory as a boot memory.  I am struct at writing a data into the memory (for config. RCWL and RCWH reg.) in hard code mode. Can...
    venkat d
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  • BSDL file for MPC862P

    We are trying to research an old board that uses an MPC862P product. Many years ago, there used to be a BSDL file for this processor. Any chance we could get that BSDL file?
    Dan Deisz
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  • how to add new flash device into code warrior v 8.8 ?

    Hi folks, i am using Code warrior V 8.8  for mpc8358e PowerQUICC pro processor. and my flash is M58BW016FB7T  from ST, memory organisation is 512Kx32x1 (32bit data bus). This device is not showing in the co...
    venkat d
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  • i2c bus busy problem

    i'm working on t1042 cpu and i didnt solve some problems i encountered.    i firstly send start condition to bus and after that, i dont send anything except stop condition to free bus but  after start...
    unknown issuee
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