• IEEE1588 timaestamping availability on PowerQUICC III

    Hello,   On the folowing page, Freescale says that : " Some PowerQUICC devices have also added hardware time-stamping to improve the accuracy to +/- 40 ns peak-to-peak. For example, MPC8360E has been publicly ...
    Christophe Couturier
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  • Accessing TLP HEADER in T1042

    Hi All  I have board T1042 ,Can anyone suggest how to access TLP header 
    utkarsh rawat
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  • S32R274

    Hi, Where can I download the example of S32R274?
    zhang zhongxin
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  • 例程

    zhang zhongxin
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  • Boot secondary cpu from u-boot with the TWR-LS1021A

    Hello, I've been trying without success to launch the secondary cpu from u-boot. I'm not sure about the procedure I'm implementing and I'd appreciate some help. Is there a link describing this procedure?   Best...
    Yaset Oliva
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  • Facing Problem while accessing NOR Flash chip from Linux MTD Driver for P1021 processor.

    We are Working on spansion s29GL01GT flash chip for p1021 processor. We are trying to add MTD driver in kernel and observed following error while booting. Error : of-flash e8000000.nor: do_map_probe() failed we went...
    krishna chaitanya
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  • How to increase vmalloc address space on LS1020A system

    Hi, I am working on a system where we have 2GB physical RAM and we are giving 512MB to Linux Kernel(through kernel command line parameters (mem=512M) and the rest 1.5GB we are using it for local buffers. We use usin...
    nagi reddy chitta
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  • How to add custom binaries and other configuration files in rootfs of yocto based fsl sdk.

    Hi, I am working on P series processors (P5040,P1022 and P1010). I want to add some files to rootfs image. With reference to the How to add custom application to linux rootfs, I have been trying to add files to ...
    Manavdeep Grewal
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  • Devkit MPC5748G - MSD issue

    devkit_mpc5748g I got my Devkit MPC5748g - but facing an issue, MSD not seen when connected to USB port 1st time. I have S32 design studio installed on my Win7 machine. Is there any driver needs to be installed so ...
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  • Debugging DMA corruption - MPC8555 - Trace Buffers

    Hi Pavel, we were able to locate the document and see the trace buffer  in action.   We were unable to find the right settings to trace a write over PCI/and through the Core to a DDR location (0x0eb00000) ...
    Dijo John Manavalan
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  • Bad block table not found for chip 0!

    hi : when I transplant the uboot I got a problem witch are signed with the red color :   U-Boot 1.3.0 (Aug 12 2013 - 02:17:44) MPC83XX Reset Status:   CPU:   e300c3, MPC8313E, Rev: 21 at 333.33...
    Kan bin
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  • What is  requirement on Ripple Voltage for Core or I/O Voltage Sources ... MPC8270

    What is  requirement on Ripple Voltage for Core or I/O Voltage Sources ... MPC8270/MPC8280
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  • questions for I2C of mpc8313

    These days i do the simple functional test of I2C interface of MPC8313 (1) MPC8313 acts as master:
    Fan Xu
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  • Where to find the FREESCALE LTIB discusison if any and any updates if any

    Where does one find information on the package that is sent out with 'freescale' enhancements to the LTIB environment.   The package I've received in 'brand new' P1020 units, has a linux version that is pretty '...
    John Clark
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  • MPC8272 Write-through cache OK, write-back not

    Question from newsgroup: Write-through cache OK, write-back not ---------------------------------------------- I have a strange problem. I have a program that runs fine with write- through cache, but not with write-b...
    Paul Genua
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  • DMA transfer size limited on MPC8272

    I am DMA'ing from 60x memory to PCI memory and from PCI memory to 60x memory in a Linux device driver using the MPC8272 processor.  The DMA completes but the logic analyzer shows that the DMA is broken up into a ...
    William Rogers
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  • Add a PCI card on MPC8349E-mITX-GP board

    I use MPC8349 evaluation board with linux and ltib tool. I build a linux BSP for the evaluation board. During linux boot I got the following messages (with or without PCI card connected): PCI: Cannot allocate ressour...
    Claire Bouvet
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  • Wat DDR2 frequencies r supported for CCB_CLK=400MHz

    Hello, Im using MPC8548E processor with SYSCLK as 100MHz, CCB CLKYSCLK = 4:1 and CORE:CCB CLK = 3:1. so the CCB_CLK will be 400 MHz.I have planned to use DDR2 memory, what DDR2 frequency will the syste...
    Chandrashekhar K
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  • Registered DIMM on PowerQUICC3

    Just FYI. I had trouble recently getting a 2Gig Registered DIMM to work with an MPC8541. The trick ended up being 2T timing. We were using 2T timing with a 1Gig non-registered DIMM. However, 2T timing should never be...
    Paul Genua
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  • MPC8378

    Hi,   How much time is required by MPC8378 core to be stable when 1.0V supply is given to the powerpc core. And basically how much delay is required while sequencing supplies between 1.0V and 3.3V for MPC8378. ...
    Anand Kumar Rai
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