• About ddr configuration

    hi,  I am using mpc8358e power processor. I am going to use ddr sdram memory where i struck at configuring cpo , caslat and write_delay  timings config. *operating freq: 133Mhz  *memory: CL=3 can an...
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  • Interfacing of MPC8358E to Micron DDR SDRAM

    Hello All, The following clarification is required in interfacing MPC8358, Power QUICC II Pro Processor to a 256Mbit DDR memory device of MICRON (PN: MT46V16M16P) through the Primary DDR controller block of MPC8358 &#...
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        hi..         Serguei Podiatchev Bulat Karymov  ,  The following clarification is required in interfacing MPC8358, Power QUICC II Pro Processor to a 256Mbit DDR mem...
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  • MPC5645S and DDR2 MT47H128M16 - 25E

    Is the DDR2 RAM Memory supported by the MPC5645S MCU? On a project, I used 2 DDR2 RAM "MT47H128M16 - 25E" to obtain a 32-wide data bus. I write a configuration but the DDR2 RAM doesn't work very well.  I th...
    Michel Da Silva
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  • SDRAM continous Parity Error on MPC8270

    Dear,   Following are specification of our board   CPU : MPC8270 (Big Endian) Clock: Bus:100Mhz, Core: 400 Mhz SDRAM: 64MB(Chip size) (13 rows, 11 columns, 4 banks, port: 8 bit) (Total Chips = 8) making ...
    Muhammad Umer Saeed
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  • Is there any Yocto support is for MPC8360?

    Hi All,   I am currently working with MPC8360 LTIB. I have plan to move on the latest Linux kernel versions(above version 4.0). Is there any latest kernel version support or Yocto support is there for MPC8360?&...
    kalaiyarasan Poyyamozhi
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  • MPC5674F  External Multiplex Bus CS need Variable Wait State Access

    Most processors have an RDY signal line to tell the bus to hold until I am done.   Configuration:  A  MPC5674F processor EBI external Multiplexed mode using chip select Access.    ...
    Steven Petrofsky
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  • Software Emulation Exception

    Hi ,   I am getting the Software Emulation Exception exception while executing the code in MPC860T am using the code warrior 8.1.am getting the exception when ever i start executing from __start am getting exce...
    Phaneesh m
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  • Which clock to use for tDISKEW calculation

    I am investigating an interface between the MPC8308  and a  532MT/s DDR2 RAM and I would like to calculate the the total amount of allowed skew from MDQS to a corresponding MDQ signals tDISKEW.   The d...
    Christian Reinhold
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  • Lauterbach Trace32 Debugger with T4160RDB-64b

    Hi All,   I am using Lauterbach for u-boot debugging in t4160rdb-64bit target. I got "debug port fail" error when i am doing u-boot debugging in alternative manner.   In U-boot assembly instruction, _star...
    vinothkumar s
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  • Blocked using Trace32 u-boot debugging and problem with hardware breakpoint

    Hi All,   We are debugging u-boot using trace32 on our new processor board with an T4240RDB.   We are currently blocked in our development. We are having problems with Trace32 debugger hardware breakpoin...
    vinothkumar s
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  • Setting up DDR3l for t1042

    Hello, I'm trying to configure DDR3l on the T1042. Attach pdf for DDR3l - AS4C512M16D3L. (4 DDR3l + 1 DDR3l for ECC).   To create a .tcl script I use QorlQ Configuration Project.    1) Quest...
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  • MFR4310 is no longer recommended. Are there any alternative product?

    USED to Flexray module。
    路 飞
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  • Supported code warrior version for the TWR MPC5125

    Hai, We want to use the TWR MPC5125 tower module , Which version of the code warrior is compatible can you please suggest us . Thank you Best regards Maheshwar.
    maheshwar reddy
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  • MPC8377 MVREF Design

    I designed and manufactured the SBC board using the MPC8377. Sometimes memory errors occur at low temperatures (less than -30 degrees Celsius) and the system is not booting normally and can not boot Q) When 200 ohm...
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  • T1024 ibis model

    can please send me the ibis model for T1024 processor .. we have design the board,we have to SI for the board.ASAP
    subramani Hanumaiah
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    I am using MPC866 in which I have to work with SPI, UART and parallel bus. So can i know that where i can find the drivers for those peripherals. And i want to know which all the supported JTAG for MPC866 
    chethan sk
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    I have installed Code warrior development studio for power architecture. But i didnt find a option to select MPC866 family in that tool. i have installed 10.5 version.
    chethan sk
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  • ¿It is possible to reinitialize the DDR controller on the MPC8548 just after his initialization? ¿How could i do that?

    This is what a want to do: 1) Initialize DDR controller with no ECC and no init memory.. lis r7, 0x43000008@ha ori r7, r7, 0x43000008@l stw r7, DDR_SDRAM_CFG(r6) lis r7, 0x04400000@ha ori r7, r7, 0x04400000@l s...
    Diego Martin
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  • MPC8360E DDR Calibration

    Using the MPC 8360 processor.  Our question concerns the DDR Impedance calibration.    Is it recommended to use the Automatic hardware Calibration, or the manual software calibration algorithm referen...
    Gordy Carlson
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