• Setting S12ZVLA128 VDD Level

    VDD on this uC is defaulted to 3.3V.  To switch it to 5V there is a bit in the CPMUVREGCTL register.  Processor Expert provides the ability to set all other editable bits in this register through it's s...
    Jeremy Swanson
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  • jn5169 loading application binary error

    It is always appear as follow error I using  JN51xxProgrammer.exe loading application binary 
    moliuike mo
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  • ADC

    how to solve this below issue??.I am using S32k144 EVB board.
    Praveena F
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  • s32 DS doesn't have SDKs for c++

       I'm using S32 DS for power at MPC5744P, and now I need to build  a S32 project with C++, but there is not SDKs can be used just like with c (version0.8.2,0.9.0 etc.). I want to know if there is ...
    康 王
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  • I can not run the MPC748G hsm_freertos example

    I use the hsm_freertos_mpc5748g example but I can't run it When I debug the HSM_SetInterrupt(bool enable)  then go to the IVOR1_Handler
    陈简 陈
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  • (Processor Expert)How to set pull-high/low for SCI in S12ZCA?

    Hi,   We are using S12ZVCA & CodeWarrier 11.0.1 How to set pull-high/low for SCI? PERT=0x03;       // SCI1(PT0, PT1) Enable Pull Resistor PPST=0;     ...
    Aaron Lee
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  • codewarrior post-build error

    when build  the whole project, codewarrior could not creat the binary. the problems is:
    Nannan Fu
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  • Processor Expert : FreeRTOS TICKLESS_IDLE decision hook

    Hi all,    I try to generate tickless idle decision hook in the Processor Expert of NXP Design Studio, there is an option during the configuration: Which generate: configUSE_TICKLESS_IDLE_DECISION_HOOK ...
    Jan Glos
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  • program counter access - control?

    Hi everyone, I'm using MPC5746C MCU with S2 S32 Design Studio Version: 2017.R1 at my project. I need to reach and control the program counter but I've not found any way to reach register address or an...
    Eyüp ÖZER
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  • Which file generate "clockMan1.c"

    I'm using S32DS' Processor Expert to generate code of MPC5748G and my development board has no SXOSC. So I need to comment the part code about sxosc in "clockMan1.c", but I can't repair the file everytime. Therefore, ...
    Wu Jiankang
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  • UJA1164

    Dears, We used UJA1164 for EPB project with TC233 MCU. We find from the UJA1164's init to normal mode ,it should takes 100ms with watchdog in windown mode 16ms . Can u help provide example for me?
    lINA He
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  • Missing Option new Processor expert project

    Hello everybody,   I am new to the NXP s32k family and also new to the s32 design studio. I have installed latest version and latest update UP9. I followed few steps form the "Getting started Processor Expert ...
    Petar Uzunovic
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  • Smart features support for SATA

    Hi, I have QorlQ P2040 card.I want to read the temperature of my SSD. To do this, I must enable smart features of SATA.But I don't know how to do it. Also I want to learn whether P2040 card supports smart features of ...
    Hakan Yılmaz
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  • Adding PEx to KDS bareboard project (without SDK)

    The C project that doesn't use Processor Expert can be converted to Processor Expert. This is useful when the user finds out that he/she would like to use additional features of Processor Expert. WARNING! Note that in...
    Marek Neuzil
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  • Is there any way to get a K66 Component in PEx for CW MCU 10.6.4?

    Hello,   I have CodeWarrior MCU 10.6.4 . I am trying to migrate a board from a K60 to a K66 processor. Part of the BSP (mostly just clock config) is generated using PEx. I wanted to remove the K60 CPU component ...
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  • How to use TDA8029 with a PIC microcontroller?

    Hello! I'm doing a project with the TDA 8029 and a PIC microcontroller, I'm new at this and I don't know how to establish communication between both by means of I2C and send the commands that appear in the application...
    Yosduar Rangel
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  • Can PCIe Gen3 root complex support Gen4 PCIe Bridge switch device.

    Scenario: Gen4 Bridge switch connected to Host system (gen3 root complex).   When I am checking the generation of the connected PCIe bridge[configured @Gen4], I am getting unknown speed/generation.   My un...
    Rahul Gupta
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  • S12ZVL64 cant receive data

    the code reference to "ZVC192-IIC-HUMIDITY-CW106"(master mode/Non-interrupt mode ) //********************************************************************************************** void Init_IIC(void); void IIC_Sta...
    yongd 丁
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  • no Processor Expert Function

    There is no "#Processor Expert" on File Bar,why? the IDE version is S32 Design Studio for ARM V2018.R1
    chaojie xin
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  • Does any one have FlexNVM code which does partition, writes, reads and erase?? please not the processexpert code

    i have processexpert code
    rakesh r
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