• Multiple PEX files in one project?

    Is it possible (In S32Design Studio for Power) to have multiple  processor expert files in a single project (to support multiple hardware configurations) and then just disable or deselect one that is not tar...
    Daniel Wax
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  • How to select external Oscillator using processor expert in S32DS project

    I am new on the processor expert and NXP 32bit MCUs. I want to select only the external oscillator in the clock setting.     How can I configure the external oscillator and then PLL system clock should...
    kashif sagheer
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  • How to select wanted edge in a digital input for TRGMUX?

    I want to use a digital HW input at TRGMUX_IN0 (on uC S32K142), but I cannot find in ReferenceManual, where it's specified how to select the wanted rising edge.   Thank You for the answer in advance.   Cla...
    Claudio Ampala
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  • How to remove the duplicate Processor Expert tab

    I have 2 PE tabs in the CW IDE. Any suggestions on: * Where the second one might have come from? * How to remove the duplicate?
    Anders Johansson
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  • Processor Expert sees less RAM on MK22FX512VLH12 than specified

    According to the product page (MK22FX512VLH12 Product Information|NXP) data sheet (https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/data-sheet/K22P64M120SF5.pdf) and reference manual (http://cache.freescale.com/files/32bit/doc/ref_manual/...
    Paul Kathol
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  • How to add Processor Expert to S32Design Studio Power 2.1

    Rares Vasile   I see this old outdated way to add PEx to a baremetal project.   Adding PEx to KDS bareboard project (with SDK)    This feature no longer seems to be in S32DS.  Any way to do...
    Daniel Wax
    created by Daniel Wax
  • How to recompile modified RCW file for LS1043ARDB

    Hi ,   I modified RCW .cfg file under /LSDK_1906/flexbuild_lsdk/packages/firmware/u-boot/board/freescale/ls1043ardb folder modify ls1043ardb_rcw_sd.cfg file  use "flex-builder -i mkfw -m ls1043ardb -b sd"...
    Dana Xiong
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  • Parsing LDF file failed error

    Hi,    I am uploading a new ELF file via processor Expert in my project. But unfortunately it gives me an error "Parse ldf file failed".  I have chacked the file by "Vector IDE Explorer Pro". It can o...
    Leila Mansouri
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  • MMU and MPU in multicore environment

    Hello, I am assigned with a task to execute a software on both the cores of MPC5777C microcontroller. Regarding this i am not sure where to start with. I thought to start with MMU and MPU analysis. How MMU and MPU ca...
    Kalyan Vagvala
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  • s32 Design Studio for Arm - how to "un-route" pin

    I accidentally changed the state of some signals from "no pin routed" to a specific pin.  I am able able to assign another pin (among a list of allowable pins) to these signals but am unable to change any back t...
    hw wong
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  • Processor Expert和MCUXpresso能合并到一个环境么?

    用惯了CW6.3,想转Kinetis 安装了MCUXpresso  (IDE) V11.0  又安装了Freescale Processor Expert/PExDrv v10.4 能将这2个开发环境合并么?
    liu jun
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  • Changing DSC type in Processor expert example projects

    Hey,   I have taken a sample example project from Processor Expert -> Init_SCI project . That uses MC56F84789 DSC, I have removed that component and added my own MC56F84763 DSC. The code can compi...
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  • MCUExpresso与 Processor Expert 能合并么?

    从HCS08转kinetis,原来熟悉CW6.3,于是 装了MCUExpresso11.0 装了 Prosert Expert  但好像无法直接在MCUExpresso中使用PE,请问这2个能合并么?
    liu jun
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  • Processor expert components for GPIO and Delay

    Hey,   I would like some help in setting up GPIOC pin as high and low with a delay in between.   I am using MC56F84763 DSC with my own hardware and to check if the code is working, i would like to toggle p...
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  • Incorrect behavior for FIRC Fast IRC Regulator settings in Processor Expert ?

    Hello,   When "Fast IRC Regulator" check box is checked (in below figure the checkbox is not checked) bit "FIRCREGOFF" from register "FIRCCSR" in System Clock Generator (SCG) module is SET (=1). That means the r...
    Ciprian Salageanu
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  • DSP_Func_MFR library

    The chip I used is 56F84786, I want to use the DSP_Func_MFR library inside, and use MFR_mfr32Sqrt to calculate the square root, the returned results are all wrong, may I ask whether other configuration is needed?
    陈 建
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  • Frames not Transmitted and Received via CAN - KEAZ128A 

    Hi, I am working with CW along with PE for KEAZ128A as target micro controller, which has MSCAN Module. I want to send a frame, receive a frame and send a RESPONSE Frame for UDS protocol (refer image1) Via CAN bus ir...
    Anand Raman
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  • S9KEAZ64AMLK the AcceptanceMask and IDFilter do not work

    KDS 3.2.0 project built by ProcessorExpert. When initializing CANBus I install a mask and a filter:   void InitCAN() {      MyCANPtr = CAN1_Init(NULL);      CAN1_Disabl...
    Vladimir Medvedev
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  • Transmit Data Interrupt Enable bit in the Interrupt Enable Register

    What does Transmit Data Interrupt Enable bit in the Interrupt Enable Register do? In what condition is this interrupt generated?
    Saili Ghavat
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  • (Processor Expert)How to set pull-high/low for SCI in S12ZCA?

    Hi,   We are using S12ZVCA & CodeWarrier 11.0.1 How to set pull-high/low for SCI? PERT=0x03;       // SCI1(PT0, PT1) Enable Pull Resistor PPST=0;     ...
    Aaron Lee
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