I have created a project with LPC2138 in MDK Keil uVision software and I need to its " CMSIS Driver " files. How can to access and get them? Thanks a lot.
    Bahram Khalighi
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  • Processor Expert IntFlash Component for NVM?

    Hi! I have SKEAZ128 MCU for developing an application, which requires a 1KB of NVM (Non-Volatile ROM Memory). Since this can be emulated easily via Processor Expert IntFlash Component, I have configured and used it. ...
    anand raman
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  • PN512发热问题

    请问一下使用PN512 读卡器装在盒子里面的时候,工作时温度达到58度,是否正常?(软件设置的发射功率为100%,读卡间隔100ms和250ms差异不大)。不正常的话是什么原因导致的,怎么改进?多谢了
    普 自勇
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  • T1042 high resolution timer support

    Hi All,   Our customer asking if a T1042 is supporting high resolution timer in Linux. He wants to set it to 1000 Hz. I didn't found any information regarding this issue. I can configure option "...
    imagine shtaingus
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  • Memory protection Unit (MPU) for Non-Volatile memory for S32G274

    I have few question about controller S32G274A about MPU as below :   In my current implementation all memory section(.text, .data, .bss, etc) are mapped in to SRAM area (0x34000000). As SRAM is volatile memory...
    vinod bargaje
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  • S32G multicore debugging

    How to debug S32G multiple core with Lauterbach debugger ? multi core  s32g274
    vinod bargaje
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  • S32K142 FLEXCAN low power modes

    Using S32K142 with S32 SDK   1) Using the CAN PAL component from Processor Expert, are there any APIs that allow us to put the FlexCAN hardware into a low power mode?   2) If I am using the ...
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  • S32K148 QSPI

    I ran the S32K148 QSPI example given within the s32ds and It was stuck inside the error trap loop. I saw many thread having the same problem. Did anyone figure out why there was such an error?   This is the one ...
    Austin Don
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  • Prototype using MC9S12XEP100 based on VB9S12XEP100

    Hello,   I'm designing a prototype that uses the MC9S12XEP100 microcontroller and  I'm taking as an example the EVB9S12XEP100 evaluation board. The following questions have arisen. 1) Regarding decoupling...
    Daniel Flor
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  • How could I program S32k118EVB through OpenSDA?

    Hi!          I just bought a S32k118 EVB development board. I wrote a little code and tried to load it on the board, but unfortunately I can't start it. I think it's a problem with ...
    Andrei Alexandru Dughila
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  • How do I use NFS mount to start rootfs for LS1043

    Hi,        I use LS1043ARDB board and LSDK1906 want to start the file system by mounting it over NFS,     But there is no description in the LSDK1906 manual , ...
    Dana Xiong
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  • Question about NXP salesforce system

    hi All,  Who can help me to fix the following issues about NXP salesforce system? After customer posted their issue, I couldn’t receive  the notification quickly unless customer call me or dedicatedly...
    James Yang
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  • Measuring all ADC inputs on FRDM-KL25 using DMA

    Introduction  The goal of this example is to read all ADC inputs of Kinetis KL25 in a row without the need of using CPU core for switching channels and pins and reading individual values. The FRDM-KL25 board fe...
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  • KL25_MultiADC_DMA.zip

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  • Is there any device Driver for PCAL6408A(io expander)?

    I am going to implement PCAL6408A in embedded linux system, so i am searching for the driver for the same. is there any specific driver for the PCAL6408A or any compatible one ?
    Muhammed Ali K P
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  • SENT/SPC Driver for the MPC5510 Microcontroller Family (AN4219)

    Good morning,    There are very few MCU manufacturers out there that have hardware support for this particular protocol which is mainly used in the automotive industry. The application note AN4219 is of int...
    Eric Meurville
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  • Multiple PEX files in one project?

    Is it possible (In S32Design Studio for Power) to have multiple  processor expert files in a single project (to support multiple hardware configurations) and then just disable or deselect one that is not tar...
    Daniel Wax
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  • How to select external Oscillator using processor expert in S32DS project

    I am new on the processor expert and NXP 32bit MCUs. I want to select only the external oscillator in the clock setting.     How can I configure the external oscillator and then PLL system clock should...
    kashif sagheer
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  • How to select wanted edge in a digital input for TRGMUX?

    I want to use a digital HW input at TRGMUX_IN0 (on uC S32K142), but I cannot find in ReferenceManual, where it's specified how to select the wanted rising edge.   Thank You for the answer in advance.   Cla...
    Claudio Ampala
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  • How to remove the duplicate Processor Expert tab

    I have 2 PE tabs in the CW IDE. Any suggestions on: * Where the second one might have come from? * How to remove the duplicate?
    Anders Johansson
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