• about function EnterCritical

    I have used Processor Expert Software 10.0.0 and IAR. And  Processor Expert Software generate the code: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- /* Save status register and disab...
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  • Get Started with K60 and Processor Expert

    All:   I've attached a step-by-step hands on guide that walks you through the process of creating and downloading an app to a K60 tower module board, from scratch, using Processor Expert embedded components - l...
    James Trudeau
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  • Processor Expert Bug ?

    Hi   I found two problem on Processor Expert.  Are these reported ? CW10.5, CPU KL16   1: TPM0   Default value of Modulo counter is 0.  I think this should be 0xFFFF.   2: UART1 ...
    Zak Sawa
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  • Fixed: Issue with FreeMaster component for Coldfire V1 in MCU v10.4

    Hi,   I tried to add the FreeMaster component to my MCF51JM128 project in CW for MCU v10.4. I had a problem because the component showed red X and did not allow a dependent component to be selected (Init_SCI or ...
    Ian Murphy
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  • FLASH_LDD issue with safe write and FTFE

    I have a project that was running on a K20DX256 that stores some parameters in flash using the IntFLASH and FLASH_LDD components. The project is transitioning to a K20FX512 in order have more ram available when. When ...
    David Schroeder
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  • Moving a component from CW Processor Expert to Driver Suite (FreeMaster)

    I wish to use the Processor Expert Driver Suite with IAR for an MQX-Lite Project on a K60F120.  I also wish to use FreeMaster in the IAR/PEx environment.  The challenge I face is that the FreeMaster Componen...
    Michael Maas
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  • Issues for FreeMASTER PE Component in MQX_IO Interface

    Hi,     There are several issues found when generating code using PE's FreeMASTER component in CW10.3: #define FMSTR_USE_MQX_IO  1 : This line of code isn't generated in "freemaster_cfggen.h". ...
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  • How to configure an external crystal for KL05 in  Processor Expert Software?

    I tried Processor Expert Software Software for KL06Z16 configure an external crystal , but I tried all the usual crystal , are unable to set the system frequency to 48MHz. Am I doing something wrong is it ?
    Thooman Wang
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  • kl04.sct(7): error: L6236E: No section matches selector - no section to be FIRST/LAST.

    Thooman Wang
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  • Issue for "Init_UART" Code Generation by PE

    Hi,   There has been an issue for "Init_UART" (Low Level Peripheral Initialization) code generation by PE.   Based on the Reference Manual (Kinetis K20, Chapter 47, pg.1208), UARTx_BDH should be initialize...
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  • Phantom errors reported in Processor Expert Driver suite

    Processor Expert (PEx) Driver Suite (the non-CodeWarrior stand-alone version) uses the Eclipse IDE.  And Eclipse is a powerful IDE and editor with much intelligence built into it to aid in developing code.  ...
    Derek Snell
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  • PE Components and integration with MQX

    Good day, I have a basic newbie question. I created a custom BSP using a clone of an existing freescale provided BSP (KN60DN512). Changed the processor to MK60DN512VLL10 and configured clocks, generated code, and comp...
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  • Processor Expert Community Components on GitHub

    Jim Trudeau has uploaded to this 'Component Exchange' several component zip files back in September 2012. The latest version of these components (and more) are now hosted on GitHub.   Have fun :-)
    Erich Styger
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  • Error: Cannot add component TSS_library to Device initialization project. Use "Target Processor" view to configure processor peripherals.

    Hi,   I am using the Code Worry IDE, following an example of using processor expert.   On clicking the TSS_library , the following message appears: Error: Cannot add component TSS_library to Device initia...
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  • CDE is now on the web

      Check out the new Component Development Environment, available here: http://www.freescale.com/webapp/sps/site/prod_summary.jsp?code=PE_CDE&tid=PEH   There is a free community edition, so it costs yo...
    James Trudeau
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  • Processor Expert 56f8xx - Where do I get a proper guide?

    I can't find a guide to PE other than a very basic one. If for example, under OS_TIMER, I wanted to know what PE means by "Bean uses entire timer", where would I find that info? The Unis helpfile only says this o...
    Ken Macfarlane
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  • This is a test, this is only a test, of file attachment

    We have a report of poor usability regarding attaching files. So I'm exploring.   I am creating a new topic, and at the bottom there is an Attach Files option and a Choose File button. That looks pretty easy. I...
    James Trudeau
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  • Recent Blogs on the Freedom Board

    I thought having all these together in one place might be of interest. They do not all relate to Processor Expert, but several of them focus on PEx components and using them to program the new Freedom board. All toget...
    James Trudeau
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  • configuration example Tx / RX UART with DMA, with Processor Expert

    Hi all     Where I can find a sample configuration of a UART with DMA, with Processor Expert?   regards  
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  • FreeRTOS, Freedom board, and PEx components

    Great tutorial here.   http://mcuoneclipse.wordpress.com/2012/09/29/tutorial-freedom-with-freertos-and-kinetis-l/
    James Trudeau
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