• Error in component bean eeprom in 9s12g128

    Hello everyone,   I have a project with codewarrior 5.2, Processor Expert and MCU 9S12G128.   when adding the EEPROM bean I have this error:   +IEE1 +ERROR: Compiler option -CpPPAGE=0x15 (addre...
    Ricardo Polanias
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  • 5743r  MC33664  MC33771

    We are now using 5743R to debug Daisy chain, and we find that 5743R can only receive response data from 33664, but not the response data from 33771.But we can collect the response data from 33771 using oscilloscope, w...
    zhang xujian
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  • I can not run the MPC748G hsm_freertos example

    I use the hsm_freertos_mpc5748g example but I can't run it When I debug the HSM_SetInterrupt(bool enable)  then go to the IVOR1_Handler
    陈简 陈
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  • CodeWarrior for MCU V6.3 Processor Expert V3.09 Update

    Hello, I'm developing automotive projects on S12 and I'm trying to add FreeRTOS component to CWv5.1 or CW5.2. I try to use components from this site : FreeRTOS  but I need to update my PE to v3.09. Lin...
    Grzegorz Sobczyk
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  • HCS12 CAN bean: Is the message lost when the TEC reaches its upper limit?

    Will the message be lost forever if the error counters reach their maximum, or will transmission attempts continue forever?
    Anders Johansson
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  • LPC1115 hangs up after soft reset

    We have a device which is used with NXP1115/303 MCU(cortex M0 core). Application doesn't do much, most of the time it sleeps in the deep power mode since the device  is on 3V lithium batery. The system do a ...
    Mantas Di
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  • [MK10 and Processor Expert] OSC0_CR registre reset boad

    Hi,   I work on thé MK10 board and I havé problem   when i configure OSCO_CR register to enable external oscillator, the board reset. (In the cpu.c file => init hardware Function)   ...
    LOIC R
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  • USB Host Stack and K20 TWR/FRDM

    Does anyone know if there are any issues with the PE USB Host stack and the K20 boards? I didn't see any examples so I created a new one and incorporated the source from the examples. I have found that the USB interru...
    Farhan Husain
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  • Problem with Processor Expert command line generation

    Hello, I'm trying to build PEx object from Jenkins(or from command line). This are steps, which I want to do:   1) Import project into workspace - works 2) Generate PEx code - code is generated but kinets pro...
    a b
    created by a b
  • commonreginitialization.prg problems

    Dear anyone who read this:     I found a bug in PE: When you add a Init_UART in you project, here my chip is KL02z32, It seems that you can't setting the interrupt of the uart to 1-3, or you will get an er...
    zhao wu
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  • SPI with DMA, KL16Z128, Procesor expert

    Hi All,   I am using processor KL16Z128 and KDS3.2 + PEx. Because of speed and absence of SPI's input buffer I need to use SPI with DMA. If I set SPI parameters according to print screens attached below then ev...
    Jaroslav Cermak
    created by Jaroslav Cermak
  • Several channels from one ADC

    Hello!   I have to digitize 3 different signals and show them in a TWR-LCD-RGB. For that I am using the TWR-K70 module and I want to use the tower elevator connections because I don't have the TWRPI connector, so...
    Elisa Mejia
    created by Elisa Mejia
  • PEx TimerUnit_LDD Counter restart config says "Unassigned peripheral"... why?

    I'm trying to set up a Kinetis PIT counter as a free-running 32 bit counter for use like QueryPerformanceCounter() and QueryPerformanceFrequency() on Microsoft Windows. For this purpose, the interrupt is disabled (PIT...
    Mark Minich
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  • fsl_usb_framework host file system

    I know that USB Host is not officially supported by PEx / KSDK yet but here are some notes I have made.   I have added the fsl_usb_framework and configured it as a host. I have also added three class driver sett...
    Adrian Rockall
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  • Timer interrupt LDD Component - set period at runtime?

    Hi,   I'm using the Periodic timer interrupt LDD component in PE on a Kinetis K20. I'm trying to turn on the "SetPeriodUS", "SetFrequencyHz", etc. methods, but they are greyed out, saying that I need to go to "R...
    Christopher Chen
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  • Take the Processor Expert survey, and let your voice be heard

    The Freescale software and tools team would like YOUR inputs on the Processor Expert software configuration tool. This is your chance to let us know what you like, don't like, and what Freescale can do to help improv...
    Erich Styger
    created by Erich Styger
  • New USB integration (Kinetis SDK) in Processor Expert

    Processor Expert Kinetis SDK 1.1.0 introduces now possibility to use PEx component for graphical USB stack configuration. The new components are fsl_usb_framework, fsl_usb_descriptor, fsl_usb_device_msd_class, fsl_usb...
    Jiri Rezler
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  • How to use PDD macros in CW V10.4 step by step

    Physical Device Drivers (PDD) macros is a software layer that provides set of methods for accessing microcontroller peripheral configuration registers. PDD macros are a good companion to Peripheral Initialization co...
    Vojtech Filip
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  • Deploying PEx bean to non-default dir creates invalid component folders.

    I believe this is a bug of Processor Expert CDE in CW-MCU v10.5, so reporting it here. Due to a problem I encounteredhere, I decided to deploy PEx components to target CW instead of doing export+import operation. By...
    Taisuke Yamada
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  • Vybrid support for other compilers.

    Hello,   I think that Vybrid should support GCC, KEIL(ARM), and IAR. You should be able to select requested compiler in CPU component on Build options tab.   Best regards Vojtech Filip Processor Expert S...
    Vojtech Filip
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