• PTN3460BS/F2 display fail.

    Dears,    My customer consisted the board with PTN3460BS/F2. but It does not display normally.  The device manager indicates that the monitor is recognized. But display are appear black. 1. Th...
    HyeongJun Sim
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  • Way to evaluate Keyfob avoidance on WCT-15WTXAUTO

    Hello,    This is follow up question for this case. https://community.nxp.com/message/1212814?commentID=1212814&et=watches.email.thread#comment-1212814   a) I confirmed that TX changed its oper...
    Norihiro Michigami
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  • Flash Programmer Device

      Hi. I need your support, we are currently developing a programming station for a production line.   Please, you can help me select a programmer device with support to flash the MWCT1013VLH IC. The pr...
    Rogelio Rafael
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  • NXP NTAG I2C Plus device (NT3H2111),7 bytes UID can the user modify it?

    NXP NTAG I2C Plus device (NT3H2111),7 bytes UID can the user modify it?
    changfeifei changfeifei
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  • SGTL5000 Power Sequencing

    Hi,   I would like to use a separate supply for our digital and analog supplies to the SGTL5000.  At times, we may want to power off the digital supply to disable the processor and the digital IOs on the co...
    Matt Staniszewski
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  • Ho to program MPC5744P with MC33907

    I use MC33097 and MPC5744P for one project. However, I fail to program MCU due to frequent resets after MC33097 is configured to normal mode. The MCU I programmed is not empty and is has bootloader and application SW....
    Xiaoguang Chang
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  • MMZ25332B PA from 3.6V

    Similar to an earlier question, (on MMZ09332BT1) how to calculate bias resistors for 3.6V operation? The datasheet gives some values for 3.3V, but 500 & 90 Ohms are non-standard, so I wondered how critical th...
    Edwin Spector
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  • RF Power Output of MMZ25333BT1

    I want to use MMZ25333BT1 to output 2W of RF output at 2200 MHz. According to the datasheet, it seems to be possible (https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/data-sheet/MMZ25333B.pdf )   I designed a board based on...
    Sumit Karki
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  • 380--450 MHz UHF BROADBAND DXF-Gerber layout

    Hi, exist the layout for the  380--450 MHz UHF Broadband, 136--174 MHz VHF Broadband, or the 450--520 MHz UHF broadband? Into the product page only is provided a dxf file for the  520 MH...
    Franco Bocalon
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  • AFM906N MET Model Parameters

    Hello Everyone,  I'm not sure the best location to post this question. Please let me know! I'd like use the AFM906N in a design around 140MHz, but NXP is not providing data below 240MHz. In addition, I do...
    Tyler Berezowsky
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  • Need MRFE6VS25 S-parameters that cover 30 to 100 MHz

    Does anyone have an S-Parameter file available for the MRFE6VS25GNR1 or MRFE6VS25NR1 that covers 30 MHz to 100 MHz?  The S-Parameter file on the NXP web site starts up at 200 MHz.  I would like to do some pr...
    Eric Hooker
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    To whom may concern, I use AFT09S282N Transistor from NXP (formerly from Freescale) to achieve 53.5dBm (equals to 225Watts) RF peak power in Pulse mode in my transmitter module with the following pulse specifications:...
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  • Error in Integration of NXP PN7150 NFC controller to android

    Once all the steps mentioned in the Android porting document(https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/application-note/AN11690.pdf dgcustomerfirst) is completed, the test application NfcFactoryTestApp doesn't work properly. N...
    Imogen Anna
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  • Problem with model for ADS of MRF13750

    Hi to all! Help me please to solve a problem during simulation a model of MRF 13750 in ADS. See attached file.
    Belonozhko Maxim
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  • MC33879 suggessted PCB layout

    Hello,   I found much documentation about the MC33879 switches and its package. But as its not a standard package (98ARL10543D) I found dimensins of the package only. No suggested pad layout for a pcb. To get...
    Werner Cornelius
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  • MMZ09332BT1 RF Amplifier input power/gain

    Do R1/R2 control PA gain? Are R1/R2 related to the input power of the PA?  We are targeting for maximum power output and input power can be up to 10dBm, are R1/R2 related to achieve optimal performance?
    Ilias Daradimos
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  • LS1012A RCW override

    Dear NXP support team, Do you have a document which describes the JTAG sequence to override the RCW? I mean the low level JTAG sequence, without CW or some other JTAG tool.   Regards, Ilko Iliev
    Ilko Iliev
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  • Problem with NxpRdLib, initialization

    Hello, I'm developing a software in C++ on Windows to program the Ntag424DNA. I'm using NxpRdLib_v14.1.0.1907, dll from folder NxpRdLib_v14.1.0.1907\NxpRdLib\Public\lib_x86\2010\debug   I'm blocked after the f...
    Stéphane Joly
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  • How to enable Keyfob avoidance on WCT-15WTXAUTO

    Hello,    To enable Keyfob avoidance on WCT-15WTXAUTO, I believe I need to set gHAL_bFobActive to "1". When I modified this variable via "Variable Watch" window on FreeMaster (please see attached), T...
    Norihiro Michigami
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  • MP3H6115A6U reflow

    Is the MP3H6115A6U suited for vapour phase reflow?
    Andrei Boitor
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