• LS1028ARDB openIL swp0 to swp3 are not enabled

    Dear Experts We just configuring LS1028ARDB, but the switch funtion seems can't be used.  We build the boot file following by OpenIL 1.8, it's described in the manual as below: my question is how to enalbe t...
    yu bai
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  • How can I control PTN36241B by using I2C?

    To whom may it concern,   I'm a H/W circuit designer and using your product, PTN36241B, on my PBA. I choice below configuration for (maybe loose) setting  AEQ/BEQ : PU  ADE/BDE : PD  ...
    Chanwook An
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  • Question about tape and reel information of MMA8541Q

    I read the section 8.1 in the datasheet of MMA8451Q.  I can realize the tape construction, but I do not understand which direction parts are filled in the tape.  Where is the pin1 in the tape?
    Keisuke Nishida
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  • FRDM KL25Z Quick Start Package

    Hi, I'm developping an app to automate flash programming with a PEMicro Cyclone FX and I have a FRDM KL25Z to run my tests. I'm looking for the FRDM KL25Z Quick Start Package presented in the FRDM KL25Z User Manual b...
    Rémy Thura
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  • PCA9546A I2C MUX Bus Problem Why?

    Hi, I designed this into a new product or ours.   I notice that the chip frequently results in an I2C bus stuck event that needs recovery.   This occurs when writing the control register for a MUX selection,...
    Bernt Damm
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  • SC18IS600 bridge not working

    Hi,   I want to retrieve the buffer after an I2C read command but the content is always equal to 0x06. When I probed the I2C command, everything is OK.  My setup : MCU (TMS570LS0714) -> SC18IS600 ->...
    Mathieu Albrespy
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  • UJA1169 RSTN

    hi,all  I meet a question. I now use uja1169tk / F / 3 chip. RSTN in the datasheet is a bidirectional reset pin. Which method is better to connect it with reset pin of MCU (such as kW series chips) or with MCU o...
    nimingqiang nimingqiang
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  • TJA1040 Date and Batch

    Hello,   I have a number of TJA1040 ICs and am wondering if there is a way to determine the batch number and date from the printing on the IC. For instance, one of the chips has the following printing:   A...
    Cameron Stevens
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  • 3D Model

    Hi,   Could you please share the 3D models details  for the following five part number at balajir@tejasnetworks.com   A2T26H300-24SR6 A3I20X050N A3T21H360W23SR6 BGU8062 AFT26H250W03SR6   Thanks ...
    Balaji AR
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  • what is the exact top marking of TEF7018HN/V102Y

    what is the exact format and content of the  top marking of TEF7018HN/V102Y
    Johnny Wong
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  • Problem with AFT09MS015N AWR simulating

    Hi,  I`m trying to simulate Power Stage with AFT09MS015N device in Cadence AWR 15 software, I was hoping to get at least 15W of output power at Vdd 12.5V and Idq 0.1A in 136-174 Mhz band. After simulating I ...
    Minnigaley Aizatullin
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  • Do e200z7 core is supported by QEMU?

    For testing, I would like have QEMU emulator, when checked in QEMU help I didnt find e200 processor in the list. Can some confirm this if this really supported.     Thanks, Kayas Ahmed
    kayas ahmed
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  • where can I download AN10987

    AN10987 was mentioned in datasheet of TDF8541,thanks!
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  • CBTL02043 reverse differential signal polarity

    Hi,   I was looking for a USB3.0 switch and found CBTL02043. This chip fits in my design. However, the differential signals order of USB Type C receptacle does not match that of CBTL02043. In other wor...
    Pok Man Leung
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  • Secure Element SE050 with freertos.

    Hello,   I'm trying to use the SE050 (with the board OM-SE050ARD) on a esp32 without Cmake.   I succeeded with a Linux board (with Cmake and the quick start guide) but I'm blocked with esp-idf (v4.0 b...
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  • TDA8954TH BTL Mode Module Board AU BTL Output interference

    I am using a TDA8954TH BTL Mode Module Board AU for some prototyping work and have a condition which I am struggling to resolve.  The TDA is connected in BTL mode. As I increase drive to the board there is a...
    Graham Bowman
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  • PCMF3USB3SZ swap pins

    Hi, I'm using a NXP PCMF3USB3SZ common mode filter+ESD diode in a project. To be sure that; May I swap pins +- for easy layout routing?  Thanks. Ali
    Ali Kelem
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  • MPC5748G Devkit - how to send a HIGH to a GPIO pin

    Hallo! I am pretty new to this device and I struggle with understanding few things. I would like to send a '1' (high) value to one of the pins. I can't get it done. Here is what I tried (with S32DS IDE).   1. P...
    Lukas Lukaski
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  • TJA1145 T/FD waked up by PNFDE

    Hi,    TJA1145 T/FD selective wake up can work correctly in 500k, but when I set the baud rate to other values, the device can wake up with any CAN data. I read from the 0x63, the interrupt event is PN...
    M J
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  • Does UJA1169TK/F in S32k144 support active CAN FD?

    Does UJA1169TK/F in S32k144 evaluation board fully support CAN FD in active mode ? As I can see in datasheet for this SBC, you mentioned that it is support CAN FD passive mode so it will not transmit or interoperate r...
    Ahmed Thabet
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