• How to program  MKV31F512-LL flash 1 block

    Hello, I try to program the MKV31F512-LL flash by SWD, and now the first 128 sectors(in flash 0 block) could program success, but the 128~256 sectors could not program yet, I could not find any information in referen...
    li shirley
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  • nvt4857uk datasheet

    Looking at the NVT4857UK datasheet I'm missing timing specifications for anything else except 1.2 -> 1.8. I'd like to verify timing for a usage case with vcca=1.8 and vccb=3.3 as well as vccb=1.8   Further I...
    robert larice
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    I have been told that the  bfu725f/N1 can be used in 30GHz DRO(checked). i want to use it design a 26GHz DRO, but i m not sure the mex model of this transistor can be used in 26GHz. i check the data sheet , ...
    Han Jingwen
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  • How to understand the N_MIIERR error in SJA1105 208 register address

    How to understand the N_MIIERR error in the SJA1105 208 register address. If there is an error record in this register, what is the possible cause?
    wentian li
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  • EBTresos tool installer issue

    my computer can't install EBTresos(EBtresosStudio_EBtresosStudio) tool, how to fix it.
    guang chen
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  • SC18IS602B Chip Select Function

     Hi, I want to interface SC18IS602B with DAC AD5504. For this Chip Select has to toggle(low to high) after 16bits of data is transmitted. What is the behavior of Chip Select pin on SC18IS602B? Will it toggle fro...
    Shreya S
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  • hello,nxp friends,nvt2006bq driver is not support?

     I found it on nxp website,but not found any drivers about this touch chips? how could i get this code?   thks
    zhou wei
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  • Using PTN5150 in USB C charger without I2C

    Hi!   I would like to use PTN5150 in a USB C charger design. I don't want to use I2C communication as I am trying to keep it simple. I would like to use PTN5150 to activate the VBUS output when a device is conne...
    D M
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  • Bus lin question

    I am a student and unfortunately I am a beginner in the on-board communication field I want to establish a Lin Bus communication using tja1020 and uja 1023 with using stm32, I want a demo of stm code or documents whic...
    Hassen Hmila
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  • MPC555 SCI failure at cold

    We are using MPC555 in a design that interface with 3 SCI channels.  MPC555 resets SCI communication during a power up at -40 decrees C. Is this issue reported before or any clue where it may come if it is from ...
    Kaveh Mohammad
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  • Support Identifying Triac Part

    I'd appreciate help identifying this part. Picture attached. 130355 idnxp WeEnTriac triacid nxpid weenid     NXP 130355
    Chasen Beck
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  • PTN5110 sourcing high voltage

    Hi there,   We have PTN5110 and would like to know how to source high voltage (more than 5V).    From the datasheet. it seems that if you want to support higher voltage, you need to use the EN_SNK1 pi...
  • DPCD utility tool for PTN3460I

    Hello! How i can get DPCD utility tool for PTN3460I? And one more question, is it the last version of datasheets Rev. 2.1 for PTN3460I and AN11606 Rev. 1.3?
    Dmitrii Papulin
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  • LPC11U24: Reinvoke ISP command not working

    Processor: LPC11U24   I'm trying to invoke ISP mode from within my program but it isn't working.  I call ReinvokeISP immediately after the reset vector so there isn't anything between the reset and the Rein...
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  • PCA9955B: Short-circuit detection occurs repeatedly during the gradation operation

    Hello, I have problems with the short circuit detection of the PCA9955B led drive. Short-circuit detection occurs automatically on all channels as soon as gradation continuous operation is started. They are false er...
    Yannick Aeby
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  • About  Codewarrior11.0 setup issue

    Hi NXP Engineer:         I downloaded the installation package with Codewarrior11.0 on the NXP official website.But neither can be installed.Information like the pic. ...
    Knight Ke
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  • SJA1105S RGMII Interfacing to PHY

    Folks I'm having a fight getting an SJA1105S, port 4 = SGMII as MAC, to talk to a DP83869HM PHY's SGMII port. A few specific questions: 1) Is there any documentation of how to effect the configuration other than UM...
    Martin Bishop
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  • TJA1100 test mode for MDI return loss and  conversion  loss

    Hi We am carrrying a PMA test according the open alliance for our product that applies PHY tja1100 .Can not find the test mode for return loss and conversion loss.Which test mode should be configured? 
    Kevin Liu
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  • Problems writing by I2C in SL3S4011FHK,125

    Hi,   I´m working with a SL3S4011FHK,125 TAG and I have some problems when I want to write in a EPC ID memory bank by I2C. I can read every memory banks by I2C but not Write.   I try ...
    Oskar Garcia
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  • imx8mq + 1CX bluetooth cannot connect

    I'm using 2 board IMX8MQEVK with 1CX wifi module for test connect bluetooth but I can't connect them. I was trying by: hciattach /dev/ttymxc2 bcm43xx 3000000 flow -t 20 sleep 1 hciconfig hci0 up sleep 1 hciconfig hci...
    Luan Duy
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