• Obsolescence plan or EOL for PCA9505/06

     I would like to know if there is an obsolescence plan or EOL for PCA9505/06.
    Daniel Flor
    created by Daniel Flor
  • testEcAttestationChain&testRsaAttestationChain Failed

    Dear NXP's expert,     I am running though the Android GTS test packages and  getting a number of failures.  testEcAttestationChain&testRsaAttestationChain Failed.   I ha...
    wenbo he
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  • Enable/disable Egress timestamping and VLAN on specific port

    We are working on the switch driver development for NXP SJA1105S chip. We are referring UM11040 user manual for SJA1105S.  It would be helpful if anyone can help us in resolving following queries :-   How...
    Sameer W
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  • imx28 linux 2.6.35.XX sja1105

    Hi All,   i am seeing a sja1105 driver for linux 4.0 kernel but since our product is based on linux 2.6.35.xx kernel, need this switch over spi there, if any one face this  issue, please share the code file...
    shashikant h
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  • NVT2001 spice model

    Can I download the NVT20xx spice model?
    Yingda Qin
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  • Error when resetting memory by selecting Reset Tag on NTAG I2C Android Demo

    Hi, When I try to reset the memory on NTAG I2C plus following the User manual UM10966 of NTAG I2C Plus Explorer Kit, I got an error message of "Error During Memory Content Reset" and Rest failed by selecting Reset T...
    Andy Kim
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  • Do we need 4byte UID, Input parameter for Mifare Classic Authentication Command

    I am having issue in authentication the Mifare Classic 4K IC  MF1S70YYX_V1. I didn't get response for the command 0x60, 0x00,CRC(2bytes). I have read the datasheet, in the tables and diagrams this is the com...
    Sunil Kumar Mohan kumar
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  • Dynamic GATT: BleApp_GattServerCallback doesn't work

    Hi all,   I'm still working on MKW31Z and got stuck on another problem, this time about BLE and GATT services, in particular the wireless uart service. If I use static GATT everything works well, however, if I i...
    Giuliano Errico
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    Hello, i can't format my desfair ev1 card, after authentication in app 00 (root) i send format command and recive next answer: f2 01 after which I can not use the card. How right format the card? 
    Leonov Dima
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  • imx8mm-evk add a new partition

    imx8mm-evk boot from emmc , How to add a new partition ?  and How to modify the size of the partition ? 
    赵 梦
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  • PTP Egress Timestamping unit (seconds/nano seconds etc.) ?

    From UM11040, Section I am able to understand that we can read Egress timestamping from specific registers. My query is that the timestamp value read from this register, what would be unit of it? Will it be in...
    Sameer W
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  • Problems with Tin on QN9021 and FXTH87EH11DT1

    Does anyone know if the pins on the side of the NXP QN9021 chip and FXTH87EH11DT1 chip need to be tinned? What are the risks if there is no tin? Is there any passivation on the pins on the side of the chip? Friends wh...
    Tony Lee
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  • PTN3460IBS eDP compatibility question

    The PTN3460IBS datasheet states that the part is compliant with eDP 1.1 and 1.2. I'm working with an Intel SOC that supports eDP 1.3. Our BIOS engineer is looking into the backward compatibility of the SOC and BIOS.&#...
    Chris Hardwick
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  • Connect PCAL6524HE center slug to ground?

    On the footprint for the PCAL6524HE I/O expander, should the center copper slug on the HUQFN package be connected to ground or left floating?  It doesn't state explicitly what to do in the manual.
    bill von novak
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  • How to burn emmc image by uuu

    Please tell me about uuu. I tried to burn image for i.mx6q board by uuu, but It is a situation that is stopped in the following situation. >uuu -b emmc_all bootloader rootfs.sdcard.bz2/*uuu (Universal Update Utili...
    takuroh yoshida
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  • SJA1105 RMII ref_clk configuration

    Hi, I have a board where a PHY is connected to a SJA1105Q switch via RMII. Other than descripbed in the switch reference manual, the 50MHz reference clock is generated by the PHY and supplied to the switch port's REF...
    Georg Waibel
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  • Need Software documentation for FXLN83xxQ

    Hello NXP,   I have an FXLN8361Q Accelerometer. I have work on Mbed OS Platform. From google, I found Datasheet but can not found any Software source code or Software documentation.   Kindly share with me...
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  • Need information on MPC5777C SPI

    Hi,   I am using MPC5777C in our project, and we are communicating with another controller over SPI. We want to enable parity check, problem here is in MPC5777C the parity bit will be added at th...
    Somesh Malla
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  • Wifi not working i.MX8mq EVK with Android 10

    Hi,    Wifi is not working in Android 10 on imx8mq EVK board. From logcat I can see Timeout on wlan driver when trying to enable wifi.   12-23 12:36:54.004 3341 3341 E WifiHAL : Timed out waiting on ...
    Sunitha S
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  • How to config SJA1105?

    Hi All,   My board is LS1021ATSN. I am running the TSN demo described in Open Industrial Linux User Guide (OpenIL_UG.pdf). I have some questions about how to config sja1105.   1. Sja1105-tool provides four...
    Xi Jin
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