• Card Format of card mifare ultraligth

    I have a problem. With an MF0ICU1 card that is NXP brand mifare ultraligth, we are using them to integrate them into a Lenel brand access control system called Onguard. The problem is that I can't find enough informat...
  • TJA1145 Errata Document

    Hello Support, I am unable to find the TJA1145 Errata Document on the website. Can you please help me with the TJA1145 Errata Document? Best Regards
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  • PN5180 issue

    Hi, We have a new projects that need to use NFC readers, and initially plan to use PN5180, the reading standard is ISO14443; Now we needs to modify the differential output of the antenna part to a single-ended ...
    Chris Zhang
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  • Erased question

    This question was wrong. How I can't erase it, I just wrote another thing. Please, sorry and do not consider this post.
    Daniel Flor
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  • Can TJA1040 work normally at - 43 ℃?

    Hello, can TJA1040 work normally at - 43 ℃?
    cope zhang
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  • For the SC18IS600, what SPI command is for a Random Read coomand, Is one wants to read data from EEPROM address, RBTYE command doesn't work becuase it is for reading the current address that is setup with WBYTE 

    I'm trying to read an EEPROM with the SC18IS600 device. It was suggest by NXP support to append an additional byte that represent the EEPROM address to a regular BYTE command to perform this.   When I send the fo...
    tom chin
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  • APS sequence number for ZDP function

    Hi We are using js5168 We are using aps data acknowledgement and the sequence number to confirm that a call has been received.  However ZDP and zcl function gives their application sequence number and not the ...
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  • Can I use TJA1040 to communicate with a Single Wire CAN device ?

    Can I use one of the lines of CAN HS (CANH for example) to communicate on a Single Wire CAN bus in a compatible way ? By "compatible" I mean that the whole system should support valid SAEJ2411 baud rates,...
    Daniel Flor
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  • MRF6V3090N design for 1025-1150 MHz

    Hi Team,   would you please share any design which is available for the frequency band of 1025 - 1150 MHz by using device MRF6V3090N? I would like to use this device for the frequency band 1025 - 1150 MHz
    Raveendra Reddy
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  • PTN3460: image with jitter, not stable

    Hi everyone.   I use a PTN3460 to convert 1280x480 to LVDS. But the image I get has some weird fringes, as if the lines are not perfectly aligned on the visible area, but slightly moved left/right.    ...
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  • 56F807 PWM problem

    I need software control pwm output, and each channel works indepently. PWM frequence is 20k. But the pwmval couldn't be loaded, the pwm outputs always 3.3 V no matter how I change pwmval. The initial code as the follo...
    Feng Wang
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  • Cannot reset SLN-Alexa-IOT Module

    We purchased an SLN-Alexa-IOT module some time ago.   We have been unable to establish a wi-fi connection to the module in spite of being very careful to enter the correct serial number.  We continue to...
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  • NTSX2102 spice model

    I would like to obtain the spice model of NTSX2102. Is it possible to provide it? This is because we want to carry out desk verification as a measure for I2C access NG.
    Koichi Hidaka
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  • TJA1043 power on

    Hello dear NXP community, Use three constant current sources to provide voltage to TJA1043, VBAT voltage 10V, VCC voltage 5V, VIO voltage 3V. The wake pin, STB_N pin, and EN pin are all floating. After power-on, TJA1...
    Chandan Pan
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  • Address configuration of PCA9698DGG

    PCA9698DGG- Slave address configuration   Hi,   As per the datasheet, 64 Address configurations shall possible by configuring the AD0,AD1,AD2 pins of PCA9698 In my case ,the single I2C bus need to handle ...
    Ashno James
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  • SC18IM700 read internal register not work correctly

    Dear engineers, I have application with SC18IM700 and I want to read register 0x0A to confirm I2C ACK. When I read its content it returns first answer too early (not waiting for P char on bus) and then returns still i...
    Jiri Otisk
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  • Can sja1105 set a port to join all VLANs

    All types of VLANs are added, such as VLAN based on MAC address, not limited to VLAN divided by port
    润泽 刘
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  • tst_i3c_master_model.v is NOT provided with the I3C_NXP_Free_License_Slave.zip

    I had download Free MIPI I3C Slave IP for both MIPI member and non-member companies from https://www.nxp.com/webapp/sps/download/preDownload.jsp. But I found that tst_i3c_master_model.v is NOT provided with the I3C_...
    Tony Huang
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  • read the program of the chip through JTAG

    The chip chosen by the customer is MC56F82723. Is there any method to read the program of the chip through JTAG?
    Bin Wang
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  • How to downgrade MRKII Firmware?

    When connect MRKII hardware to MRKIII's 2-link, the MRKII Firmware was automatically update to MRKIII,   thus it can't be used for CPUs that MRKII supported, is there any way to downgrade them to MRKII? 
    Sinya Wood
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