• PCA9685 Example code

    Hi, Could you provide a example code for PCA9685?   Thank you
    mason Noh
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  • What development boards are recommended to start?

    I am an engineer that has some experience developing for embedded platforms. However my developing experience has been done mainly in boards from a different company (am I allowed to post the name of the com...
    David Aliaga
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  • PCA9745B SDO high-impedance state

    Hi, I use the PCA9745B on a shared SPI bus system with other three non PCA9745B devices in parallel.   Problem: The SDO output signal goes not in the high-impedance state when /CS is high like describe...
    Daniel Flueckiger
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  • i.MX8M Boot Inquiry

    Hi   This writing can be awkward because it uses a translator.   I made a product based on MX8M.   The board was made by referring to Variscite's products. The product is MX8M EVK.   MX8M spec...
    JaeHyeong Jeong
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  • NCF29A1 RF

    Dear,     How do I get  following documents Application Note Spurious Emissions RF PA Application Note RF Power Amplifier Matching
    sheng lu
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  • 飞思卡尔编程器PE

    你好:     请问可不可以提供一下飞思卡尔编程器跳线端子的引脚定义??谢谢
    猛 王
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  • PTN3360D HDMI Level-shifter

    We are considering the use of a PTN3360D on our COM Ex carrier board. For ease of layout it would be useful to swap the +/- sense of all signal inputs and outputs. As this I.C. is a transparent(-ish) level-shifter usi...
    Kevin Krause
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  • problem with reception and transmission of CAN messages using the same FlexCAN_0 interface

    I am using eclipse and diab compiler to develope a bootloader code for S32R247 flash programming over CAN interface. Actually i have a problem with the reception and transmission of CAN messges, when message buffer in...
    Németh Gábor
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  • PCA9545 digital inputs damaged caused by long high rise times?

      We use a PCA9545 I2C Port Extender Chip. In our application, we use the 8 Digital I/O-lines as inputs (and defined by software). Sometimes, we don't know when and why, one or more input's will be damaged or ...
    Alois Lang
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  • Transmission Line Transformer matching

    Hello everyone, who has information about the ADS emulation transmission line transformer?
    yang hui
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  • Driver for ADV7280A in Linux Environment (IMX6U)

    We chose an ADV7280A chip on the platform of IMX6,application of CVBS Camera in Linux Environment,but we couldn't find the corresponding driver. We need your help to provide it, TKS a lot! PS:We checked some drive co...
    micro tang
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  • compra

    Saludos Buen dia Necesito pagar una orden de compra como le hago Order Number: 669207 Print Date: 19-Nov-2019 17:14:55 MST Shareit reference number: 626916073
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  • FM+ OM13320 Dev Kit detailed software documentation search

    Does anyone know where one can get in depth documentation on how to use the software (GUI) that comes with FM+ OM13320 Dev Kit?  The hard copy documentation that came with the product lists the URL "ics.nxp....
    Scott Seaver
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  • MW6S004N

    What is the physical meaning of the T port between the D port and the S port in the ADS model? How to connect in the actual simulation? I saw someone saying that the T port is directly connected to the ground, but som...
    yang hui
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  • PCA9615 SCL (single ended) failures

    I am using the PCA9615 part to extend an I2C bus. The PCA9615 converts I2C to a differential bus.   There is a control box and a remote slave box. There are existing buffers in each box. (Analog Devices ADu...
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  • MK20DX128VFM5 OpenSDA MCU on FRDM-KE16Z 

    Hello support center,   My name is Deric, MCU team leader in WPI.   We are using FRDM-KE16Z board as a design reference and plan to create our own BLDC/PMSM control board. The OpenSDA debug IC used on FRDM...
    deric yeh
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  • FS6500 hardware sleep

    Hi,    Is that possible to put the FS6550 in sleep mode using any IO or through hardware?   In datasheet it seems through SPI only possible there is no other way.G.w. Sun
    Michael brijith
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  • Bias supplies on sub 6 GHz 5G power amplifier

    Hi,   Just reading through Datasheet document number:  AFSC5G35D37   There are 6 bias supplies in the datasheet for the board, but only three are listed in the functional test in the datasheet. I...
    John Dooley
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  • Driver for PN7120

    We are using NFC module PN7120 on ComputeBoard with Intel Atom E3845 processor. Board runs on Ubuntu with Linux 4.18. Can I use the driver present in drivers/nfc/pn544/pn544_i2c.ko to drive this module and use the dem...
    Binsy M S
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  • How to download LPC54016 FW by keil tool

    Our project used  LPC54016JET100  chip.I download demo project program by keil tool,but can not download.The keil tool appears an error.That error is "Error :Flash Download failed".How to download program by...
    爱飞 张
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