• Unable to program With LPC link2 in IAR

    Hello   I am trying to program MKM34x development board using LPC link2 debug probe using one of the SDK demo Application code downloaded from SDK builder. But when I try to debug that code, it shows NO PROBE FO...
    Madhur Agarwal
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  • PCF2129 oscillator stops

    Dear all,   We have designed in PCF2129AT RTC into one of our products. They were not long in use in the field when some of them lost their date. They had risen their OSF status bit to indicate oscillator stoppe...
    Timo Ketola
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  • MRF6V10010NR4 Marking

    Hello. Help please. How this transistor should be marked. I couldn't find the information.
    Egeniy Rabotinskiy
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  • BSDL file of MPC866PZP133A

    Hi folks I'm a Ph.D. student at the University of South Florida. I'm writing a paper about JTAG. I may need the bsdl file of MPC866PZP133A. I can't find this anywhere. Truly appreciate it if anybody can help me with ...
    chenyin Feng
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  • Update PTN3392

    hi,   I am developing a display port to VGA conversion card with a ptn3392 component and it works. But I have a random concern (1 restart on 50-100) the screen is badly detected (Black screen or oversize) . I co...
    samuel noppe
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  • MPC-LS VNP switch configuration

    Hi,   I am referring to the example codes for programming SPC5748G in MPC-LS VNP EVB Board and MPC-LS VNP RDB board. The Example codes folder is same for both the boards on NXP website. I am studying switch conf...
    Madhusmita Behera
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  • Secure Element SE050 with freertos.

    Hello,   I'm trying to use the SE050 (with the board OM-SE050ARD) on a esp32 without Cmake.   I succeeded with a Linux board (with Cmake and the quick start guide) but I'm blocked with esp-idf (v4.0 b...
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  • PCA9500 I2C NACK issue in EEPROM

    Hi I am now using PCA9500 to design a product. PCA9500 is connected with a MCU via i2c with A2 pin to be high, and the schematic is attached. Here's my operation flow and a weird situation is observed: 1. Complete sy...
    Jay Yeh
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  • Obsolete Component MPC5554MVR132

    Hi,   I heard that the MCP5554MVR132 is obsolete.  Could you confim this? If that is the case :                  &...
    Kaltom ngom
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  • CLRC663: ISO15693 configuration

    Hi, 1. As shown in the above table, ISO15693 supports 10 to 30% ASK or 100% ASK. A higher modulation index would lead to a higher bandwidth and lower range and a lower modulation index would result in low SNR. Ho...
    Akash S
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  • CLRC663: Power Amplifer Design

    Hi, We are a designing a long range high power HF RFID reader based on ISO15693. To increase the range, we are planning a 4W system. Is there any reference available for external power amplifier design? How does th...
    Akash S
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  • open62541 Realtime OPC UA PubSub Publisher timer_create error

    Hello, I have been trying to get some time measurements running open62541 pubsub_realtime example on LS1028ARDB, LS1028A BSP, but it fails on timer_create with errno 95. Result print:   [2019-10-29 10:13:51.445...
    Jussi Viitala
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  • Recommended processing of unused SGMII interface

    Hi, I have a question about an unused interfaceon the SJA1105SEL.   AH1604 describes unused xMII interface. Is there any recommended processing for unused SGMII interfaces?
    Keisuke Kato
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  • Vcc in transceiver TJA1050

    I would like to know how can I use the TJA1050 transceiver on my 3.3V platforms ?? In your manual it says it is compatible, but I still have doubts, because the transceiver is powered with Vcc = 5V. I will use the GR-...
    Marcio Figueiredo
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  • Is there any reason why a RTC PCF8563 can not be used instead of PCF8523?

    Is there any reason why a RTC PCF8563 can not be used instead of PCF8523? What are differences?   It is also unclear to me if the PCF8563 has a battery backup. That is a requirement for me.   Many thanks.
    Gustave de Kok
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  • PTN3460I flickers and switches off display brightness

    Hi all, We are using PTN3460I and in new mainboard we got following effect in some boards: in several minutes after it switched on it starts to flicker and in several seconds display goes black. As I see the BLKTEN g...
    Sergey Velykokhatko
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  • How can i generate an user certificate of A1006?

    I want to generate an user certificate of A1006 writting into A1006. Through reading relavant manuals, i discovered that there are tool of The A100x Customer Provisioning Utility to make it, but the example show the n...
    奥博 闫
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  • 9S08QE128 baud rate to 115200?

    Hi --   I am using a 9S08QE128, (internal clock oscillator, FEI mode), and have to tie it to a Bluetooth module that has a fixed baud rate of 115200.  I can get there with the QE128 by setting the internal ...
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  • MCUExpresso 11.1 newly loaded, can't run Hello World demo

    I've just installed MCUExpresso 11.1, loaded an SDK for the K64 Tower, and created a project to run the supplied Hello World program.  No (intentional) changes of any kind.  I should say this is on a Windows...
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  • Replacement AM receiver IC

    Hi,   I am looking for replacement device for A244D, TCA440 or the MC13030, these all contains controlled RF stage, mixer, separated oscillator and IF amplifier, where the MC13030 is a dual conversion AM receive...
    Grant Taylor
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