• some problems with SJA1105

    Dear Support Team,   i have purchased a Eval Board with the NXP chip SJA1105 (OM14510-SJA1105TJP). I have different documentations about the chip. sja1005.pdf, ah1601.pdf, ah1508.pdf and um10851.pdf.   I i...
    Patrick Jakob
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    To whom may concern, I use AFT09S282N Transistor from NXP (formerly from Freescale) to achieve 53.5dBm (equals to 225Watts) RF peak power in Pulse mode in my transmitter module with the following pulse specifications:...
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    Hello to everyone I am working on the jn5168 microcontroller platform. I have a problem.  I am sending package with rf. Mac layer tries 4 times when I do not receive ACK from the package I send. Guess the defa...
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  • SC18IM700 PMBus Support

    PMBus is based on I2C interface. Does SC18IM700 support PMBus communication over I2C master?   I want to use SC18IM700 as PMBus master (to read power status information from several PMBus slaves) and ...
    RF YAN
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  • about PTN3356R1

    PTN3356R1,OSC can't work
    shutong tao
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  • Flash Programmer Device

      Hi. I need your support, we are currently developing a programming station for a production line.   Please, you can help me select a programmer device with support to flash the MWCT1013VLH IC. The pr...
    Rogelio Rafael
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  • SJA1105P REF_CLK configuration

    I am working on a custom board with a SJA1105P with three ports connecting to PHYs (MAC mode) and two ports connecting to MACs (PHY mode).  All ports are connected as RMII interfaces.  I'm clocking the switc...
    Mark Schickedantz
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  • Way to evaluate Keyfob avoidance on WCT-15WTXAUTO

    Hello,    This is follow up question for this case. https://community.nxp.com/message/1212814?commentID=1212814&et=watches.email.thread#comment-1212814   a) I confirmed that TX changed its oper...
    Norihiro Michigami
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  • PTN3460 Resolution

    We are currently using a 1024 * 600 LCD panel It does not match resolution and is displayed like photograph.   Is 1024 * 600 resolution also supported? (PTN3460 FoA EDID Updater User Manual does not have any ...
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  • PCA9685: problem in setting ON & OFF time

    Hi, I am using PCA9685 servo controller board to run 3 servo motors from PIC Microcontroller PIC16F1938. I can able run the servo but problem in timing. I am confused on setting ON time & OFF time. For example, p...
    Kannan Paramalai
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  • 380--450 MHz UHF BROADBAND DXF-Gerber layout

    Hi, exist the layout for the  380--450 MHz UHF Broadband, 136--174 MHz VHF Broadband, or the 450--520 MHz UHF broadband? Into the product page only is provided a dxf file for the  520 MH...
    Franco Bocalon
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  • Alternate part for DAC AUDIO (UDA1334ATS)

    Hello Sir/Madam,   In our custom board i was using part number UDA1334ATS(DAC Audio) now this part number is showing Obsolete,   Could you please suggest Alternate part number which can match footpri...
    Ramesha S P
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  • UJA1168  Error frame

    Hello NXP Team,           I use UJA1168TKVXFD in my project, but it appear error frame when we do ESD test(±15kv). If there are some good solution can fix this issue?    ...
    Wang Yi
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  • TJA1145T CAN communication issue due to Split Termination

    I have a question regarding split termination for TJA1145T. In my design, I've provided split termination as attached image and it is not working. CAN communication is only happening if C380 is shorted.  I mean...
    Anuj Singhvi
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  • TPMS - need help identifying IC

    Hello all, I have acquired a TPMS IC but I am unable to identify it by the text written on it and I couldn't find any info in datasheets.   Please tell me if you know the exact part number or if you know in wha...
    Martin Pesek
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  • Looking for AFT05MS003N Characterization at 70 MHz

    I'd like to use the ATF05MS003N in the 72-76 MHz band. The datasheet reference circuit gives Zsource and Zload values for frequencies from 135-174 and 350-520 MHz. The S parameter file covers 240-1000 MHz. A simila...
    Gregory Lapin
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  • LS1012A RCW override

    Dear NXP support team, Do you have a document which describes the JTAG sequence to override the RCW? I mean the low level JTAG sequence, without CW or some other JTAG tool.   Regards, Ilko Iliev
    Ilko Iliev
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  • PTN3460BS/F2 display fail.

    Dears,    My customer consisted the board with PTN3460BS/F2. but It does not display normally.  The device manager indicates that the monitor is recognized. But display are appear black. 1. Th...
    HyeongJun Sim
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  • SGTL5000 Power Sequencing

    Hi,   I would like to use a separate supply for our digital and analog supplies to the SGTL5000.  At times, we may want to power off the digital supply to disable the processor and the digital IOs on the co...
    Matt Staniszewski
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  • Ho to program MPC5744P with MC33907

    I use MC33097 and MPC5744P for one project. However, I fail to program MCU due to frequent resets after MC33097 is configured to normal mode. The MCU I programmed is not empty and is has bootloader and application SW....
    Xiaoguang Chang
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