• how to make CAN BUS waked up with one wake up pattern transmission

    Hello Dear   I am using TJA1145 for my project and partial networking. my problem is that I do not understand exact wake procedure from BUS off status to Bus active.   In my case, I need to send 2 consecu...
    ByungJu Jin
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  • Single Sign-On Error

    I want to generate ticket a for an issue but I am facing Single Sign-ON Error  when i go to generate a ticket . Please help me how to solve that?   I followed this document :https://community.nxp.com/docs/...
    Takehiko Katsuta
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  • PTN5110 support for Augmented PDO (APDO) / PPS

    Hello,   Does the PTN5110 capable of supporting Augmented PDO (APDO)?    This question is more of a generic USB PD question:  If we define a APDO, does a corresponding device also need to reques...
  • SC18IS602B Chip Select Function

     Hi, I want to interface SC18IS602B with DAC AD5504. For this Chip Select has to toggle(low to high) after 16bits of data is transmitted. What is the behavior of Chip Select pin on SC18IS602B? Will it toggle fro...
    Shreya S
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  • products  PMV45EN2 and PCA82C251T/YM,118

    hello   What does the top side marking of PMV45EN2 products and PCA82C251T/YM,118  mean?     1. < PMV45EN2 >      top side marking  :  WK9 / u6    ...
    kim kyungyong
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  • Mounting transistors MRF1K50HRS

    I am an experimenter that just purchased two (2) of your transistors MRF1K50HRS. I also have two (2) BLF188xr transistors. I plan on using those (MRF1K50HRS) on 1-54 MHz, perhaps on higher frequencies on later project...
    Bruce Campbell
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  • TJA1042 Failure modes and FIT Value

    Hello everybody,   I'm writing ISO26262 Functional Safety document so I need TJA1042 component's failure modes and FIT values. How can ı get these values? Is there any document or tools?   Best regards,
    alican özpay
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  • SC16IS750 - TX/RX disable

    Hi,   I notice in table 10 of the datasheet that bits 2 and 1 of register address 0x0F allow "transmitter disable" and "receiver disable", can I verify the expected operation of these lines when disabled? &...
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  • TJA1100 power ripples

    I am reviewing the application notes requirement about 3V3 power supply. It said that the Vpp should not exeed 50mV between 1~66MHz. My question is usually the oscilloscope bandwidth limits is fixed as 200MHz. Apply ...
    Kevin Liu
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  • How many Camera interfaces does the iMX8 top end processor has?

    i.MX 8 Series Applications Processors | Arm® Cortex®-A72/A53/A35/M4 cores | NXP  As per the information in the above link, i.MX8 has 2 CSI and 2 paralle camera interfaces. But the block diagram does no...
    Raj Ramesh
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  • Problems writing by I2C in SL3S4011FHK,125

    Hi,   I´m working with a SL3S4011FHK,125 TAG and I have some problems when I want to write in a EPC ID memory bank by I2C. I can read every memory banks by I2C but not Write.   I try ...
    Oskar Garcia
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  • Does PCF85063TP automatically change time to 12 hour mode a particular time was set at 24 hr mode ?

    Suppose if user configures the RTC to be in 24hr mode in Control register 1. Then sets a time say Friday, July 16 2008, 22:45:17. Now if the user configures the RTC to be in 12 hr mode, will the IC automatically chang...
    Abhiram D
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  • A chip agent of the MC9S12XEP100MAG

    I want find a agent which sell the chip of MC9S12XEP100MAG, could you do me a favor? 
    俊夏 葛
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  • CE and FCC Certification of Bluetooth Chip

    Does anyone know how to do the frequency hopping test when doing the Bluetooth chip(QN9021 & QN9020) CE certification? Does anyone have the code and software for certification?  Thanks!
    Tony Lee
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  • Using PTN5150 in USB C charger without I2C

    Hi!   I would like to use PTN5150 in a USB C charger design. I don't want to use I2C communication as I am trying to keep it simple. I would like to use PTN5150 to activate the VBUS output when a device is conne...
    D M
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  • PCA9955B: Short-circuit detection occurs repeatedly during the gradation operation

    Hello, I have problems with the short circuit detection of the PCA9955B led drive. Short-circuit detection occurs automatically on all channels as soon as gradation continuous operation is started. They are false er...
    Yannick Aeby
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  • PCF8523, have source code?

    Hello, PCF8523, have source code? Please share, Thanks.
    Jacky Lu
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  • NFC can not read ID card

    Dear nxp,       Our NFC chip is NQ330, and the driver we used is nq-nci.c. Now It can read transportation card, but it can not read ID card. Is there any files should be config?    ...
    Jesse Lee
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  • MC9S12G128 wake up from Pseudo Stop Mode

    MC9S12G128 wake up from Pseudo Stop Mode,After Wake up Where is the program running position? if MCU wakes up from Isr,How to make the chip rerun to the main function without resetting?
    Katrinal wang
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  • How to program  MKV31F512-LL flash 1 block

    Hello, I try to program the MKV31F512-LL flash by SWD, and now the first 128 sectors(in flash 0 block) could program success, but the 128~256 sectors could not program yet, I could not find any information in referen...
    li shirley
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