• Can TJA1052iT meet the standard: GB/T 21437.3-2012(ISO 7637-3)?

    Recently, the end customer has proposed the requirement of electrical transient conduction immunity along the signal line / control line. The question:Can the TJA1052iT  meet the Standard: Test in accordance wit...
    Mingsong YANG
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  • Does anyone have ADS model for MMG3014NT1

    MMG3014NT1 ADS model.
    David Henry
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  • TJA1145T sleep and wake up

    my engineer  has some problem on using TJA1145T   1. my engineer does not understand how to make TJA1145T go to sleep and wake up in partial network. 2.  he wants to know how to set up addre...
    ByungJu Jin
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  • PCF2129T  reset time register after power up

    Dear,   I am using your RTC, reference PCF2129T, in one board designed by us. I am connected VDD to 3V3 and VBAT to external battery.   After one power down of VDD and power up, I am reading the time regis...
    Fernando Alcaide
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  • PTN3392 at the negative temperature

    PTN3392 has operating temperature range defined as 0 ℃ to 85 ℃ and the storage temperature range is -65 ℃ + 150 ℃. Will that IC work at the negative temperature? Did somebody have experience with PTN3392&#...
    Vlad Slastion
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  • Can i use the DAC in SGTL5000 for constant voltage

    Hi, i'm trying to use the DAC in the SGTL5000 for constant voltage. I want to set the voltage via the I2S and the output level of LINEOUT should be configurable between 0V and 0.8V. So first, is this even possible an...
    Julian Vogt
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  • Build error encountered during bitbake for machine :nitrogen8m and distro:boundary-wayland

    Hi, While building for nirtrogen8m and boundary-wayland distro, i am getting the following error duringg bitbake execution. ERROR: Task (/data/yocto-imx8m/sources/poky/meta/recipes-support/gnutls/gnutls_3.6.8.bb:do_...
    Aishwarya M
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  • TJA1100  can`t work

    HI        I use TJA1100 on my board,but i have some problems       The TJA1100 can`t work on my board ,so i did some tests,the result is: register int...
    chao yu
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  • Is Bus Topology possible with Automotive Ethernet?

    Hi,   I am planning to use the OM14500/TJA1101JP Automotive Ethernet evaluation board for an academic project. I want to simulate three ECU's in the same bus. Each simulated ECU will be a uC evalu...
  • Smart Sponge/gauze

    I saw an article online saying that NXP has a chip for smart gauze. I want to know the model of this chip and where to buy the corresponding label.   我在网上看到有一篇文章说恩智浦有一款芯片用于智能纱布,我想知道这款芯片的型号以及哪里可以购买到对应的标签。
    Frank Cheng
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  • Difference between PJF7992 and PJF7993

    I'm working on a design and I'm not sure whether to use a PJF7992 or a PJF7993, but I can't find any documentation to be able to distinguish the differences between the two chips. In my limited experiments with them, ...
    Brian H
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  • What is the input voltage range of ADC on MK64FN1M0VDC12?

    What is the input voltage range of ADC on MK64FN1M0VDC12?
    JiHoon Hwang
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  • NXQ1TXH5 2.5uH coil won't trigger charge

    Dear NXP,   We've been developing a PCB for mass production based on the reference schematic. Due to size constraints we've been experimenting with the following coil:   http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/2...
    Reinier Hasper
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  • MPC555LFAZP40 Temperature

    Hi, Whats is the operating temperature range of MPC555LFAZP40 - not packaged ?   Thanks, Jonathan Mach
    Jonathan Mach
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  • PMV45EN2

    hi NXP   Part number PMV45EN2   I want to know what WK9 , 9n means.   Thank you    
    kim kyungyong
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  • PCA82C251T/YM,118

    hi NXP   Part number PCA82C251T/YM,118   I want to know what 82C251Y, 18 03, nD823 means.   Thank you  
    kim kyungyong
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  • TJA1145 interrupt on RXD question

    We're considering using TJA1145. The product datasheet says that it uses the RXD signal for interrupt to the MCU. RXD is also the CAN input signal to the MCU. Can such an interrupt happen during normal operation or on...
    Freddy Ben-Zeev
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  • logrotate-3.9.1.tar.gz   对应地址没有文件

    Failed to fetch URL https://fedorahosted.org/releases/l/o/logrotate/logrotate-3.9.1.tar.gz, attempting MIRRORS if available   找不到这个包,能不能上传一下,谢谢。
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  • logrotate-3.9.1.tar.gz    error

    logrotate-3.9.1.tar.gz   文件下载不了,能不能上传一个   https://fedorahosted.org/releases/l/o/logrotate/logrotate-3.9.1.tar.gz, attempting MIRRORS if available   Failed to fetch URL https://fedorahosted.org/release...
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  • OTA Update from IOS for MKW31Z512

    Dear NXP, My team and I are working on a project using MKW31Z512 w/BLE. We are trying implement OTA transfer of .srec file from an IOS mobile application we built. Are there any code examples or guides available...
    Chris Denney
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