• Secure Element SE050 with freertos.

    Hello,   I'm trying to use the SE050 (with the board OM-SE050ARD) on a esp32 without Cmake.   I succeeded with a Linux board (with Cmake and the quick start guide) but I'm blocked with esp-idf (v4.0 b...
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  • TDA8954TH BTL Mode Module Board AU BTL Output interference

    I am using a TDA8954TH BTL Mode Module Board AU for some prototyping work and have a condition which I am struggling to resolve.  The TDA is connected in BTL mode. As I increase drive to the board there is a...
    Graham Bowman
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  • PCMF3USB3SZ swap pins

    Hi, I'm using a NXP PCMF3USB3SZ common mode filter+ESD diode in a project. To be sure that; May I swap pins +- for easy layout routing?  Thanks. Ali
    Ali Kelem
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  • MPC5748G Devkit - how to send a HIGH to a GPIO pin

    Hallo! I am pretty new to this device and I struggle with understanding few things. I would like to send a '1' (high) value to one of the pins. I can't get it done. Here is what I tried (with S32DS IDE).   1. P...
    Lukas Lukaski
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  • TJA1145 T/FD waked up by PNFDE

    Hi,    TJA1145 T/FD selective wake up can work correctly in 500k, but when I set the baud rate to other values, the device can wake up with any CAN data. I read from the 0x63, the interrupt event is PN...
    M J
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  • Does UJA1169TK/F in S32k144 support active CAN FD?

    Does UJA1169TK/F in S32k144 evaluation board fully support CAN FD in active mode ? As I can see in datasheet for this SBC, you mentioned that it is support CAN FD passive mode so it will not transmit or interoperate r...
    Ahmed Thabet
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  • LS1028ARDB listmax number

    Hi, experts One question, can I set the listmax parameter by myself? It seems the default is 64, but it's not enough for most of application when using qbv. Thanks a lot.
    yu bai
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  • LPC11U35FBD64/401 top mark request

    Customer's looking for the top mark info. of  LPC11U35FBD64/401, it's a necessary info. for product approval sheet, please kindly help and thanks. The description in  "Errata sheet LPC11U3x" page 3 is not cl...
    Kevin Ke
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  • Basic video using the Flash flash to target tool of CW 10.6 with the FRDM-KL25

    Open video

    Adrian Cano
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  • Nxp PCA9685 PWM LED controller register read write problem

    Dear Roland, We want to use PCA9685 to generate PWM signal for control. The PCA9685 is driven by a Renessas MCU. We try to write/read the MODE1 register by using following driver code. However, we find that the read r...
    Lin Fiske
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  • How to Read FS85 OTP_CFG_ASIL Register

    I used the function FS8x_ReadMirrorRegister to read the FS85 OTP_CFG_ASIL Register, But the result is wrong. I guess somethting is wrong with the function FS8x_ReadMirrorRegister. Does anyone know why?    &...
    yadi zhang
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  • USB-PD Sink support

    Hi, I am looking for the USB-PD sink support in my custom board. The power delivery requirement at a glance: USB-PD support on Type C connector Default Sink/Consumer power role, No power role swap required No...
    Ritesh Patel
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  • LPC1769 in FireBird VI Robot

    I have a robot called firebird 6 which has LPC1769 board.. can you help me run the bot?
    Nagesh  MS
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  • PF1550 power path options

    Hello dear friends. I'm confused with PF1550 datasheet. There is information about power path but I can't understand how it works. If I correct: 1. My analog scheme I should feed from VSYS; 2. VSYS is power path and...
    Vladislav Redin
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  • PCF2129T Battery Issue

    Hi,   I have a custom board, need a date and time datas so I am using PCF2129T with I2C communication. I am using 3.3V CR2032 cells. The problem is that, when I plug a cell lower than 3.3V, system is ok, working...
    Fatih ozen
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  • CAN Implementation in LPC2129

    Sir I am working on Implementation of CAN protocol for LPC2129 board.Sir,When I  select CAN RX and CANTX  pin then the CAN TX line is Idle.But when I select only CAN TX then I get correct output.Please help ...
    Akhilesh Vernekar
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  • PCA9512A interface to a 2.5V I2C master

    Hello,   The PCA9512A datasheet includes the following note:    (1)  Can someone confirm that the pull-up resistor voltage need not match the supply voltage without enabling the acceleration fun...
    Matt Fienberg
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  • PCB Layout for MW7IC915N

    Hi, The reference design of MW7IC915N is 2-layer PCB, and we want to change the PCB to 6-layer, but we has no idea if this solution is available? if yes, please advise if there are any design issue to improve? thanks.
    Chris Zhang
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  • Using 8 ohm speakers with TDF85xx.

    Hi,   I'm looking for a class-D audio amplifier with speaker diagnostics. I'm checking TDF8530TH/N2, TDF8597TH/N1, TDF8599CTH/N1.   1. We use 8 ohm speakers but the data sheet contains only the specificat...
    woo-geun chae
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  • PCF2127 and TS pin

    What should the voltage be on the TS pin (unconnected to any external devices) relative to either VBAT or VDD?  Should it be any different with TSOFF = 0 vs. TSOFF = 1?On my board, when VBAT is ~2.5V I am measuri...
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