• NCF3340 SPI communication

    Who has NCF3340 SPI communication code routines,Please give me a copy. Thank you very much!
    雷磊 赵
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  • ePCN Lists

    I just signed up today to view ePCN in the Extranet. When doing a comparison to what I have on file & what shows for my company there are some missing. They are still open PCN's & they are not for discontinued...
    Jodi Ellsworth
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    yuhao li
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  • LPC1763 UART DMA Issue

    I am using LPC1763. Already verified the UART operation on my product. Now needs to use DMA for UART, especially UART0. Based on the example code provided by NXP, upated my source code. While I transmit data thro...
    Balakrishnan Chandrasekar
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  • ICODE SLIX RF Interface Authentication feature

    Hi , after reading specifications of ICODE SLIX RF Interface , I didn't get clear understanding on "How to protect reading data from User  memory" while using this cards.   Does ICODE SLIX provide any featu...
    Vaibhav Panchal
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  • VOL when multiple NTSX2102s are connected on the same I2C bus

    In the case of one NTSX2102 on the I2C bus, VOL is about 200mV. In the case of two, VOL increases to about 400mV.  Is this normal behavior? I am having a problem that some devices on the I2C bus cannot be acces...
    Ryo Ikeda
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  • Wifi not working i.MX8mq EVK with Android 10

    Hi,    Wifi is not working in Android 10 on imx8mq EVK board. From logcat I can see Timeout on wlan driver when trying to enable wifi.   12-23 12:36:54.004 3341 3341 E WifiHAL : Timed out waiting on ...
    Sunitha S
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  • PCF8563T/5,518 Marking information

    For different COO, why does have different location point in marking and packing way for outer box? Pls help to check if having related document for proof. Thanks.  PCF8563T/5,518
    Rainny Tsai
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  • Can anyone help me out to get I2C BUS SLAVE ADDRESS for the device PTN3360D?//

    Can anyone help me out to get I2C BUS SLAVE ADDRESS for the device PTN3360D?//
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  • "Initialization of TED-Kit 2 with serial number "AH06IOXS"failed.This TED-Kit 2box cannot be used and is not shown in hardware view."

    "Initialization of TED-Kit 2 with serial number "AH06IOXS"failed.This TED-Kit 2box cannot be used and is not shown in hardware view."
    su yazhou
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  • S32DS新建例程出现大量错误

    Victor Du
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  • Ethernet throughput using LWIP + FreeRTOS

    I am testing the ethernet throughput of NxP LPC54018 MCU on OM40003 development board and observing poor throughput.   Environment details: Tool: MCUXpresso v 11.0.0 build Id 2516   Project details: Select...
    Mayoor Patil
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  • Obsolescence plan or EOL for PCA9505/06

     I would like to know if there is an obsolescence plan or EOL for PCA9505/06. How can I find this information ? I need this information in order to  design a product and I will need a...
    Daniel Flor
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  • BFU710 used in Ka band DRO, the simulation whether can be trust?

    Hi. im writing this message to ask that when BFU710 used in Ka band DRO, the simulation results whether can be trust. i download the S_para and noticed it only given to 20GHz. im not sure that the mex model in design ...
    Han Jingwen
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  • layout file for QN9080 eval board

    hello, we are working with QN9080 eval board, the layout (.brd ) that you have provided in your site is giving an error "line 1, column 1: Start tag expected", can you please provide the correct file ?
    Dany James
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  • PCF8523, have source code?

    Hello, PCF8523, have source code? Please share, Thanks.
    Jacky Lu
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  • TJA1052i Questions

    Hi   Customer: Digilux Automation, India   For the isolated CAN transceiver (TJA1052i), is there below data (approximate) available? Bus Loading Length Number of Nodes I see the data is more less under...
    Prakash Bhumireddy
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  • PTN3460 DPCD utility tool

    Hi, Good day, Would you please provide PTN3460 DPCD utility tool to me?   Thanks.
    Jacky Lu
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  • Not active Display in Windows settings - with PTN3460I.

    Hello, сolleagues! I have a board with a microchip PTN3460I https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/data-sheet/PTN3460.pdf  I configure it as explained in the datasheet. I'm having a problem. Windows apply t...
    Georgy Platoshin
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  • Spice Model Files For BFU768F

    I'm looking for access to Spice files for BFU768F. Is this something the company will provide? If not, which Spice model should be used to calculate the correct characteristics for this part using the datasheet entrie...
    Derek Szymanski
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