• Do NXP have EVM of TFA9882UK/N2Z I2S amplifier?

    We are planning to use PN# TFA9882UK/N2Z (x2 per board) for I2S speaker amplifier for stereo speaker application. Can you please help us to get evaluation board of the same?
    Kinjan Patel
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  • IHS_INJ of MC34GD3000

    Hi,   Could you tell me the envisaged malfunction of below? If it occurs a malfunction, the waveform of high-side is broken up?   <Data Sheet P.10 Table 4 Gate drive>   Best regards, M...
    Masahiro Kiniwa
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  • To set up static IP in MX8M?

    Hi   I want to use MX8M as a static IP.   Use the connmanctl services in the description, but i don't have it.   /etc/network/interaces no files   I wonder how you can give me a static ip. ...
    JaeHyeong Jeong
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  • Where can I find project file for WPR1500?

    Hello,    I want to use Freemaster along with WPR1500. UG (https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/user-guide/WPR1500BUCKMPUG.pdf ) says that I need to open "WPR1500_REF.pmp" from Freemaster. Where can I f...
    Norihiro Michigami
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  • What does TPL stand for?

    By the products of MC33664 and MC33771/2 NXP offers its own communication bus to connect the components in daisy chain. I'm constantly asking myself, what does TPL stand for. I couldn't find a precise answer in your d...
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  • Getting started with Mifare

    Hi, I'm interested in developing iOS apps that interact with Mifare cards and trying to find developer "getting started" type of material with out much luck.   Could any one point me to any developer documentati...
    Naveen Mukkelli
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  • MPC 8349 interfaced with 32/64 bits DDR2 bus width

    Hi, For my project, I use MPC8349 processor. I would like to set DDR memory controller parameters. The DDR2 bus width shall be configurable in 32 bits mode or in 64 bits mode without HW modification. In 64 bits mode...
    Dorian Chambon
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  • S32R274 Spinlock abnormal

    I use the instruction lwarx & stwcx. implement the Spinlock function on S32R274。 After a lot of test whitch between Z4 core and Z70 core,I found Spinlock fails sometimes。Z4 core and Z7 core enter the protect area...
    yadi zhang
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  • TJA1080 Termination

    what is the termination resistor required for Flexray transceivers TJA1080ATS
    kiran M
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  • No output from PCA9507D

    When port B is + 3.3V drive master and port A is + 5V drive slave, data and clock from port B may not be output from port A. There are PCA9507Ds that do not occur depending on the individual PCA9507D. If PCA9507D, whi...
    Yuji Kadowaki
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  • Parameters information for chip SJA1105S.

    Hi,   Anyone has information for the below parameters for chip SJA1105S.   We are referring to user manual UM11040.    Switch Port Scheduler Predecessor.         - It define...
    Mahendra Pardeshi
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  • Can AFT05ms003n can work with a drain supply of 5.0V for producing an output of 30dBm?

    Hello,   I would like to know whether AFT05ms003n can be used to produce an output of 30dBm with a drain supply of 5.0V. What should be the gate and drain bias? Is there any reference document or design? Please t...
    Kimura Yosuke
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  • How to configure SJA1105S for L2 Policing

    Hello    I am working on SJA1105S ethernet switch.  I have following configuration parameter for  port policer which I am not able to map to SJA1105S hardware configuration tables. 1) Port Rate ...
    Ramesh Mali
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  • Does SJA1105S supports vlan forwarding

    Hello,   I am working on the SJA1105S ethernet switch. I have configuration parameter vlan forwarding type as: 1) NOT_SENT: message with the specific VLAN Id shall not be sent at this port. 2) ...
    Ramesh Mali
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  • FS6500 monitoring FCCU flag IO_23_FS have error reaction

    1:  I config IO_23_FS=0(Not safety)  by set  IO_23_FS in INIT_FSSM register at INIT_FS, then after first normal WD inject FCCU error by set  FCCU.NCFF.R = 0x7; the reaction is after five...
    niu guanghui
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  • Which Scheduler Algorithm SJA1105S support

    Hello,   I am working on SJA1105S ethernet switch. I want know which port scheduler algorithm this switch supports.   Regards ramesh
    Ramesh Mali
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  • Problem about MC33816IDE

    I downloaded the AN4849SW four injector and pump drive source project.However,When I bulid the output,it has some problem as the picture shows.I don't know how to recorrect it.Please help me !Thank you very much! 
    Kai Lu
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  • Driver Windows 10 Pegoda CL RD701

    Bonjour, Je cherche désespérément un driver Windows 10 x64 pour un PEGODA CL RD701. Je n'ai trouvé sur le site que celui du CL RD710 qui ne fonctionne pas. Dans mon gestionnaire de p&eacu...
    Philippe VUILLAUME
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  • Question aboout interface called in MFGTools

    Hi,  I have a question how i can call interface such as 'start' and 'stop' button in MSGTools. There are reason why i want to use these to control action of flash by the third part software to complete an action...
    奥博 闫
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  • ReadObject and verifySessionUserID command not working

    Hello,   I am using NXP SE050 smartcard with kinetics K64 evaluation board.  I have tested various commands from NXP APDUSpecifications document. But I am having problem with policies and sessions. I have cr...
    Priyanka Priyadarshini
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