• Using 8 ohm speakers with TDF85xx.

    Hi,   I'm looking for a class-D audio amplifier with speaker diagnostics. I'm checking TDF8530TH/N2, TDF8597TH/N1, TDF8599CTH/N1.   1. We use 8 ohm speakers but the data sheet contains only the specificat...
    woo-geun chae
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  • PCF2127 and TS pin

    What should the voltage be on the TS pin (unconnected to any external devices) relative to either VBAT or VDD?  Should it be any different with TSOFF = 0 vs. TSOFF = 1?On my board, when VBAT is ~2.5V I am measuri...
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  • MW7IC915NT1 S-parameters

    Hi Team,   I have downloaded the s-parameters of MW7IC915NT1 device and plotted the graph, and found that S22 shows over the frequency near zero. May I know is this s-parameters captured with matching circu...
    Raveendra Reddy
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  • How to support CAN FD in CanTrcv?

    Hello All,   I need to confirm my understanding to "TJA1145 Datasheet". Is it mandatory to have PN enabled/configured in order to support CAN FD in CanTrcv? Also, I would like to ask what is the necessary change...
    Nourhan Khedr
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  • Skew for level translator NVT4857UK

    We plan to use NVT4857UK in our new project. But we can't find skew spec in datasheet. Could you provide skew table between CLK, CMD and DAT Like attached pic   Thanks a lot.
    Foolzone Yang
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  • Marking PESD3V3L5UV/DG,115

    Hi   I use TVS Diodes PESD3V3L5UV,115 with marking E1. Marking is exactly as described in datasheet for this element. Recently supplier provided me MPN PESD3V3L5UV/DG,115 with marking UB. I can't find any docu...
    Waldemar Maj
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  • PCF2129 false timestamp on power fail

    We are currently using a PCF2129 with the timestamp input being used for tamper detection.  It is normally running with 3.3V supply for VDD with a 3.6V lithium battery as the backup supply, and is communicating u...
    Neill Arnell
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  • PCA9512A interface to a 2.5V I2C master

    Hello,   The PCA9512A datasheet includes the following note:    (1)  Can someone confirm that the pull-up resistor voltage need not match the supply voltage without enabling the acceleration fun...
    Matt Fienberg
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  • USB-PD Sink support

    Hi, I am looking for the USB-PD sink support in my custom board. The power delivery requirement at a glance: USB-PD support on Type C connector Default Sink/Consumer power role, No power role swap required No...
    Ritesh Patel
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  • BFU550 ESD characteristics

    BFU550のデータシートに記載されているHBMの値とCDMの値は正しいでしょうか。HBMが150Vというのはあまりにも弱すぎますし、CDMの値が2kVというのは非常に強いと思います。   Are the HBM and CDM values on the BFU550 data sheet correct? It's too low for the HBM and too high for the CDM.
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  • Replacement AM receiver IC

    Hi,   I am looking for replacement device for A244D, TCA440 or the MC13030, these all contains controlled RF stage, mixer, separated oscillator and IF amplifier, where the MC13030 is a dual conversion AM receive...
    Grant Taylor
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  • LS1028ARDB, openil, can't get kernel image

    Hi, experts 1. i had flash the sdcard.img to sd card(OpenIL 1.8) 2. set the SW follow the manual 3. The power on the board with SD card 4. below error appears on putty screen
    yu bai
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  • PTN3460

    Hi, I am using ptn3460 with KOE tx18d206vm0bpa display. As a result, I get only half of the picture I need. I attached the EDID that I use and display datasheet. I tried different modes: Vesa 24 bpp, Jeida 24 bpp, Ves...
    Oleg Losyakov
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  • PCF8563 external crystal clock error and consumption current problem

    Hello.I am inquiring because there is a problem with IC.Currently we are applying PCF8563 to RTC parts.However, there are many time errors in the RTC, so the external clock waveforms at pins 1 and 2 are measured by di...
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  • why MRFE6VS25GN device model is not working AWR simulation?

    Hi,  I would like to simulate MRFE6VS25GN device in NI AWR software and found that it is not working and seems it is problem with model which is provided by NXP, in the design kit i didn't find any Model64 ...
    Raveendra Reddy
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  • SC18IM700 fails for unknown reason

    Hi, I am having trouble with the SC18IM700 on a project.   It seems to be failing for no apparent reason. It resets "itself" at random times.   I checked the signals when these resets happen, the RESET...
    Clement Guillou
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  • LS1028ARDB,OpenIL boot from SD card fail

    1. I have complie sdcard.img following document below successfully. (environment:ubuntu 18.04 LTS running as virtual machine in my windows pc) 2. the sdcard.img burn into the sd card successfully 3. copy below f...
    yu bai
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  • I2C bus buffer - PCA9600

    Hello community,   I am designing a board with PCA9600 chip and in the typical usecase, the bus on master side (SX and SY) will be polarized at 3.3V while PCA9600 VCC pin is not supplied, like RX, TX, RY, T...
    Nipo Petru
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  • ICODE SLIX RF Interface Authentication feature

    Hi , after reading specifications of ICODE SLIX RF Interface , I didn't get clear understanding on "How to protect reading data from User  memory" while using this cards.   Does ICODE SLIX provide any featu...
    Vaibhav Panchal
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  • PCA9615 compatible to PCA9516?

    Hello all, I'm using the PCA9516 "5-channel I2C-bus hub". On the first page of the datasheet, there is a warning saying some other I2C devices can't be cascaded to the PCA9516 because of its use of a slightly higher ...
    Claude Chevalier
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