• MCUExpresso 11.1 newly loaded, can't run Hello World demo

    I've just installed MCUExpresso 11.1, loaded an SDK for the K64 Tower, and created a project to run the supplied Hello World program.  No (intentional) changes of any kind.  I should say this is on a Windows...
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  • Losing control over pwm channels on pca9685 chip

    Hi,   I'm working with a pca9685 16-channel, 12-bit PWM I2C-bus LED controller. It's being used to control 12 volt relays (link below). I'm having a weird issue where I lose control of individual ...
    Chasen Johnson
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  • HELP:PCA 9615

    PCA9615: I have detected the Vol of SDA(or SCL) that was about 0.7V. I want to know how can I cutdown the Vol. Thank you !
    chu liang
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  • IHS_INJ of MC34GD3000

    Hi,   Could you tell me the envisaged malfunction of below? If it occurs a malfunction, the waveform of high-side is broken up?   <Data Sheet P.10 Table 4 Gate drive>   Best regards, M...
    Masahiro Kiniwa
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  • Mutexes in A71CH not working!

    Hello everyone,   I am trying to use OpenSSL engine for the secure element  A71CH in a RaspberryPi 3, but I am getting this error:  SM_Connect failed with status 0x7012 (Could not open communication c...
    Hamdi Twahri
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  • PTN3460I flickers and switches off display brightness

    Hi all, We are using PTN3460I and in new mainboard we got following effect in some boards: in several minutes after it switched on it starts to flicker and in several seconds display goes black. As I see the BLKTEN g...
    Sergey Velykokhatko
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  • How can i generate an user certificate of A1006?

    I want to generate an user certificate of A1006 writting into A1006. Through reading relavant manuals, i discovered that there are tool of The A100x Customer Provisioning Utility to make it, but the example show the n...
    奥博 闫
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  • PTP Egress Timestamping unit (seconds/nano seconds etc.) ?

    From UM11040, Section I am able to understand that we can read Egress timestamping from specific registers. My query is that the timestamp value read from this register, what would be unit of it? Will it be in...
    Sameer W
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  • Encryption of kernel,rootfs, etc with OTPMK

    Hi, I am implementing secure boot from SD card on LS1043ARDB. For which I have blown all necessary flags i.e OTPMK and SRKH. I want to implement chain of trust with confidentiality for which I enabled encap and decap...
    Ketkee Deshpande
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  • PTN3460i strange image during boot

    Hello,   I our project we are using the PTN3460i chip for convert the DP to LVDS. The PTN3460i is connect to a SDM module where there are an Atom X5Z8350. The connection is all in the PCB, there are no...
    Simone Caron
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  • Datasheets for Obsolete/Legacy products

    Hi, Not sure if this is the best place to ask, but I figure I would give it a shot... I am looking for a datasheet for an old Motorola part: MC44200FT Triple 8-bit video DAC. An online search comes up with nothing. ...
    Joshua Fincher
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  • BGU610X Evaluation Board Question

    Hello,   I’m currently working on a university project that revolves around amplifying a small RF signal. For one of the designs our team is currently considering, we were planning to use the BGU610X LNA se...
    Michael Ko
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  • Secure Element SE050 with freertos.

    Hello,   I'm trying to use the SE050 (with the board OM-SE050ARD) on a esp32 without Cmake.   I succeeded with a Linux board (with Cmake and the quick start guide) but I'm blocked with esp-idf (v4.0 b...
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  • How to find the I2C  (register/sub address)  in HDMI TDA19988 IC datasheet?

    Hello sir, I am using HDMI transmitter(TDA19988BHN/C1,557) IC , i am trying to enable the HDMI Transmitter I2C pin(CSCL,CSDA) but cant find any I2C (Register/sub address)  in HDMI Transmitter (TDA19988BHN/...
    Venkatesan R
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  • SLRC610: Single Reader Multiple antenna design

    Hi, We are using SLRC610 for one of our inventory management application using ISO15693. Inorder to increase the reading range we are planning to use multiple antennas (two or four) with one reader.   Is it fin...
    Akash S
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  • PCA9545 (correction: PCA9554) digital inputs damaged caused by long high rise times?

    Correction of the chip number from Alois Lang (Author of this article): PCA9554 Text changed from PCA9545 to PCA9554 (January, 3th. 2020)   We use a PCA9554 I2C Port Extender Chip. In our application, we use t...
    Alois Lang
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  • Can not get access to An094534

    I've been trying for days to get access to AN0945 MIFARE DESFire EV1   An094534 - AN0945 MIFARE DESFire EV1 - Implementation Hints And Examples (3.4)  Is there something I'm doing wrong and not re...
    Bryan Gerrells
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  • Using a supercapacitor with the PCF2129 How to determine if the data is useful?

    Hi.   When using a supercapacitor instead of a battery, the flag called BLF is in 1 logical, which is used to determine if the battery is no longer useful but in this case I think it may not help.     ...
    Fabian Romo
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  • PCAL6408A voltage design

    As mentioned in the PCAL6408A  datasheet:   There are two supply voltages for PCAL6408A: VDD(I2C-bus) and VDD(P). VDD(I2C-bus) provides the supply voltage for the interface at the master side (for example, a...
    Morgan Jiang
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    How to connect tank flow sensor and what component to be used for the same. How to connect lung flow and lung pressure sensors and what components to be used? How is the connection for expiration system?