• How to access a code that been saved in the Arduino

    Hi,, I am having a question about the Arduino. I have a car that has its own code, but I could not access the code. When I plug the USB cable, I only found the web link. Is the language that I will use is C++ or Matl...
    Khalid Al-Dawoud
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  • Looking for 70886FB  and 70009AR

    Hello all,   I'm looking for two IC's but I can't find them so now, part numbers are 70886FB and 70009AR, I found some cheap versions but are not good, I need NXP original parts.   Anyone?   Regards,@
    Sergio Ramirez
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  • PCF8583 use as counter with Interrupt each 1, 100, 10.000 or 1.000.000 counter events

    Hello,   I want to use a PCF8583 only as pulse-counter. That works... For each pulse the countervalue (01h-03h) increase as expected. It works to set a alarmvalue (09h-0Bh) and get a Interrupt on Pin 7 when the...
    Joachim Päper
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  • PTN3460 Utility to read out all config data

    Hello all, I am wondering if there is a utility to read the whole 1K config of the NXP PTN3460IBS device. I successfully tried the config upload tool under windows: "flashaux /E [binary-file]". Maybe there is anothe...
    Markus Trunzer
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  • RTC simultaneous funtionality

    Using a RTC I want to set an interupt to go low every 15 minutes and then stay low for only 10s. Once this is all set in the RTC it needs run autonomously, that is to be all controlled by the RTC. I do not want to use...
    nats yankoo
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  • SGTL5000 ADC noise L ch. only

    When trying to use an SGTL5000 CODEC for audio input, we are getting clean ADC audio from the LINEIN_R input, but noisy audio from LINEIN_L.  The average noise power on the bad channel is about -80 dBFS, and the ...
    David Thomas
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  • storing simple data

    Dear Comunity, I do need to store and read simple data into a small passive device, like date of production and product serial number, what technical solution would be best? the device is very small, 2x3 cm, so not mu...
    oliver marino
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    To Forum:   I have received assistance from several Forum members and thought it was time to contribute something.   Several Forum Questions were 'where to but a XEP100 Demo PCB compatible with Code Warrio...
    leonard mcreynolds
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  • replacement part for CR6AM-4 thyristor?

    Hello, I was fixing my Technics SU-V9 amplifier and shorted one of the 4 CR6AM thyristors. They are  Q601-4 in part of the schematic below. Would BT152-600R be too much? or any other that might suit   old ...
    Sam Macdonald
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  • Bootloader code and tool for MC56F82748

    Hi,   I need Bootloader code and tool for MC56F82748. I use P&E DSC programmer to flash the .elf file. Can I use RAppID BL Tool to send the .elf file and flash it using appropriate bootloader code? Wh...
    Anoop Singh
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  • Question about CBTW28DD14 IBIS model

    The IBIS model for the CBTW28DD14 uses the same input model (CBT_SWITCH_TERM) for all three switch groups.  The c_comp value of 1.5pF is applied to each side of the series switch, resulting in a total die capacit...
    Andrew Dunn
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  • PCA8565TS RTC Not Working using I2C

    Hello, I interfaced the PCA8565TS with TWR-K20D72M board using I2C. to read/write first i send the start condition after that i send the slave address(0xA2) with write option then i not get acknowledgement from PCA85...
    Bhavin Maru
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  • MR2A16AMYS35 timing requirements

    Hi,   We are using MR2A16AMYS35 (NXP/freescale) MRAM in our design. MRAM is being interfaced with OMAP TI processor.     There is a parameter tWHAX (write recovery time) in write cycle 1(W_bar c...
    Archana Rao
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  • LCD display flicker issue

      we are developing our LCD type meter using nxp LCD driver PCF8578HT. There are two PCB board ,first one is CPU board over which we have put the micro controller and second is display board  on which we ...
    Hemant Gawande
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  • Changing MMPF0100 voltage through I2C

    Hi, We are using one time programmable "MMPF0100F0AEP" in our design based on i.MX6 solo processor "MCIMX6S5EVM10". We have used SW3A/B (single phase) power supply(1.5V) for the powering the "NVC...
    sanjeet bhan
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    Hi Everyone, Can someone please help me find out where I can speak to someone in UK about purchasing these WCT-15WTXAUTO   Thanks Wes
    wesley james
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  • PCA8565, error when the date-time is reading

    Hello all,   I have an issue when I read the date-time on PCA8565. If the seconds are from 0 to 0x10 when I are reading, the date and time is correct, but if the seconds are more than 0x10, some register of the ...
    Ruben Barriuso
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  • PCA9614 (Voltage from SDA - GND)

    Hello, I am trying to implement I2c buffer (PCA9614) in one of my applications. I am supplying the buffer from 3V3 source.  When I measure the voltage between SCL and ground, it measures 3V3. all fine. bu...
    spanika kamuni
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  • Buy/Parametrics List not appearing

    I was having several issues with all the pages at npx.com with Google Chrome, it was suggested I start the browser in incognito mode. This eliminated the issues, working through the extension I discovered AdBlock Plus...
    Kevin Angus
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  • How do I use MC33903 WatchDog?

    How do I use MC33903 watchdog function I read AN4770 and configured, but watchdog did not work. Here's my code.   uint8_t spi_SBC_INIT_SEQ_PART0[2]={0xDF, 0x80};           &#...
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