• Re: SPICE Model for BFU668F

    Hi,  I need the Spice file for the BFU668F, could you please sent it to ma as well on my email adresss?  fan_xingye@163.com   thanks. 
    xingye fan
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  • Automatic street light control system using Digital color sensor to adjust brightness

    Hello, I have digital color sensor TCS3414 16-Bit Digital Color Sensor Programmable Analog Gain I2C Mini Module - store.ncd.io  to use with streetlight automation which help to adjust the brightness but to m...
    William Bert
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    I am using the PMIC PF1550 in my design to power the I.MX6ULL micro processor. My design include the battery charging capability also. But when i am connecting a battery it is charging only upto 3V. And this charging ...
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  • TEA1916

    Hi, We are having problems with the SNSSET pin 13, on the TEA19161T LLC controller chip. We are getting the wrong DIGITAL SETTING at startup, shifted approximately 1 position per table 5 of AN11801 (about 7K ohms sh...
    Dave Love
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  • SOT886 Land/Solder/Reflow Pattern

    Hi,   I'm looking to use the NTB0101gm,115 part but I can't find a specific land / solder / reflow pattern for the SOT886 (6-XFDFN) package.  Is there one available? Thanks. Kind Regards, Stephen Craig
    Stephen Craig
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  • NTB0101GM,115 Land Pattern

    Hi,   I'm currently looking to use the NTB0101GM,115 device on a board and the document doesn't have a land/solder/reflow pattern included.  Is there on available for the SOT886 (6-XFDFN ) package.  ...
    Stephen Craig
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  • NTB0104: Bidirectionality of individual pins

    Hi, I'm using the NTB0104 to shift a SPI bus from 3.3v to 1.8v.  I'm wondering if all of the data pins, like some other voltage translators, need to be in the same direction.  For example, can I have A0,...
    Stephen Craig
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  • UJA1135 (UJA113x) reset pin oscilates

    Hello, I have used uja1135 (3V version) in my design. I have not programmed my MCU yet, but the reset pin of the SBC oscillates and don't go to logic 1 (shown in attached pictures). The on-time of reset pin is less th...
    Ali Azidehak
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  • 型号PCA24S08D和PCA24S08AD的区别

    波 刘
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  • f

    TDA 8950J bent leads numbers and straight leads numbers.
    bobby edwards
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  • PCA9614 overheating

    Hi, i made a circuit with the PCA9614, the circuit is working great but the temperature of the PCA9614 is around 150 °C, i don't even know how is possible that is still working, the circuit seem correct...
    Giovanni Bonomini
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  • Help to know the right name of the component.

    Hi, I have here a component that was purchased from NXP and I can not figure out the correct name of this component. It is an 8-pin SMD IC that contains the number 1732 written on it. Its application is for led lam...
    Lennon Zanotti
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  • How to access a code that been saved in the Arduino

    Hi,, I am having a question about the Arduino. I have a car that has its own code, but I could not access the code. When I plug the USB cable, I only found the web link. Is the language that I will use is C++ or Matl...
    Khalid Al-Dawoud
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  • Looking for 70886FB  and 70009AR

    Hello all,   I'm looking for two IC's but I can't find them so now, part numbers are 70886FB and 70009AR, I found some cheap versions but are not good, I need NXP original parts.   Anyone?   Regards,@
    Sergio Ramirez
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  • PCF8583 use as counter with Interrupt each 1, 100, 10.000 or 1.000.000 counter events

    Hello,   I want to use a PCF8583 only as pulse-counter. That works... For each pulse the countervalue (01h-03h) increase as expected. It works to set a alarmvalue (09h-0Bh) and get a Interrupt on Pin 7 when the...
    Joachim Päper
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  • PTN3460 Utility to read out all config data

    Hello all, I am wondering if there is a utility to read the whole 1K config of the NXP PTN3460IBS device. I successfully tried the config upload tool under windows: "flashaux /E [binary-file]". Maybe there is anothe...
    Markus Trunzer
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  • RTC simultaneous funtionality

    Using a RTC I want to set an interupt to go low every 15 minutes and then stay low for only 10s. Once this is all set in the RTC it needs run autonomously, that is to be all controlled by the RTC. I do not want to use...
    nats yankoo
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  • SGTL5000 ADC noise L ch. only

    When trying to use an SGTL5000 CODEC for audio input, we are getting clean ADC audio from the LINEIN_R input, but noisy audio from LINEIN_L.  The average noise power on the bad channel is about -80 dBFS, and the ...
    David Thomas
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  • storing simple data

    Dear Comunity, I do need to store and read simple data into a small passive device, like date of production and product serial number, what technical solution would be best? the device is very small, 2x3 cm, so not mu...
    oliver marino
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    To Forum:   I have received assistance from several Forum members and thought it was time to contribute something.   Several Forum Questions were 'where to but a XEP100 Demo PCB compatible with Code Warrio...
    leonard mcreynolds
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