• Mutexes in A71CH not working!

    Hello everyone,   I am trying to use OpenSSL engine for the secure element  A71CH in a RaspberryPi 3, but I am getting this error:  SM_Connect failed with status 0x7012 (Could not open communication c...
    Hamdi Twahri
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  • Re: PCA9617 I2C signals getting damaged during Hot swapping/Insertion

    For hot-swapping operations, you need a device with circuitry that precharges the SDA and SCL pins to prevent glitching data on an active I2C bus when the unpowered slave card is inserted into the backplane system. Un...
  • Getting started with Mifare

    Hi, I'm interested in developing iOS apps that interact with Mifare cards and trying to find developer "getting started" type of material with out much luck.   Could any one point me to any developer documentati...
    Naveen Mukkelli
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  • BF862 or other low noise JFET

    Hi,   At the end of 2017 the BF862 JFET transistor got end-of-life. Currently, as far as I can find, the entire BF86x family has a "not recommended for new design" status. The BF862 was one of the lowest noise J...
    Tomasz Sztejka
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  • Problems with ACR122U and TagWriter

    I was planning to use an ACR122U with NXP Tag Writer to showcase the use of NFC tags, but when I try to read a tag in TagWriter, I just get a beep, it sounds like the computer is "rediscovering" the hardware. And it ...
    Fleming Nielsen
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  • Freescale P2020 CPU Freeze over PCIe abort signal

    This is the head of a thread I started in Linux mailing lists. The thread can be found at: http://www.mail-archive.com/linuxppc-dev@lists.ozlabs.org/msg47595.html --------------------snip -------------------- This sho...
    Eran Liberty
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  • SGTL5000- DC-Bias on linein using codec bypass

    Hi!   the SGTL can switch Line-In to HP-OUT using "codec bypass". We want to use this mode.   Our Problem: The SGTL does not switch the line-in DC-bias voltage on, if this mode is selected, which sounds ho...
    Maximilian Gastager
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  • Hello, does this HVU200A have a replacement for our NXP?

    Hello, does this HVU200A have a replacement for our NXP? 
    an long zheng
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  • Benefit of TPL bus compared to isolated CAN for battery monitoring

    Hi NXP community   I'm curently working on battery monitoring systems (BMS) and I came across NXP's MC33664 / MC33771 cell monitoring components using the company specific communication bus TPL. Now I'm wonderin...
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  • PTN3460I Configuration Register Tool

    Hi everyone. Not so long time ago faced with the need to configure PTN3460I and tortured flipping PDF. On this basis, I created a simple utility for creating and editing .bin files that can be sewn into EEPROM a...
    Valentin Eremizin
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  • Browntail Moth treatment

    Hey,    I don't know if I'm way over my head here.  I'm not a programer and I don't totally understand the technical lingo.  However, I have an idea to treat the ever increasing Browntail moth pop...
    Conor Smith
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  • How to change the Vref of ltc2442 from 2.5 to 5V

    I am interfacing LTC2442 24-bit ADC with my TM4C123(Tivaware)microcontroller. I am able to read up to 2.5V analog input voltage. If I am giving more than 2.5V then there is no change in output voltage, It is givi...
    Alphy Ouseph
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  • ls1021astn-pa

    Hi We bought a ls1021astn-pa board,but the system in the sd card was deleted,so i can not start the board,is there any way to make a new sd card to startup the board?  
    贺 纪
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  • where can I find the ADS model of RF transistor BLF6G27-10G?

    Hello, does anyone know  where can I find the ADS model of RF transistor BLF6G27-10G? We`ve seen  this  ADS model of RF transistor BLF6G27-10G used in many papers, but when I search the website of NXP...
    Eco Xu
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  • TEF8102 1.1V_FS不上电

    Liang Chen
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  • Calculation formulas for Flyback Converter

    Hello everyone,   I have used the online Flyback SMPS Design Tool (http://nxp.transim.com/fb/design.aspx#General_InputSpecifications ) to make a design. Is there any chance to get to know the formulas used...
    Catalin Muntean
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  • Has anyone attempted to build the Android Pie environment on Ubuntu?

    ./scripts/gcc-version.sh: line 26: gcc: command not found ./scripts/gcc-version.sh: line 27: gcc: command not found /bin/bash: gcc: command not found /bin/bash: gcc: command not found /bin/bash: gcc: command not found...
    Joel Brian Amanna
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  • Information Confirm for MK10DX64VLK7  

    We received he part MK10DX64VLK7.The first line marking is "MK10DX64VLK7 ". But there are 2 kinds marking for second line marking ,one is  "3N36B",another is "1N36B".   Can you help us confirm the part ...
    May May
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  • PCA9698使用前咨询

    我有个产品想用PCA9698DGG这个芯片扩展IO,只做输出使用,我想请问: 1、由于我MCU引脚有限,只有三根引脚用于扩展,我想接SDA、SCL和RESET,因为只做输出使用,请问OE输出使能引脚可以直接接低电平吗? 2、因为只做输出使用,INT引脚可以不接吗? 3、我扩展IO的目的是模拟多路SPI接口,请问这个芯片的响应速度是否可以满足?(我使用的SPI速度不是很高)   非常感谢!
    xiaoyong Guo
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  • Display Port to VGA conversion.

    Hi,   We have developed a board for converting Display Port standard to VGA standard using PTN3392. We are not able to get Display Port signals and so there is no output in VGA standard.   When I probe on Di...
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