• Problems with Tin on QN9021 and FXTH87EH11DT1

    Does anyone know if the pins on the side of the NXP QN9021 chip and FXTH87EH11DT1 chip need to be tinned? What are the risks if there is no tin? Is there any passivation on the pins on the side of the chip? Friends wh...
    Tony Lee
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    I would like to get some more information for the API. My intent with the radar is to use it on a car to detect animals on the road and also install it on a drone and detect other drones and/or obsticles
    Ilias Tevetzidis
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  • Operation of BGU6104 in 100-500 MHz freq range

    The application note provided gives details about the components of BGU6104 for operation in 700MHz and above frequency range. I would like to know the specifications of BGU6104 ( layer stack up, schematic, Values of ...
    Shreya L
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  • MRF6V10010NR4 Marking

    Hello. Help please. How this transistor should be marked. I couldn't find the information.
    Egeniy Rabotinskiy
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  • CLRC663: ISO15693 configuration

    Hi, 1. As shown in the above table, ISO15693 supports 10 to 30% ASK or 100% ASK. A higher modulation index would lead to a higher bandwidth and lower range and a lower modulation index would result in low SNR. Ho...
    Akash S
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  • Replacement AM receiver IC

    Hi,   I am looking for replacement device for A244D, TCA440 or the MC13030, these all contains controlled RF stage, mixer, separated oscillator and IF amplifier, where the MC13030 is a dual conversion AM receive...
    Grant Taylor
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  • SLRC610: Single Reader Multiple antenna design

    Hi, We are using SLRC610 for one of our inventory management application using ISO15693. Inorder to increase the reading range we are planning to use multiple antennas (two or four) with one reader.   Is it fin...
    Akash S
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  • Looking for AFT05MS003N Characterization at 70 MHz

    I'd like to use the ATF05MS003N in the 72-76 MHz band. The datasheet reference circuit gives Zsource and Zload values for frequencies from 135-174 and 350-520 MHz. The S parameter file covers 240-1000 MHz. A simila...
    Gregory Lapin
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  • HOW to add nonlinear model BFU590Q in ADS?

    I successfully imported the file named "BFU5XX family ADS design kit v2" in ADS, and also downloaded the model of "BFU5XX family SPICE GP model".But I failed to add the BFUxx spice GP model as per the installation fil...
    DE DE
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  • SECTOR_SELECT command with PN532

    Hello,   I am trying to read the session registers in an NXP NTAG I2C 1k with a PN532 using an Arduino board to eventually communicate in Pass-through mode. I downloaded an NFC library for Arduino that includes m...
    Nesli Köse
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  • Issue on the usage of MC33MR2001

    Hello. I am studying about MC33MR2001V. Of course, I downloaded the datasheet from this web page. By the way, I think there are not more detail data in this datasheet such as frequency's settings. If you have, ple...
    Ying Cui
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    Hello. I am going to buy KITARADAR2001EVM. Let me know where I can buy this development kit of MC33MR2001 chip set. Thank you for your looking. Best regards.
    Ying Cui
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  • RFID Reader/Key Chain Tag w/ 2-3 Feet Range

    Hello all, I am new here and still a novice when it comes to the world of RFID. I'm wondering if there is a RFID reader and key chain tag that can be read from 2-3 feet away? I want to use this in conjunction with an...
    Corey Loyd
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  • BGU610X Evaluation Board Question

    Hello,   I’m currently working on a university project that revolves around amplifying a small RF signal. For one of the designs our team is currently considering, we were planning to use the BGU610X LNA se...
    Michael Ko
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  • S-parameters to AFT09MS007N

    Where I can find s-parameters or Zsource/Zload to AFT09MS007N on 150-180 MHz?
    Alexandr Bezgin
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  • Questions about TJA1028

    HI:   When the chip TJA1028 is switched from normal mode to sleep mode, the power is cut off, and then the chip is powered on again, at this time, whether there is voltage output at pin 8 (VCC) of the TJA10...
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  • Problems with MOSFET model MRFE6VP5150N in AWR MWO

    The DCIV simulates fine, but I cannot use it in an actual setup.   Gives Error message "Error: Syntax error in encrypted library at line 'FSL:VA:FSLNN2'. Please contact vendor."  
    Steffen Freimuth
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  • AWR MWO MRF1K50H problem

    Hello, I'm experiencing the same problems described in Having a problem with an AWR model for AFT05MP075N, but using both MRF1K50H & MRFE6VP61K25H AWR MWO non-linear models. This happens on HB simulations, linear...
    Massimiliano Villa
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  • MMZ09332BT1 RF Amplifier input power/gain

    Do R1/R2 control PA gain? Are R1/R2 related to the input power of the PA?  We are targeting for maximum power output and input power can be up to 10dBm, are R1/R2 related to achieve optimal performance?
    Ilias Daradimos
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  • CLRC663 transmitted power

    what is the maximum transmitted power on the CLRC663 when you are using 3.3V and only driving TX1? 
    Jessie Yan
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