• Bus lin question

    I am a student and unfortunately I am a beginner in the on-board communication field I want to establish a Lin Bus communication using tja1020 and uja 1023 with using stm32, I want a demo of stm code or documents whic...
    Hassen Hmila
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    Hello, i can't format my desfair ev1 card, after authentication in app 00 (root) i send format command and recive next answer: f2 01 after which I can not use the card. How right format the card? 
    Leonov Dima
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  • Questions about TJA1028

    HI:   When the chip TJA1028 is switched from normal mode to sleep mode, the power is cut off, and then the chip is powered on again, at this time, whether there is voltage output at pin 8 (VCC) of the TJA10...
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  • UJA1168  Error frame

    Hello NXP Team,           I use UJA1168TKVXFD in my project, but it appear error frame when we do ESD test(±15kv). If there are some good solution can fix this issue?    ...
    Wang Yi
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  • LS1021ATSN startup issue

    ls1021atsn-pals1021atsn Hi. I have a problem running LS1021ATSN-PA board. While starting it prints: U-Boot SPL 2015.01+ls1+g3281947 (Jun 21 2016 - 09:56:14) U-Boot 2015.01+ls1+g3281947 (Jun 21 2016 - 09:56:14) ...
    Karol Cegiełko
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  • Is NFC PN553 IC supports ISO/IEC 18092 for android Pie?

    Hi All,   I am using NFC PN553 IC with QCOM processor APQ8053 + Android Pie. Is this IC supports ISO/IEC 18092? If yes, do i need to add/change anything in Driver/Code?
    nitesh agrawal
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  • Got an errors while running isp_sonyimx224_csi_dcu.elf  demo!!!

    Hello, everyone!!! I have never worked with nxp products before. So I have a problem with running a demo  ./isp_sonyimx224_csi_dcu.elf  on sbc-s32v234 board. I got such error: I will appreciate any help. *...
    Ilya Petrikov
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  • Continuously getting power reset cycle dialog after power reset ?

    jafarsadak peeruzada
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  • For PTP in NXP SJA1105EL, how we can set the grandmaster clock ?

    How this best master clock(BMC) algorithm can be implemented in NXP SJA1105EL Ethernet switch to get the best available clock from all those connected ECUs for the PTP(802.1AS) because in the user manual UM10851 ...
    vinayaka maggad
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  • SJA1105EL - Why we are using PTP ?

      What are these two fields in the MAC configuration table refers to what values is to be inserted is it related to PTP if yes then what is the role of implementing PTP here, do we need to additionally do the co...
    vinayaka maggad
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  • how we can use service groups in NXP SJA1105EL ?

    I need to know about the procedure for using service groups in NXP SJA1105EL
    vinayaka maggad
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  • How to use the automatic address detection for SC16IS740, SC16IS750, SC16IS760

    Hi,there.   I need to fix the issue the following,   How to use the automatic address detection for SC16IS740, SC16IS750, SC16IS760? I'm not sure about the method.   I've made the following list. &#...
    masaya mikami
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  • Android OS porting to MCU

    Hi,     I need to port Android OS into MCU. Is there any NXP MCU which can support the Android OS and I can run the OS. Can anybody help me.
    Shashidhar Hegde
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  • Use of Single External Reference for Multiple TFF1024 Chips

    Hi,   We are using the chip (TFF1024HN) for our project in which one Single External Reference needs to be given to 3x TFF1024HN Chips for synchronized operation.   3x chips of TFF1024HN are housed in se...
    Noman ul Haq
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  • 请问MC33298是否已停产,MC33298替代产品是什么

    谷 中山
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  • Question concerning SJA1105

    Dear Community, i purchased the SJA1105 5-port automotive Ethernet Switch. My question is whether i need a media converter connected to the PC to send an ethernet frame or is it possible to send the frame via the USB...
    Moo Tepe
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  • How to compute the value of checksum registers in AN4849?

    MC33816 has a code_width register,I want to know how to compute the value of checksum_h/l according to the code_width register value. Thank you !
    琛 冯
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  • I need TDA8954 demo layout and PCB LAYOUT user guider

    I need TDA8954 demo layout and PCB LAYOUT user guider
    amanda lin
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  • What  are different TDF8591TH/N1S and TDF8591TH/N1TJ ?

    What  are different TDF8591TH/N1S and TDF8591TH/N1TJ ? We can't find different from spec,can you help tell me what is different? thanks
    amanda lin
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  • KITVR5100FRDMPGM - Programming tool

    Hi all, I cannot find the programming tool of VR5100. By the user's guide below, I cannot find any tools in the link of step#1. Please help. Thanks in advance   User's guide>>http://www.nxp.com/asset...
    Nattasit Praditukrit
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