• MC9S12G128 wake up from Pseudo Stop Mode

    MC9S12G128 wake up from Pseudo Stop Mode,After Wake up Where is the program running position? if MCU wakes up from Isr,How to make the chip rerun to the main function without resetting?
    Katrinal wang
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  • Bus lin question

    I am a student and unfortunately I am a beginner in the on-board communication field I want to establish a Lin Bus communication using tja1020 and uja 1023 with using stm32, I want a demo of stm code or documents whic...
    Hassen Hmila
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    Hello, i can't format my desfair ev1 card, after authentication in app 00 (root) i send format command and recive next answer: f2 01 after which I can not use the card. How right format the card? 
    Leonov Dima
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  • TJA1145 bus failure detect function inquiries

    As I see that the transceiver(TJA1043) can detects a bus line short-circuit condition to VBAT, VCC or GND. However I couldn't find any description about this funciton. I wonder that if TJA1145 has same function.O...
    Kevin Liu
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  • Questions about TJA1028

    HI:   When the chip TJA1028 is switched from normal mode to sleep mode, the power is cut off, and then the chip is powered on again, at this time, whether there is voltage output at pin 8 (VCC) of the TJA10...
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  • PCA9685: problem in setting ON & OFF time

    Hi, I am using PCA9685 servo controller board to run 3 servo motors from PIC Microcontroller PIC16F1938. I can able run the servo but problem in timing. I am confused on setting ON time & OFF time. For example, p...
    Kannan Paramalai
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  • UJA1168  Error frame

    Hello NXP Team,           I use UJA1168TKVXFD in my project, but it appear error frame when we do ESD test(±15kv). If there are some good solution can fix this issue?    ...
    Wang Yi
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  • TJA1145T CAN communication issue due to Split Termination

    I have a question regarding split termination for TJA1145T. In my design, I've provided split termination as attached image and it is not working. CAN communication is only happening if C380 is shorted.  I mean...
    Anuj Singhvi
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  • LS1021ATSN startup issue

    ls1021atsn-pals1021atsn Hi. I have a problem running LS1021ATSN-PA board. While starting it prints: U-Boot SPL 2015.01+ls1+g3281947 (Jun 21 2016 - 09:56:14) U-Boot 2015.01+ls1+g3281947 (Jun 21 2016 - 09:56:14) ...
    Karol Cegiełko
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  • Is NFC PN553 IC supports ISO/IEC 18092 for android Pie?

    Hi All,   I am using NFC PN553 IC with QCOM processor APQ8053 + Android Pie. Is this IC supports ISO/IEC 18092? If yes, do i need to add/change anything in Driver/Code?
    nitesh agrawal
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  • How to configure the MWCT1012 SPI Drive

    Use WCT1012 mcu spi2(GPIOC6/7/8/9) function, How to configure the spi drive?  I usually configured the gpio clock,That is my SPI_Init function below: void SPI_Init(void) { QSPI0_SPDSR = 0x0027U;//推挽 Tx RX CS软件输...
    zhang hank
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  • Tja1145 partial Network Wake up

    After configuring the partial network sleep process of the chip, after entering the Sleep Mode, when I uued the partial network wakes up the chip, it takes two frames to pull the RXD pin low, which wakes up the MCU. H...
    Katrinal wang
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  • power_down  model  interrupt

    hello !    use LPC824  33PIN  MCU   .The Programs maked the MCU into POWER_DOWN  model, the programs  also set  PO-04 for PIN interrupt  third  po...
    lin ya
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  • TJA1145 Partical Network Wakeup by error frame(Bit Error)

    Partial network wake-up ID function in TJA145T chip:      The current question is: before the chip is Sleep Mode, there is a problem in configuring the corresponding register, so that the chip...
    Katrinal wang
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  • TJA1145局部网络被错误帧(位错误)唤醒

    TJA145芯片中的局部网络唤醒ID的功能:     目前存在的疑问是:在芯片休眠之前,配置相应的寄存器中存在问题,使得芯片不仅检测相应的固定ID和Signal,并且检测Error Frame 并进入计数,超出计数后,错误地唤醒了芯片,使得程序运行异常; 目前休眠的操作步骤是: 1.配置局部网络唤醒的ID和信号; 2.使能局部网络唤醒,使能唤醒事件; 3.清除唤醒事件; 4.进入休眠模式 位错误导致的错误帧会唤...
    Katrinal wang
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  • Got an errors while running isp_sonyimx224_csi_dcu.elf  demo!!!

    Hello, everyone!!! I have never worked with nxp products before. So I have a problem with running a demo  ./isp_sonyimx224_csi_dcu.elf  on sbc-s32v234 board. I got such error: I will appreciate any help. *...
    Ilya Petrikov
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  • EONCE OTXRXSR on DSP568037

    I need to implement a full dupley communication via the OTX1/ORX1 mechanism on an DSP568037 while the core is running. When I am writing to the DSP everything is fine, I check the status in the OTXRXSR and can read th...
    Werner Cornelius
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  • PTN3365

    Hello. Is PTN3365 ok to convert DP video source (no DP++)  to HDMI? We have read that to do that the device must have an active conversion protocol, and we dont really know if PTN3365 has it. Again, what we need...
    Luis Garamillo
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  • i am using smartrac racetrack lite rfid tag,operating frequency 13.56 MHz,IC NXP ICODE SLIX ,My customer already write the serial no and product no inside the rfid tag , now i need a suitable handheld reader to read the serial no encoded inside the tag,ho

    ganesh janakiraman
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  • For PTP in NXP SJA1105EL, how we can set the grandmaster clock ?

    How this best master clock(BMC) algorithm can be implemented in NXP SJA1105EL Ethernet switch to get the best available clock from all those connected ECUs for the PTP(802.1AS) because in the user manual UM10851 ...
    vinayaka maggad
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