• SE050 gives me a conditions of use not satisfied (69 85)

    I am running into a problem where the SE050 gives me a conditions of use not satisfied (69 85) on writing the public key . I think it has to do something with the policy setting .   Can nxp provide me an examp...
    Rick Ferreira
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  • Industrial Diesel Engine Management

    Overview Block Diagram Recommended Products Overview  During critical processes, an industrial diesel engine management system that includes an electric generator can supply emergency power to all vi...
    Juan Rodarte
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  • MPC5748G Layout Recommend

    Hi ,recently, I  start design with MPC5748G , and can't find the recommend about layout.(176pin) Whether have it ? Could anyone  sent to me ?   897526349@qq.com    thank y...
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  • MPC5748G

    Hellow, About MPC5748G Component packaging ,I Check the datasheet ,but have a problem ,about 177pin EX_PAD. I'm using altium designer and don't know how to make this package? I don't know if there are any picture...
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  • Part Classification

    Hello!!   I need to know if the attached list of parts are actually IC's, and if they are IC's, I need to what kind of IC's they are (i.e. monolithic, hybrid, multichip, or multi-component). Maybe these parts ar...
    Carolynne Ford
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  • SJA1105Q

    we are currently designing the SJA1105QEL Scheme, please help us to see if the attached scheme is feasible, thank you
    huan liu
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  • Could I use GTL2002 for I3C signal level shifter?

    Hi, I used GTL2002 for I2C signal level shifter  in our Test board.    This time, Our Test board will test I3C interface. So I need to select level shifter for I3C signal.    ...
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  • K32L2A31VLL1A Schematic/Sample Design

    Hi,   I want to use the "K32L2A31VLL1A" MCU to develop the design for one of my products.  I have gone through the below links. 1. K32L2A31VLL1A Product Information|NXP  2. https://www.nxp....
    Kapil Kesharvani
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  • RAM & QSPI requirement for driving 800x480 TFT 24bit Parallel RGB display in MPC5645S MCU

    Hi, We are trying trying to design an instrument cluster using MPC5645S MCU. Our requirement is to drive a 7" 800 x 480 resolution 24bit parallel RGB display using MPC5645S. We have gone through some of the...
    priyan george
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  • NFC active pairing for audio devices

    This post entry provides a detailed description of how to develop an NFC pairing solution for audio devices. For that, we will describe in detail an audio speaker prototype made by NXP. This post entry has been struct...
    Jordi Jofre Mk
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  • MPC5744P example code based on library

    where can I get an example code of MPC5744P based on library? And I need devolepment ADC/DMA/CAN/UART/PWM/ founctions.
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  • SPI Details of MC33FS6521NAE

    Hello Team, This is regarding Part Number "MC33FS6521NAE". I am looking for the details about SPI like usage , timings , protocol etc. I could not find them in shorter datasheet. Could you please share the detailed...
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  • MC33FS6520CAE/R2 焊接曲线

    hi MC33FS6520CAE/R2 有焊接曲线吗,like this:
    haifeng jin
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  • Drone Package Delivery Confirmation

    Overview Benefits Block Diagram Recommended Products Overview For companies working on package drone delivery solutions, NXP technology provides a way to confirm that drones are operating within author...
    Fabian Ramirez
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  • Electronic Drone Registration

    Overview Benefits Block Diagram Recommended Products OverviewThe FAA now requires drone owners to register any device weighing more than 0.55 lbs. (250 g). For drones currently in the field, enforcing ...
    Fabian Ramirez
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  • MPC5744P开发

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  • S32K146 code flashing on S32K144 hardware sets LOCKUP bit

    Hello NXP team,   I am trying to flash SW code with 146 drivers on hardware with 144 controller IC. This is causing Software reset due to setting of LOCKUP bit in SRS register.   Is it possible due to...
    Shudhamati Narhare
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  • E-Lock Demo Guide with the MCU-based Solution for Face Recognition

      This guide is intended as a reference for creating a demo application using the SLN-VIZN-IOT kit. In this guide, we will be constructing a demo e-lock application using the SLN-VIZN-IOT kit for secur...
    Victor Jimenez
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  • Need a PX4 Robotic Drone CAD file

    Hello guys, i am working on a cover design project for PX4 robotic drone and i was wondering if anyone had a CAD file of the drone or the main body, that they could let me borrow?
    Guillermo Huerta
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  • Firmware extraction from S32K144

    Hi all,   I've started recently using the S32K144 evb, and first I need to back up a pre flashed firmware, i.e. extracting the hex file safely so that I can reflahsed again when needed. Is there any advice on ho...
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