• Need a PX4 Robotic Drone CAD file

    Hello guys, i am working on a cover design project for PX4 robotic drone and i was wondering if anyone had a CAD file of the drone or the main body, that they could let me borrow?
    Guillermo Huerta
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  • RT-Thread移植到KV56

    Deng Shuntian
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  • How to generate 5 injection pulses using eTPU's QOM mode

    I want to produce five pulses, but no matter how you debug them, I only produce one pulse. I'm using the code in the following example. How can I change this code to achieve the effect I want? /********************...
    Cathy Wan
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  • LPC55xx with external USB Hub controller

    Hi! I have a question about LPC552x series. I have read about Errata problems (Rev. 1.3) USB.1 and USB.2 I need to be sure that when connecting two USB HS devices (MSD class) to the USB1 HS Host controller via exte...
    Igor Zobun
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  • Ventilator design (DRM127) - software

    I'm looking at https://www.nxp.com/applications/solutions/industrial/healthcare/ventilators-and-respirators:VENTILATORS-RESPIRATORS I got the DRM127 document from the website which provides design specification for V...
    Ramakanth Kona
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  • S9KEAZN32管脚定义

    Shao Shengnan
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  • NTS0104 internal pull-up resistor, output voltage accuracy

    1. Please tell me the tolerance of 10kΩ internal pull-up resistor of B port. 2. If the current source of B port is only 10kΩ internal pull-up resistor, which does output voltage tolerance depend on VCC or 0...
    Akihiro Yamada
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  • how to use Can_SetFilter by mailbox

    Hi, now I develop CAN module based on S32R274 FLEXCAN and I have met a problem,  I set CAN payload to 64 byte and CAN Rx configured as interrupt,not FIFO. I set mailbox4 to receive CANID 0x002 , mailbox5 to re...
    zhanlong xu
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  • TJA1057

    can anybody explain me whait do the CN stand for in partnumber TJA1057GT/1CNZ?
    Steven Zhang
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  • Why are u-boot's printenv and linux's fw_printenv default values different?

    Hello~   I use lx2160ardb board. Why are u-boot's printenv and linux's fw_printenv default values different? How do i set if i want to use the same default value?
    songhee yun
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    MRF101AN: 100 W transistor.  Regarding reference circuit 87 to 108 Mhz.. can i use it at 76 to 87 Mhz? what is the frequency response in that band? output power? If not, can NXP support in modifying component va...
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  • PCA9685 output voltage issue

    I am using the PCA9685 to drive a few servos. I am having some issues with the servos not behaving as expected. Looking at the PWM output, I see a clean pulse and correct pulse width. However, I noticed that the "OFF"...
    Sebastian Scheiff
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  • NTB0104 & NTS0104 B PORT sink & source current capacity.

    I would like to know NTB0104 & NTS0104 B PORT sink & source current capacity on condition internal pull up 10k resistor.   thanks.
    norman liu
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  • C55 Flash module for S32R274

    Hello NXP     Could you please let us know where can I get the S32R274 MCU C55 Flash module SSD  and configuration for S32R274 flash module   thank you!!
    Gopi Palle
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  • Issue in Jumping Bootloader to Application

    hi  i am using S32K144, i have separate custom boot loader and Application projects. I have Reset vector address in my boot loader project . so after some condition the control should go to Application proj...
    Veeraju Hallikeri
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  • Issue in Jumping from Bootloader to Application

    Hi  I am using S32K144, i have custom Boot loader project and Application project separately which have separate linker file. My Application starts from 0x1000 to 0xC000. I am facing issue while jumping from boo...
    Lakshmi S
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  • H

    whether the part MKW41Z512VHT4 supports PDM or I2S interface for Mike and please let me know the how to interface the mike with this part. 
    Thanga Prabu
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  • Bootloader addresses in Linker File

    #How does PC fetches Bootloader starting Address I am creating separate linker file for UDS bootloader and Application code purpose in S32 DS environment. I am using S32K144 MCU, I wanted to configure my bootloder a...
    Lakshmi S
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  • mbed compiler Error

    Hi! I have imported an LED blinking code to get started with mbed online, but I am getting the following error:  Error: Fatal error: C3903U: Argument 'Cortex-M4.fp.sp' not permitted for option 'cpu'. Any ideas ...
    muana kasongo
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    Hi , i am using mpc5777c in power management. As i have developed non freertos code. As per requirement we need to develop freertos. i reused the freertos files in example code given in s32ds IDE. after integration...
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