• I built android automotive os for arm machine . Now I want to run those emulator image on i.mx8. is it possible or any other way ??

    Hi,   I built emulator images for x86 and arm machine to run android automotive os. Now I want build images for imx8mqevk for same android automotive os. Is there any possibility that arm based emulator images ...
    Guruvendra Punugupati
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  • How to build OpenWRT image for NXP 1012A custom board?

    Hello. How are you? Now I am building OpenWRT image for NXP 1012A custom board. How can I build image for my board? I read " Porting OpenWrt/LEDE on QorIQ Layerscape ARMv8 Platforms.pdf" already. By the way, in th...
    Sun MingChen
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  • MC33GD3100-IGBT

    I want to know how many transistors are in the mc33gd3100 chip? More than 300 or less than 300? 我想知道MC33GD3100这款芯片里面有多少个晶体管?大于300个还是小于300?
    Rongfa Lin
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  • Device ID for tja1044/tja1049

    I'm using both TJA1044 & TJA1049 in my circuit(one at a time), it is connected to microcontroller. i wish to extract the device id of it in circuit, to identify which transceiver is used. At a time only ...
    shubham singh
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  • Looking for a better DSP radio receiver chip

    So far none of your DSP radio receivers meet my requirements, what is the process to add in the required software to meet my product specifications?   As my hardware superheterodyne AM receiver prototype is...
    Grant Taylor
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  • Which NFC chip would be suitable for my application?

    Hello,   Currently, I am working on a NFC antenna design for textile application. For that purpose, I would like to connect it to a very small size NFC chip, not greater than 1mm3.   I have looked at the I...
  • LPCup-LPC55S69JEV98 core board design file?

    Hi, Where can I download the design file of LPCup-LPC55S69JEV98 core board,I need LPC55S69JEV98(BGA footprint)to design。thks。#LPCup-LPC55S69JEV98 core board
    shang shangyz
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  • ADC DMA Example Projiect

    Where can i get a  SDK PA  RTM 3.0  example project about performing a DMA request after a ADC group  conversation?(The hardware i am using is DEVKIT-MPC5744P)
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  • Vih, Vil details for SGTL5000 audio codec

    Hi @all,   Can anyone please share the Vih, Vil, Voh, Vol values for SGTL5000XNAA Audio codec for doing DC analysis? I am not able to see this values in the datasheet.   Thanks, Arun kumar
    Arun Kumar
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  • LPC1549 SCT timer Event/State

    I am using the SCT timer 0 on the LPC1549.  The goal is to advance through multiple states, each time match 0 rolls the counter over, the state increments.  Match 1, 2 , and 3 trigger events 1,2, and 3 respe...
    Dan Schultz
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  • LPC55xx with external USB Hub controller

    Hi! I have a question about LPC552x series. I have read about Errata problems (Rev. 1.3) USB.1 and USB.2 I need to be sure that when connecting two USB HS devices (MSD class) to the USB1 HS Host controller via exte...
    Igor Zobun
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  • p2020rdb-pca, example

    hello,   I purchased p2020rdb-pca, where can I get example windriver source?   Or is there any reference material?
    Keun Woo Hwang
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  • autostart lib nfc ci raspberry Zero W

    Jeremy Geslin I  tried to autostart a reader skript with editing “/etc/rc.local” with a command analogous to this:  /bin/su -c "cd /home/pi/dpaZ0/;./main" - pi /home/pi/dpaZ0/mai...
    Marion Gärtner
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  • Why are u-boot's printenv and linux's fw_printenv default values different?

    Hello~   I use lx2160ardb board. Why are u-boot's printenv and linux's fw_printenv default values different? How do i set if i want to use the same default value?
    songhee yun
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  • NFC PN7150 : Sleep Issue

    Hi,   I have used PN7150 module integrated with android Nougat 7.1.2   Followed below mentioned procedure provided by NXP. GitHub - NXPNFCLinux/nxpnfc_android_pie: Android patches for support of PN7150 NC...
    Karthikeyan Raju
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  • SPI to I2C Bridge(SC18IS600)

    Hello, Can anyone share SC18IS600 Application notes and Schematics. and Also OM6271 Evaluation Board Schematics.   Best Regards Sai G
    Sai shankar Guduguntla
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  • SJA1105 can be used between two mcu?

    Hello,   My Pcb has two MCU:S32V234 and TC297. If I use a SJA1105 to connect this two mcu, is it OK?
    ca lejun
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  • MPC5748G Layout Recommend

    Hi ,recently, I  start design with MPC5748G , and can't find the recommend about layout.(176pin) Whether have it ? Could anyone  sent to me ?   897526349@qq.com    thank y...
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  • power pads on 48QFN, 32QFN for MKL26

    MKL26Z64xxx4:   This is available in a 32QFn, 48QFN and a 64LQFP. the 32 QFN package: 98ASA00473D..... the 48-pin QFN package:  98ASA00466D   I see the p[in out list in the datasheet....
    john young
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  • MHT2012N biasing

    Hi,     Can anyone explain it clearly ?
    T.praveen kumar
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