• SMT assembly of i.mx8m Nano

    Hello,   Could you provide recommend pad size of i.mx8m Nano? (Include solder mask diameter / paste stencil diameter)   Thanks
    Sky Lai
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  • MFRC630 Reader antenna calibration close to metals

    Hi,   I an designing a mifare reader with MFRC630 chip. The reader antenna is supposed to be sitting inside a metal enclosure with an acrylic plate in front of it. When run the calibration routine in LPCD after ...
    Brosnan Gomes
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  • PCB material MRF6V2150N

    Dear, I decided to modify the PCB material of the MRF6V2150N component for cost reasons, its datasheed suggests Arlon CuClad 250GX - 0300--55--22, 0.030 ″, εr = 2.55, but replaced by FR4, I made the layout ...
    marcos rodrigues
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  • ARM 64 tiny itb file

    Hello NXP, Does the lsdk_linux_arm64_tiny.itb  is different from LS1088 and LS2088. If different where can I get LS2088 arm64 tiny lib file.     regards, ranga      
    Ranganatha YN
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  • How does the coordinator receive Update device message

    Hi,Mario Ignacio Castaneda Lopez My question is how the coordinator receives this offline notification after the subdevice leaves through the routing device.  Seung Ho Kim   I read your previous reply t...
    tianheng han
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  • Philips 67023561 Missing Technical Datasheet

    hi everyone .  its like i'm unable to find the required datasheet of mentioned part number(Part # Philips 67023561). this part number is available everywhere but i'm unable to find its datasheet. may be some one...
    farhan hanif
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  • MKW36A512VFT4

    Hello,   I am going to use MKW36A512VFT4 in my Automotive upcoming Project.   I have read the datasheet and found that there are options in Power configuration, By pass mode and Buck mode.   Buc...
    Alpesh Borad
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  • Reference design, schematic and layout design to build Autonomous driving platform

    Looking for Reference design, schematic and layout design to build Autonomous driving platform for e.g NXP blue box. with devices  Communication Processors, Vision Processors and Radar microcontroller.   &#...