• TJA1145T/FD

    I have two question about TJA1145T/FD to ask for help 1.What's the meaning of FD-Active and FD-paaive as shown marked in the figure below? 2.How to configure to achieve 2Mbit/s? I find the Max Data rate is 1000kb...
    anony lee
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  • How to generate 5 injection pulses using eTPU's QOM mode

    I want to produce five pulses, but no matter how you debug them, I only produce one pulse. I'm using the code in the following example. How can I change this code to achieve the effect I want? /********************...
    Cathy Wan
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  • how to use Can_SetFilter by mailbox

    Hi, now I develop CAN module based on S32R274 FLEXCAN and I have met a problem,  I set CAN payload to 64 byte and CAN Rx configured as interrupt,not FIFO. I set mailbox4 to receive CANID 0x002 , mailbox5 to re...
    zhanlong xu
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  • C55 Flash module for S32R274

    Hello NXP     Could you please let us know where can I get the S32R274 MCU C55 Flash module SSD  and configuration for S32R274 flash module   thank you!!
    Gopi Palle
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    Hi , i am using mpc5777c in power management. As i have developed non freertos code. As per requirement we need to develop freertos. i reused the freertos files in example code given in s32ds IDE. after integration...
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  • MRF6V2150N impedance in the frequency range 414 to 442 MHz

    Dear, as mentioned above, I need the 's' parameters or the impedance for this frequency range, Thanks.
    marcos rodrigues
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  • PCB material MRF6V2150N

    Dear, I decided to modify the PCB material of the MRF6V2150N component for cost reasons, its datasheed suggests Arlon CuClad 250GX - 0300--55--22, 0.030 ″, εr = 2.55, but replaced by FR4, I made the layout ...
    marcos rodrigues
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  • I want to choose a car-grade chip with arctan computing function

    I have 1 input signal for sin and cos. I want to use arctan calculation to convert it into angle data. I need to find a chip with arctan operation function? And I need to know how long does the arctan operation take? ...
    xh sun
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  • Device /dev/apex_comm couldn't be opened!

    Hello everyone,   I have built an demo application in /path/to/s32v234_sdk/demos/apps/pedestrian_detection_aggcf. When I run it on s32v234 board, the error occured like below:     What does it mean?...
    wq y
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  • Memory Map for NCJ29D5

    I found EROM with Start Address as 0x0020 0000 and End Address as 0x0023 FFFF. But I didn't find any information regarding Block Size or number of blocks available for Flash. Can you please send detail information abo...
    Meghana Andhavarapu
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  • TJA 1145 Lock register, locking by default

    We are using TJA 1145 TK CANFD Cantranciever.  We expect the CANTrcv configuration values (PN Id, PN Mask etc.) to be written into the various CANTrcv registers during the call of CANTrcv_Init(). However upon re...
    Rajarajan M
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  • MC33771 Initialization Issue

    We are working on MC33771 and facing following issues   New Unit ID written in Initialization Register is valid only for 1Sec After powering On the MC33771, We first write into Initialization register (CID = 0...
    Engineering Department
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    Hello ,   I want to use HTRC11001T/02EE,11  as my RFID reader option for 125KHz. Since there's no evaluation kit available nor any reference design based on this , I'm unable to define the antenna for ...
    Manoj  Chate
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  • The installation of S32 Design Studio for Power Architecture Version V2.1 has been rolled back.

    The installation of S32 Design Studio for Power Architecture Version V2.1 has been rolled back.   The attached file is the installation log.
    marco lee
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  • IMX 8 M Mini D4 EVK Design

    We have ordered iMX 8m mini evk but we are struggling to find design files for this same EVK board. Is there anyone who can help us quickly. The one that is available on NXP website is for low power ram iMX 8m Mini EV...
    Ali Moiyed
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  • 100BASE-T1 + PoDL Solution

    Does NXP currently have any solution (even prototype solutions) for 100BASE-T1 with PoDL ? We are years away from any commercial production but would like to start working on a device
    Chris Abbott
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  • Tja1044 supply current on Vio

    Hello, Can you please tell me why No rating is mentioned on the Minimum value for Supply current on pin Vio, for Normal mode; bus dominant.
    shubham singh
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  • CAN Transceiver TJA1044

    Could you share TJA1044 application note?  Need to check recommended connections and CAN BUS protections. 
    Eduardo Eslava
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  • Unable to execute Library Functions

    When I am using Library functions available for NCJ29D5 Package, it is not executing and instead it is getting to main. I am adding all the library header files in the include files. Please provide me with the solutio...
    Meghana Andhavarapu
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  • Please recommend Watchdog Timer IC

    Dear Sir Please let me know if there is Watchdog Timer IC or not. And if yes, please recommend Watchdog Timer IC for cluster. Thank you.
    Jessica Kim
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