• NXP有没有线下技术支持

    NXP有没有线下技术支持,线上问答太慢了。我用的是K60,城市:杭州,芯片型号为: MK60DN512VLQ10
    Peng Yang
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  • Interrupt in freertos_i2c

    Hello,   I am testing freertos_i2c_frdmk66f demo project.   I found master task has a higher priority than slave task   /******************************************************************************...
    David Zhu
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  • PN7462AU - External Pin Interrupt In RTOS

    Hello EveryOne,   Greetings of the day ...!!!   I am working on the PN7462AU, with "PN7462AU-FW_v05.07.01_Full" firmware from NXP site. I need to add & develop external (GPIO) interrupt button to hand...
    Sachin Singh
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  • K70 UART using interrupt ISR in MQX

    Hi Guys,   I am new to freescale controller and mqx. I downloaded and installed MQX v4.1. I am using keil uvision IDE. I was able to program the twr-k7f120m board with the hello world and gpio programs and ...
    Vibhu Sounder
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  • about MQX interrupt uart

    Hey ,every one I find a problem about interrupt uart in MQX .I use K60 microcontroller.   Now I can receive data from ISR. but when I send bytes to Computer. I just receive one byte in Computer. even if I send o...
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  • Difference between MQX v5 and MQX 4.2

    Hi Nxp:   Could you please explain the difference between MQX v5 and MQX 4.2. If I use the legacy MQX 4.2, do I have to buy the license?   Thank you.
    David Zhu
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  • Problem while resizing ov10635 camera captured image

    Hello Everyone, I am trying to display 4 omnivision 10635 camera captured data by resizing the each camera data, so that all four camera data can be displayed simultaneously in single screen.But I am unable to resize ...
    Md Anayatullah
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  • imx-gst1.0-plugins for imx8mq

    Why is gstimxcommon.h in a gstream package instead of imx-gst1.0-plugins package?
    Terry Buckley
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  • K60 support with RTOS

    Hi Support:     Do you have a software package that can support K60 with FreeRTOS, how can I get it.   Thanks
    David Zhu
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  • Debug printf view

    Hello,   I am using  keil uvision V5.28.0.0.I was compiled example code. OK.But i am unable to see the printf messages in Debug(printview).These are the settings in project. I am trying in LPC54608 NXP boa...
    daram sreedevi
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  • Where can I download MQX 4.2?

    Hello,   On the NXP Community there is an announcement about the release of MQX 4.2.0 (https://community.nxp.com/thread/355304). On the NXP web page for MQX Classic there is a release notes document for version ...
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    Hi All, I have doubts in mqx 4.2 scheduling. in our project we are using mqx4.0(for k60) due to code memory size issue we are moving project to K66. so switched mqx 4.0 to 4.2 as there is no support for K66 in mqx 4....
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  • How to access function source in RTCESL

    Greetings! I am new here. I`ve downloaded the RTCESL, inculuded the files into a new project in Keil uVision as the datasheet says. There are many functions in this pack whick code is in .lib files. These functio...
    Pavlin Stoyanoff
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  • sgtl5000播放声音时i2s datain没有波形

    Hi,在开发sgtl5000的过程中,linux上检测到了声卡,并用aplay ruguo32k.wav命令播放了文件,但是遇到如下的问题: 1.播放声音32000hz,16bit,算出来的i2s sclk应该是2*32000*16 = 1024000,但是量到的频率是3M多 2.i2s sclk有信号,但是播放声音时,i2s datain没波形,请看一下寄存器配置是否正确,谢谢! sgtl5000的寄存器如下: 0xa0 0x1...
    yun li
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  • What is "MGCT"?

    Throughout most of the MQX source and header files I find lines like these:   MGCT: <category name="Default MQX initialization parameters"> MGCT: <option type="bool"/> /* MGCT: <generated_code&g...
    Manuel Malagon
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  • RTCS socket close and create frequently issue

    Hi, I use MQX with RTCS V4.2 in My system which provides a Modbus TCP server and supports four connections at same time. There is a problem of my system when there is a connection is closed and another connection is...
    Martin Zhang
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  • xilinx mpsoc SGTL5000 no soundcards found

    我在使用xilinx mpsoc(5ev)中使用到了nxp的sgtl5000,用petalinux 2019.1编译了该程序。 在运行时aplay -l,显示no soundcards found. 请问在哪里可以找到sgtl5000的驱动以及设备树是怎么写的?
    yun li
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  • PSP\BSP Download

    HI, I am looking for the BSP\PSP library download page?
    John Osborne
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  • MQX tcp send fails with socket error

    Hi,   I'm currently working with K66 controller and MQX5.0. I'm facing an issue with socket send. For secured periodic MQTT send, the device calls send() and fails with an error SOCKET_ERROR. Is there is way to ...
    Deepa Appu
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  • What is the function of MIPI_CSI0_GPIO0_00 and MIPI_CSI0_GPIO0_01 in i.MX 8QXP

    Hi,   Could some one tell me what is the function of MIPI_CSI0_GPIO0_00 and MIPI_CSI0_GPIO0_01 in i.MX 8QXP? I don't understand why MIPI_CSI0_GPIO0_00 was set as MIPI_CSI0_RST, and MIPI_CSI0_GPIO0_01 was se...
    Carolyn Zhang
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