• No FIN sent?

    I have a Visual Basic client program that sends data over TCP to a K64 running a simple, custom server under MQX 4.2.  The client sends its data and then informs the server that it's closing the socket connection...
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  • MQX 5.1 unhandled exception running on i.MX7S Cortex-A7 core

    Hi,   We are using MQX 5.1 running on NXP i.MX7S ARM Cortex-A7 core. I got an unhandled interrupt which crashed my initialization task. Here is the interrupt information from MQX unexpected interrupt handler: &#...
    Qing Gu
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  • imx6 uboot logo of mipi LCD

    imx6sabresd android6.0 uboot2015   各位好:       我现在在搞一个uboot logo的问题,使用的是mipi屏,参考了Patch to support uboot logo keep from uboot to kernel for NXP Linux and Android BSP (HDMI, LCD and...
    SPR wang
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  • K70 DDR2 temperature affect read data

    Default DDR2 configuration of  ddr data error of high temperature exists.   By modifying the : sim->MCR &= 0xFFFFFF00; sim->MCR |= 0xC4;  This modified can solve the problem of high temper...
    Guohui0416 林国辉
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  • Read the whole pflash of mc9s12xhy256

    How to read the whole pflash of mc9s12xhy256? Is there any shortcut? The compiler for this chip is 5.10.I'd like to see if the content burned into flash is the same as that in the burn file
    yang zhang
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  • twr-k60 freertos demo does not work

    Hi,   I'm new here. Maybe someone can help me.   I have the TWR-K60 Board and downloaded the SDK with FreeRTOS support. I selected the lwip_tcpecho_demo_freertos demo. But to my suprise I cannot compile i...
    Marcus Günther
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  • Channel Map For EXT_ADV

    Hi NXP Community   I Have the FDRM KW38 board on my desk and I'm using the adv_ext_peripheral example. I' see that It is doing advertising on the secondary channel and this is correct based on specifi...
    Roza Antonyan
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  • Adding meta-qti-bsp to yocto build

    I'va added a new layer to my yocto build in the path sources/poky/meta-qti/bsp and modified bblayer.conf accordingly.   While I  try to build I get the following error   ERROR: ExpansionError during p...
    Anurag Gupta
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  • read/write USB/SD without filesystem

    Is it possible to access read/write  to a Usb Mass storage device directly without a filesystem? I think the overhead of a file system is too big. I'd like to be able to simple access the entire device with MQX.
    David Zhu
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  • Session 1: MQX Architecture and initialization - lab guides

    Hi all   I have started the Essentials of MQX RTOS Application Development couse (Essentials of MQX RTOS Application Development | NXP ). At the first lab I faced a problem to whatch the video Session 1: MQX Arc...
    Angelico Corte
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  • Trouble After Closing A Socket

    Hello, I took the HTTP/web server example of MQX 4.2.2 and added wolfSSL-based, encrypted email to it (multitasking).  However, when the code closes the email socket after sending the SMTP QUIT command, the web...
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  • DMA _flexible scan

    Hi,  I need to read multiple ADC channels using DMA, I found a document (Using DMA to emulate flexible scan method )which describes about a flexible scan method using DMA . I feel some difficulties regarding con...
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  • iMX8 with tja1101

    Im trying to write a Device Tree node for iMX8 ethernet (fec2) with TJA1101 (rmii mode) as the phy transceiver.   1- Is there anything missing with the nodes names and types in the device tree that wil...
    Muhamed Emad-Elkholy
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  • Flash driver with MQX

    Hi support:   In my project I need to store data on K70. I want to use an external serial flash memory. Is there any demos available for MQX? or any driver for SPI interface?
    Andy C
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  • _sched_yield() with systick as _bsp_systimer make task yield forever

    Hello, I am using IMX1050 EVKB board with MQXv5.   My BSP is setup to use PIT timer as _bsp_systimer (timer that call _time_notify_kernel()) I would like to use the systick timer (systick_devif) as source. ...
    Gabriel Mula
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  • MQX Mutex question

    Hi   I am porting to mqx some existing code that requires recursive mutexes. I.e a mutex that can be locked more than once from one thread. As I had noticed previously that mutexes are stated in the mqx docs to...
    Geoff Westwood
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  • FreeRTOS task

    I  have two tasks with the same priority. task1 and task2.    When I debug the project, I find CPU stuck in task 1, never switch to task 2. I don't know why. can you guide me how to solve this issue?
    David Zhu
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  • FreeRTOS porting guider

    Hi, I saw there are lots of Freertos examples in SDK. Bit I would like to know how to port FreeRTOS by myself. Do you have any FreeRTOS porting guide?   Thanks
    David Zhu
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  • Taks kill in MQX

    I want to know about the status of a task which is running in MQX is there any functions for this ? also what is the task kill function in MQX? in linux pthread_kill , like is there any function in MQX? 
    sarath g s
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  • Error when configuring module in EB tresos 23.0.0

    Error when configuring module in EB tresos 23.0.0   Module "CanIf_TS_T40D2M10I3R0" (defined in plugin "CanIf_TS_T40D2M10I3R0") defines the schema file "config/CanIf.xdm" which cannot be found (if the file is sig...
    钊 王
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